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Lineville Intermediate School Reviews

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Well i thought it was the best i had a great time at lineville intermeiate school it was really good at everything the band program is the best
Lineville Intermediate may have good academics, but the administration is terrible! There are stories of uncontrolled bullying in this school, and the administration seems to not care, and even worse, think the victims are the root of the problems. There is horrible cafeteria food, little resources to any music, arts, or extra curriculars. The administration is the cause of all these problems, and yet they continue to be selfish. Shame on them!
I personally went there and got bullied. Many of my friends were depressed and cut themselves because of the horrible bullying. Later on in life I realized how bad that school was.
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My son was bullied here and the administration did nothing to help. The VP even kicked us out of her office when we questioned her ethics. Horrible school.
Lineville has a good group of kids with dedicated parents. The staff, however, is sub-par at best. They refer to their own experience as being more important than well-known, well-researched best practices such as rewarding instead of punishing and degrading in front of peers, with the principal in acceptance of this. They push students into their mold instead of appreciating each child's uniqueness, which includes excessive use of "apps" for rigorous practice. The school has been operating for years without any real playground equipment. Lastly, science is basically an afterthought at this school and is definitely disappointing for anyone seeking a STEM education.
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