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Lindsay High School Reviews

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My experience at Lindsay High School is okay. My problem is all of the bullying and the drugs and smoking that kids do all the time. I would like to see the no bullying rule be enforced and more surveillance with kids by the shack.
I enjoyed the fact that the teachers treated us as more than a paycheck. The made sure to let us know that they were actually here for us, before or after school.
The teachers are super engages and offer special study options before and after school.
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Everybody is accepted by their classmates and students are very tolerant.
The school is so small that everybody knows everybody anyways.
The teachers are all highly involved and engaged in those activities. The school spirit is awesome!
The atmosphere is very good, everybody is really respectful towards each other.
They are very caring and have always been very supportive.
It has a long way to go but it could be a lot worse.
I felt slightly unprepared for the real world. I feel like only some of my high school classes prepared me for the college experience.
The sports and the other programs such as the band and the choir are all very dedicated and just keep getting better.
There are some great ones. There are some horrible ones. There are a lot in the medium to great range thankfully.
You're either in or you're out with sports here. Wished we had soccer, though.
Most of the organizations are popularity contests. There were no after-school activities
There is no school nurse. It's a small town though, so the police can be there really quickly. Most of the time there is is an officer already there each day.
Lindsay Public Schools offer a wide variety of subjects, each one being challenging but manageable. The students learn a lot and are taught essentials for higher education and are also given many opportunities for gather more knowledge.
The teachers work with students to help everyone complete assignments and will explain to individual students a lesson if that student is having a hard time understanding. Most teachers provide an excellent learning and working environment and will also help work with students if the have an activity or club they must either attend or help with. If students have questions, the teachers readily listen and try to help. All faculty is friendly and supportive of the student body.
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The school administration is strict but they are helpful.
There are a few clubs for students to get involved in and most students participate in at least one.
The teams always perform well and many students aid in supporting them.
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