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My experience at Lindsay high school was amazing!!! I transferred my sophomore year to Lindsay high school and it was a big change for me but I'm glad I transferred I was able to get more involved and I joined art which has been one of the best things because now I love drawing and painting. The teachers are very helpful and kind.
Its both fun and great but some LFs are extremely unorganized and there has been a couple of tragedies that have happened overall not a bad school.
What I really enjoyed about Lindsay Senior High is the community and culture, since it is a small school in a small town you are able to make real connections to the people around you and you are able to see how your community involvement can really help the people in your community. Also the academics are good and although they may not be the best you can still succeed and make it into good colleges.
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First and foremost, I have had an amazing time at Lindsay High School. Its culture, school spirit, and their educational system definitely make them stand out from the crowd. Their educational system teaches us that we can work on our own pace and move ahead so we can either graduate early or on pace, it mainly depends on the student's mental ability of how they learn and distinguish things since everyone is different and that is the beauty of our system it includes everyone with a variety of learning styles & mental capabilities. Though I love Lindsay High School, I believe that they can do better with the diversity problem at our school because we have very little Asians, Caucasians, and African Americans attending our school. It is mainly Hispanic that attends Lindsay High School which I believe is great but we need more diversity to promote our school and learn about different cultures and belief systems from other races.
The learning environment is great and very beneficial to the learners. It accommodates a leaners pace and offers several ways to receive help. The campus is safe and there is definitely a bully-free zone. Everyone accepts everyone, so it's a great school to attend and have fun while learning and achieving.
My experience at lindsay high was great, I was involved in clubs and sports. I played football since my sophomore more year, the best coaches are here at lindsay high they might demand a lot but you will see the result. The rallies are good it’s a fun on a Friday day but during the night one has to get focused for the football game either your a football player or a fan it’s fun to be out there.
Lindsay Senior High School has given me the best High school experience. What I love about it so much is our community and how we are all united. The school is in a small town so everyone is very close to everyone. The staff is also so helpful and help you with anything you need. I can say I have had one of the best teachers at our campus.
Lindsay High School was a good experience for me. I learned a lot, and I made close connections with friends, teachers, and staff. The math program at Lindsay High School is not the best though, it needs improvement. Other than that, the learning environment is great.
Personally, my past years at Lindsay Senior High have been in a range from average to sometimes great. It’s overall a good school and gets better depending on the involvement done by each of the students. The relationships between students to teachers are amazing when there is mutual respect. The amount of extra curricular activities is amazing. Plenty of ways to get students involved. Personally the school can improve in allowing their students to have more freedom and be a little less strict when it comes to minor offenses, such as being tardy once every other month.
My experience at Lindsay High School has been great. They really know how to meet your needs. When I say that I mean the Performance Based System has been both beneficial and disadvantageous. Beneficial because you can work at your own rhythm with your work unlike other learning communities where you have to move with the class for each Measurement Topic. Disadvantageous because the PBS system allows students to slack off a bit. Many of us tend to take advantage of it and we procrastinate because we tell ourselves that it isn't due until later. It isn't a good thing, in college we won't have the PBS system to fall back on. When something is due its due. Not only has my experience been great at LHS because of the PBS system but because of the community as a whole. Everyone supports everyone, the diversity in our school is awesome and our school culture is another good thing.
The school, teachers, and staff have done a great job supporting my child. He is constantly pushed to achieve higher goals. The teachers and specialist work together to make sure students are receiving any and all help to reach their potential. This is all possible thanks to the small class sizes. It has been great to be a part of this community that is so supportive. I was only able to attend Gilbert for one year, but it is by far my favorite high school out of the 3 I've attended. The teachers there all care about their students deeply and try their best to help us succeed. The building is huge and always kept nice and clean.
Lindsay High School was great. My time there was amazing. The only thing I would have to say is the diversity isn't huge. Most students are Hispanic so this makes for a tight-knit community. On a positive note, they provide a wide variety of classes to choose from. If you want to major in business in college, LHS has classes that prepare you for it.
The beauty of this school is that the grading system is not your typical traditional system. All the students are given their time and can go at their own pace. Something very special and it helps the students feel comfortable asking for help when needed.
Teachers don't teach that well. The quality of work is kept low just to pass. No one wants to learn. They just want to pass
These past years at LHS, we have been celebrating Homecoming for a whole week. Getting to dress up for every day of the week for Homecoming is so much fun especially when a lot of people participate because it shows how much Cardinal Pride we really have. My favorite activities during Homecoming week include the intro rally and the outro rally, dressing up, watching the homecoming nominees buy their votes through sweets and delicacies, and just having a great time overall.
My experience with PBS has been pretty good except there are a few things that I struggle with still to this day . One struggle that I have with PBS is that to me it encourages procrastination. Often times, I find myself waiting to the bitter end because I know its a move at your own pace system. So, for me it encourages me to wait till last minute because I know that I will have time to do it later on. I feel that PBS doesn’t prepare you of college in the sense of it not having the same aspects like college.
Lindsay High is a new school so campus is very nice. I received a laptop for my coursework. There were not many college-bound programs only AVID, which only gave a seat to about 30 students. There was also a scholarship program that rewarded you for your grades.
At the beginning of my 4 years of High school it started rough because I was very shy and very distance towards school spirit but as the years passed and I was at my Junior year I began to be comfortable with showing my school spirit and I was even encouraged to join the cheer team and participate in rallies and even join their ASB class, this class really showed me that I shouldn't be afraid to be outgoing to show others they shouldn't be afraid also to join clubs or participate in rallies and make your 4 years amazing because after the 4 years you will wish you did. I could say the energy this school has in spirit in outstanding and I just wished that I would've been more involved freshman year because its been amazing !.
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Lindsay Senior High School has many wonderful learning facilitators that are willing to go above and beyond to help their learners understand and grasp the class content. In addition, every student is assigned a laptop, for easy access for the online software Educate. In Educate, learners may see their grades and complete homework, quizzes, etc. All the technology provided helps with the transition to college.
During my past 3 years at Lindsay High School I have created many memories from clubs, dances, and sports. My favorite activity at LHS is food day. On food day every club has a stand in which they sell food to fundraise for their club.
I like how this school actually opens us new classes for electives like drama, game design, and dance class. Our school actually gets elective classes we like. The school really helps us to graduate and pushes us to move forward.
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