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There were some amazing teachers at this school that just wanted to help students learn. When it came to student safety, the administration would often ignore the problem student and instead pick on the victims, punishing them for the most minor things. You would think a school that seemed to center around anti-bullying and acceptance wouldn't have such a big part of the problem within the staff.
The school has lots of school spirit. I really enjoyed my time being a part of my class. I’m proud of my school.
Located in a nice area, surrounded by fields. A lot of good teachers and staff to always help. Amazing marching band.
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Friendly and outgoing teachers. Very good use of technology incorporated into learning system and is easily accessible from home. Linganore is a great school to go to and has numerous opportunities to get involved in the community through club service projects and honor societies. My teachers helped my education and inspired me to pursue my career goals and go to a four year college.
I love this school! All of the teachers are supportive and the students are welcoming. No matter what you are interested in, you will have a group of friends. There is a wide range of classes. There is also extra support such as tutoring available.
I enjoyed my experience at Linganore high school. I mad many friends during my time there and am still in contact with a lot of them. Linganore offers extracurricular activities to keep students active within the community. The school offers many courses to help prepare you for college. The teachers were all kind and had no problem helping student figure problems. Out of all my schooling my favorite teachers are the ones at Linganore.
What I liked about Linganore High School was we really were all a family and community together. There was no judging going on and it was very easy to learn from the teachers as well.
Linganore has a friendly environment and great staff. All around good sense of community and sense of safety. They have a large selection of classes to take so that each student can study what they have a passion for.
Lingaore is a great school with lots of school spirit and activities for the students. They do a fantastic job recognizing Honor Roll students. The one downside is with so many above average students it is hard to stand out especially with class rank.
The school had a large amount of genuinely good teachers who were passionate about teaching, and work with students well for there own success.
Linganore High School is dedicated to the success of its students. It provides many college-level classes through FCC, AP, and PLTW. The school has a wide range of classes in all subjects, including STEM, the arts, and an extensive social studies program. The teachers are invested in the students and are willing to work with students to overcome obstacles. Linganore has had some behavioral problems over the years that do not reflect the views of the majority. However, the school has taken measure to prevent this behavior by increased teacher presence in the hallways.
The academics were excellent but staff was clueless, especially the administration. The school was nice and safe however and I would attend again. Better then most high schools in Maryland
Linganore did an average job preparing me for college. The school had good teachers, but also had some teachers I felt did a poor job. Overall my time at Linganore was good and there isn’t much that could be done to improve it or change it.
The only thing I would like to see change is the dress code. Students, mostly female, are being told what to wear because they don't want to distract the boys. While the boys can essentially wear whatever they would like to school.
Don’t take any for granted that you will miss and regret later in life. The teachers at LHS aren’t very good at math in my opinion but I think that the other studies are very well taught though out the school. Everyone usually gets along, but you always will have differences because every one is different.
I love Linganore! The teachers are great, quality education, lots of opportunities for growth. It has been a pleasure to spend the past four years here. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Linagnore High School was not very diverse when I began there as a freshman but grew more diverse as redistricting occurred and more neighborhoods were built. I thought that the teachers there were great but the administration could be improved. My counselor was not very helpful with anything. The school spirit is mostly centered around sports (football only) and the school often ignored other sports and their achievements. The building was recently rebuilt so it was very nice.
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I love my teachers at Linganore and they have prepared me for college well. Also, there is always an exciting sporting event to attend.
Throughout the passed four years, Linganore High School has shaped me into the being I am today. The school was well-kept and updated. Friendly faces everywhere you turn. As for bullying, Linganore had a no-tolerance policy, making me feel safe overall. The teachers and counselors are very good at creating and maintaining relationships with their students. However, I do wish that Linganore had more diversity. I often felt out of place being one of two black girls throughout my grade. To fix this problem, I created a club called African American Culture Club. The administrators at Linganore were encouraging in every way!
Linganore High School is an average high school built in the middle of a corn field. They focus on academics as much as sports. Linganore has a large amount of clubs and after school activities available. The down fall of this school would be the diversity since most of the school is prominently white. Some of the teachers and administrators also aren't very helpful as well. They seem as if coming to school is a burdened, but this isn't true for all teachers and administrators, only a select few.
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