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Staff/Teachers are amazing and they want to see the students succeed. There is lots to do, and great involvement. I would totally recommend Lindhurst to future high school students. The school does an amazing job in providing the necessary needs to everyone, and connect to more and more beneficial programs through counseling administration.
I liked the social aspects of the school. Students and teachers would come together and support one another in times of trouble. Many of the teacher genuinely cared for the students and made sure to help the students succeed as much as they could. I love the diversity of students and teachers at Lindhurst. Everyone has their own unique character and personality that creates a very fun and memorable high school environment.
my time at lindhurst was memorable. the teachers were always there and ready to help. the classroom setting, in my experience, was always appropriate and i was able to learn to the best of my abilities.
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I enjoyed the people I surrounded myself with and how kind everyone (including staff) was. The relationships I built with everyone at this school I will cherish forever.
I play tennis and they have a very good tennis team. The food is good and I heard that the science and math building is the same as Marysville’s.
My experience with being at Lindhurst High School was decent, but I think it could have been better if students and teachers were able to receive more resources to create better experiences for all students. If Lindhurst had more funds, I wish they could use those funds for more environmental and hands-on experiences or field trips for science classes. I believe students would be more involved and interactive in school if teachers supported the idea of making teaching more memorable by involving other factors into teaching with real-world experiences as well as having fun through it all. A lot of "teaching" that went on while I was in school was mainly just doing repetitive work and packets every week that didn't help me learn.
Lindhurst Highschool is a very good school. It has amazing counselors who are willing to help all the students with college applications or whatever the case may be. The teachers there teach very well and most of the teachers are liked and favorited by many students because of the environment that is provided around them.
Lindhurst High School is a great school to go to from my experience. It offers many classes that can prepare you for college and the counselors really push you to do the best that you can.
At Lindhurst high school, the teachers that I had were all very friendly and they really cared about teaching their kids.
Lindhurst has provided me a very enjoyable 3 years of Education, and despite its low-income demographic it has prepared me very well for my transition into college. However the same cannot be said for all of my peers. While some of the Teachers are excellent supportive, and push the student to accomplish amazing feats, other usually inexperienced teachers simply give up and spend the rest of their year fulfilling their contract.
Lindhurst High School excels in trying to give students every opportunity to involve themselves, academically and in extracurricular activities.

Counselors work very closely with students, so they know what they need to do to graduate. They make sure we have a set plan, and or try to understand what we want to do so we can achieve it. They never give up on their students.

Each teacher has their quirks and work, so it's always different. That's a good thing too, it's best to learn at a pace where we, as students, can understand.

Extracurricular-wise, there are so many clubs at Lindhurst and great ways to be more involved. It's amazing, from diversity clubs to interactive clubs. Additionally, various clubs do community service, so we are playing our part into our community by helping others.
I like the teachers and staff members. They make me feel safe and cared for. They genuinely care for my education and success. My peers are respectful.
I recently came to this school this year and it is a pretty good school. It is more diverse then my other school.
Lindhurst highschool is a not bad school overall. While I do not like the actual students here, the facilities and teachers are prepared for this school. The teachers are focused and knowledgeable in their specific subject while also interacting with the students to make them understand and to bring a common ground. While the food and sports teams are.... mediocre, our stem classes and our extra-curricular classes and clubs help to show that this school can be great if we really focus.
I loved that the teachers were dedicated and truly cared about their students. The teachers would go out of their way to support their students. This helped keep me motivated in school through hard times. I would like to see more upgrades to the campus.
I attended Lindhurst High School my freshman year for the first semester. I really enjoyed all of the people including other students teachers and faculty. When I came back second semester of sophomore year, Lindhurst only got better. The teachers I have had were great, both at teaching and connecting with students. The amount of classes available for students is amazing and doesn't leave much out. The selection for core classes is good for everyone no matter his/her learning curve. There are plenty of clubs and sports to be part of here. I am part of the Lindhurst Robotics club as well as treasurer of the Games club. The people I have met through these are great, and the teachers that take part are quite enthusiastic.
Its a good school as long as you dont hang out with the wrong crowd of ppl if you do its a literal gang war, also i was going through alot of things my freshman and sophmore years and my grades dropped alot, none of the teachers said anything to try to push me to do better but its a cool school.
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I am currently a senior at Lindhurst High and have experienced a lot at this school. The teachers and staff at LIndhurst are very friendly and willing to help at anytime. I have become good friends with the teachers and plan to ask them for academic help while attending college. The students are very diverse. We have student from all different religious and ethnic backgrounds. It is very easy to find a place where you belong at LHS and students are very friendly. The school however does have downsides. Although the students are very friendly, there is a high number of fights. The school is located in Olivehurst, California, which is a small and very poor town. Some students have nothing and try to find something in their community that is able to support this. Some of these students become gang afflicted and turn to a life of crime.
My experience at lindhurst high school has been pretty much an amazing adventure getting me ready for the world after graduation and focusing on my goals
To me Lindhurst High School is one of the most welcoming schools and I know that we don't have the best reputation but all the teachers are friendly and as a whole we act like a family because everyone is genuine. The school offers so many different classes and you learn a whole lot in them as well. Although what I would like to see change is to have 7 classes instead of 6, because 7 classes allows people to catch up in classes they need to graduate or be A-G eligible.
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