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Line Mountain Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Its a good school and it has good teachers willing to help out when help is needed. Lots of memories being made at this school.
I like that my school is small. My graduating class has less than 100 students. Most kids in my class get along. I really like to see my classmates supporting underclassmen. This is common in our small school.
I do wish our teachers and administration would work harder to eliminate bullying in our school. I dont think it is really bad but I do see it too often.
Line Mountain is a very friendly school. Mostly everyone you meet there is nice and caring. The teachers also show that they care about the education and the students well being.
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Good teachers at Line Mountain are hard to find. The people there are ignorant and close-minded. The schooling is not challenging at all and most student time is wasted.
I went to this school and just disliked it.
Some of the teachers are great and they challenge you while others dont care at all.
The kids can be really mean at times. But you can find good friends. You just need to find your people.
When bulling goes on nothing is really done about it.
The Food is terrible.
The people is what really made my school great. We are a small school, but by the end of your first year there, they are already your second family. Everyone knows everyone's name and we all help each other out when it's needed. We have each other's backs and you grow up with them. You get to see each other become independent individuals and really start to make an impact in the world.
Line Mountain has some great teachers, but also a few "bad eggs" which spoil the soup. Although some teachers are great, sometimes it seems as if nothing is taken serious. Administration for the high school isn't always the best, and the school board is terrible. Only emphasis is placed on sports, no support for non-sports activities (band, choir, theater). The lack of communication between administration and students is terrible. It also seems that there were never enough teachers (only 2 for art, 2 for all music classes grades K-12, 3 English teachers for 4 grades, only 3 science teachers, etc.) The school has a habit of not hiring back teachers once they retire, rendering the school short staffed and affecting the availability of some classes. Not a very supportive school of the arts. Very good with gifted students and all special education students.
Line Mountain Junior/Senior High School is a rural school district. The district website say it all "where assessment drives instruction" and they teach based on what is needed to pass the standardized tests. The education does not challenge the students.
The workload can be very stressful, and the teachers give the bare minimum of knowledge for the students to get by.
Honestly, the only good and safe thing is the visitor sign in. The cameras constantly and "conveniently" lose footage, and "apparently" have the time and day mixed up.
The teachers do not care about the students. There only in it for the money, which they had to protest to get even more of last year. when it comes to bullying, the typical mentality is "get rid of the victim; once there gone, the bullying will stop"
All of the teachers teach a little differently. Overall they get their point across, but by using their own tactics. All of the teachers care about us. If we have a problem there is always someone there for you they all grade about the same way eat each other.
The nurse is pretty helpful and set on making sure the safety precautions are followed.
There are some days when no protein is served, just pasta and carbs.
There is always complaining among the seniors about how long it takes for their transcripts to be sent out.
Sports at LM are very competitive and require commitment.
Most teachers are very willing to help if you ask but there are a few who just aren't that interested.
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These events should be competitive but sometimes they are not equal opportunities for some kids. This usually happens when the leader of the organization favors certain students because of their parents or abilities.
They are working at a level two or three years below the previous school my daughter attended.
There isn't even hot water for the bathroom sinks.
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