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Linfield is truly an amazing Christ centered school. The staff is helpful, the teachers are perfect, and the campus is beautiful. I have learned a lot from the academics, and Linfield helped me realize what I want to be. I actually look forward to going to this school each day!
I have enjoyed my experience attending Linfield Christian School because the students and teachers are incredibly nice and there is amazing education.
It was a really good experience, but I would like to see it become more inclusive. I have been here since eighth grade, and I have really enjoyed my time there.
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Pretty good school. Academically, I feel very prepared for college. The teachers engage you and prepare you.
I was at this school since pre-k. The first 4 years were great but then the last 3 were awful. The teachers had absolutely no control over the kids and there was a lot of bullying. Although I was never involved with it I know that almost everyone was complaining about it.
Linfield is a Christ-centered, community-based, and rigorous school that pushes students beyond their limits.
Linfield was a place where you can go and feel at home. It was small and that meant you get to know more people and be in their lives. The teachers cared about their students so much and whatever you needed they helped you with. I believe Linfield really set me up on a path for success and prepped me well for college. One thing I would change is making the uniform rules not so strict.
Linfield is the the best school ever. The teachers are the most amazing, caring people in the world. I would not be where I am today without their help academically as well as their genuine desire to know and love each and every one of their students.
Indoctrinates students with conservative ideology in the pretense of biblical implications, has harsh coursework which in turn deflates the GPA and few AP/Honors opportunities to bump GPA (many students that get a low 3.0 and end up at public school immediately get a 4.0), and chances at getting into college are very much so hurt because of this. There is a required comprehensive bible curriculum that delves into theology and philosophy, which also is often labor intensive, that most colleges don’t even accept as credit. There is no standardized test prep at all. Internationals are poorly integrated into the social life, and the ‘Christian culture’ among students is pretense. Favoritism is rampant, and the school has a set type of student they favor. If you don’t think you fit into the mold of a student that would be favored, do not come here. The counseling office is often very helpful, and most of the teachers are lovely, hence why I am unable to give 1 star.
I’ve been at Linfield since 2nd grade! The community aspect of the school is absolutely the best! I’ve made connections with students and teachers that have lasted for years! The school also is very good for college prep because although I haven’t personally gone to college yet, students from our school have gone to prestigious universities like Yale, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Cal Berkeley, UC Davis, and University of Alabama and have thrived!
Linfield is filled with many loving teachers who genuinely care about and love their students. However, like anywhere else, the school plays "favorites" with certain students, which causes for some rules to be very inconsistent, such as dress code.
Went here for 5 years, graduated from here. Academics are hard, but worth it. Definitely felt prepared for college. Teachers REALLY care about you, went to public school before coming here and they didnt care at all. Linfield teachers care about academics a lot, but they care about you as a person more. Best part of the school is the teachers.
I have been extremely blessed to be able to have spent my last eight years of education at Linfield Christian School. I wouldn't have rather spent them anywhere else and am extremely excited to see how I can give back to this amazing community.
Would be no stars if I was able to rate as such. They cheated their way to girls JV basketball playoffs by bringing a varsity girl in to play JV. They had to forfeit their games but still played in playoffs? This is supposed to be a Christian School? They should not be in the playoffs.
Strong academics with mostly kind teachers. College Prep means be prepared to work hard. Because Linfield is small, you have athletic opportunities you don’t get at large, public schools.
Linfield Christian is an amazing school that prepares you for college and offers incredible Bible Classes and Chapel.
Linfield christian middle school was not the best. t h a n k. g o d. i’m. in highschool now lol. food is bomb tho. cookies are killer
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Linfield is a great school for academics. The teachers vary on their level of actual teaching, but they all genuinely care about their students.
This school was way too white for me. Imagine your self in the movie Get out.
Teachers here are very nice. They talk to you about your grade and try to lead you to A or B. If you are an international student try not to go to any of international meeting or activities because all the activities were cringy. Also, who throws a Halloween party after Halloween?
School is pretty bad. A lot of the administration members just go on power trips and get kids in trouble. Academics are okay, but a lot of unnecessary workload. Friend groups aren't diverse, many kids aren't accepted into certain friend groups because they're different. You may expect the school to be mainly conservative, but many of the teachers and probably the majority of the student body is liberal.