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Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School Reviews

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It's a small town school in Wyoming that is a great experience for kids. It offers plenty of resources, college readiness, and a friendly host of students and staff.
Small school which makes one on one teacher to student time easier! Students excel, very involved, you will see few kids not out for anything extracurricular!
My experience at Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School will definitely be a memorable one. I came from the outside in 9th grade, but you have to keep in mind that many of the students attending have been there for generations. I loved how small the classes were and that there was a lot of one on one time with teachers to get the help I needed.
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What I love about Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School is the welcoming atmosphere. You walk into the building at the front doors where you are greeted by a smiling face of our receptionist. Walking through the hallways you see smiling faces of high school students walking to their next class, and you hear the happy welcomes of the staff. The kids all socialize in the hallways during 10-minute break, which is also a nice getaway for them. All in all, Lingle-Ft. Laramie High School is a welcoming and great school to be in.
What I liked about LFL was the fact that the teachers strive to make sure every student was passing. They not only helped me out a ton, but helped the kids that couldn't learn as fast as well.
Randomized drug testing, buzz in doors, fire/torando/bomb tests every semester.
This school is small in a small town where there is not much to do but take extracurricular activities or hang out in their own houses. There isn't a lot of activities at this school to choose from and there are a lot of people in the clubs so you cannot get personal assistance from the teachers.
The parents are great, you get to know each of the parents and they are there to support every activity regardless if their child is in the activity.
The teachers at Lingle are great they care about the students and want each and everyone of us to succeed. Class sizes are small enough to get to know the teacher and the teacher can know each student and how to teach to the student. They make the classes fun and interesting that you are engaged in each class.
So far this school has helped me a lot in gaining a good foundation in order to start off in college the right way. I will miss my basketball, track, and volleyball friends that I have made along the way and will also miss all the senior nights and dances and football games.
The Truancy policy is over the top big time. But I believe they are working on lessening the strictness of it. The principal is very involved by sitting in at different times in all classrooms.
Normally there is no bullying and people can be friends with whoever they want.
We are a competitive school that enjoys working together as teams and as individuals to be successful in whatever we are doing.
The teachers work hard and like to have high achieving students that do excellent work.
My school is very small. (under 100 kids) Because of this, we do not have very many classes offered. But my school does make a good attempt at working with other schools in the county to allow students to take classes at these other schools where they are offered.
The health and safety is pretty good. We never had any major issue while I was there. This includes bullying, personal safety and threats against the school.
The food was not very good at all. The menu didn't change much. The last time I ate school food was freshman year, after that off campus luch was allowed and I never ate there again.
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The teachers where great, so was the student to teacher ratio. The curriculum wasn't very good and didn't involve much. The workload was extremely light. The academics weren't very good either. No AP or honors classes and not many more classes then the required ones.
I some what enjoyed school. I was able to make good friends and play competitively in sports. As for the schooling itself, it wasn't very good. The ceiling for improvement and extra learning is low. There isn't much to take besides the core classes which for some where very easy, so going to school was not very important.
The policies are pretty typical of any school. No tank tops, no short short, ect. There is a cell phone rule in place but it isn't upheld very well.
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