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The school offers quite a bit in the sports department, which is very appreciated. However, more clubs need to be introduced to further the popularity of the school. Teachers may need to be reviewed more often to determine their ability to prepare students for both Advanced Placement exams and for college. Facilities regarding physical conditioning are frequently open to students, however, sport-related facilities need to be open to regular students as well, not just athletes. For example, if the school could open the basketball court or soccer field to non-athletic students to perhaps decide if they would like to join a sport, it should be allowed.
My overall experience at Lindenwold High School was adequate. Lindenwold High has many different clubs, activities, and events that are open for the students to be apart of. One of my favorite things about the school is that it is very simple to make an impact. Most of the time, when you have an idea of an event, club, or anything of that matter, it will happen. The teachers are very helpful, since they are always offering an extra hand, and making their time very available. The one thing that I would like to change about the school is student activity. I wish that there was more school spirit and overall student involvement. Although this is true, as the years go by, I can see more and more involvement and school spirit. I hope to be the impact that Lindenwold High School needs, and that I help future generations have more student activity.
Lindenwold high school is a great school to go to, I have met a lot of great people along the way. The teachers are amazing, and really want what’s best for you. The music and art program is the best thing about lindenwold high school.
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I liked how bullying wasn't really an issue here. Also, almost all of the teachers had generally cared about getting us through college with a bunch of tips on what we should do and if we had any questions while in college, we could contact them through the school email.
I love the fact that some teachers really care about your success, and how you manover in society. I can say that our school isn’t much help when it comes to college and opportunities. For our athletic students they really don’t get the chance to prove themselves to scouts, because they don’t get the opportunity to have scouts come to the games that often.
My experience at Lindenwold High School is good. The school is located in a small town. Everyone knows each other because we all grew up here and have been going to school together since elementary. The teachers and adminastrators are very caring and they want the best for you. We don’t have a huge amount of kids in each class. The teachers and students are able to develop a close bond/relationship. We have 8 periods a day. During the lunch period, half is for lunch and the other half is studenr prep. That half allows you to study for tests, SATs , and get ready for college. Sadly, food isn’t that appetizing. Teachers sell snacks from their classroom which is a plus. If you want, you can go to buy snacks throughout the day. The sports teams are average. I play soccer, basketball, and I’m in the marching band. We have some pretty fun events at our school every year. These past 4 years at Lindenwold High School has been great overrall !
What I like about Lindenwold High School is that they truly care about their students. They put in their own time to make sure that the students are happy with their daily schedule.
The school is a nice small place, but they lack many resources in terms of preparation. There is a lot of diversity, but the atmosphere and school spirit is clearly lacking. There are however a lot of competition when it comes to sports and sometimes academic, but it is hard to encourage others to take the right step as there is not a lot of involvement by the students and parents. The students are very close to each other and are known to make friends easily, but there are some behavioral problems sometimes as well. There are still many fun things to do at school; students just need to realize how fun the high school actually can be.
Growing up in this small suburb of South Jersey truly shaped my personality and overall moral code. The Lindenwold Public School District was a second home to me throughout my entire childhood. With no time away, the District taught me everything I know, from basic rudimentary skills to everyday life lessons which have especially come in handy following my recent departure after graduation. Not only was it a family community that I adored, but it was welcoming and the center to multiple opportunities and achievements for all of its students and families.
Lindenwold High School is a small, diverse school that is more like a family rather than a school. The staff and administration is as helpful as possible when it comes to your studies. Everyone is involved in school activities and events, including the superintendent. We all support one another.
I have spent 4 years in Lindenwold High School, through out this time I have been convinced to join clubs, sports, programs. My experience has been a wonderful one, I ended up living the high school experience. I joined a few sports like softball, track and field, and cross country. Playing these sports for the school was amazing, we were one giant family. We all got along, and it might sound cheesy but I will miss this school once I leave. In all my classes my teachers have gone above and beyond to help me out.
This school is pretty diverse and all of the people of actually really nice. Everyone has their own friends and groups, but there are no real bullies or anything like that and people are usually pretty welcoming to new students. The teachers are nice for the most part. The ones I have this year are all very passionate about the subjects they teach, and care about their students. Although, they can be also be kind of rude and not offer enough help if you don't understand or missed a day. There are lots of clubs and sports to join and a decent selection of extracurriculars. The bad things are there aren't a lot of AP classes available. You can't take any until junior year and even then you can take two. The school is pretty easy compared to other schools, which is good because it's less work, but bad because a harder school might better prepare you for college. Overall, I've had a pretty good experience here, but there are a few things it could improve on.
I moved to NJ and attended the high school for only the last three months and I made so many friends that I still connect with them today. It made me feel good that I graduated there. Awesome teachers too.
Lindenwold High School is a good school as long as you put effort into the work. Most of the teachers are willing to work with students to the best of their abilities. The teachers, for the most part, are really chill and approachable.
I completed a four year high school education at Lindenwold High School. They were a very successful and prosperous four years. Lindenwold High School is a small school that is largely diverse. The teachers and staff have a huge influence on the students and educate the students on life and school work daily.
My experience on niche has been good. I am still new to this website. I still find a couple of things confusing like how to get to certain things, but when I go through my email to go to this website it's very easy. I wish there was a page that tells you if your application was submitted. However, they sent it to your email so that's fine as long as you have up your email and no where to go.
Daughter attends the Lindenwold school district. Overall I think they have numerous resources that help children transition to college
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Attending Lindenwold high school each staff member told each student to get involved with some type of club or sport, not only to have fun in the school but to meet new people. In Lindenwold, there are all different type of clubs; Leo club, Red cross club, Stage Crew, etc. Each student has to do 10 hours of volunteer hours in order to go on to the next grade or graduate and most of the clubs provide that for the students. It's up to each student to make the best out of their 4 years in high school.
My freshman and sophomore years of high school were the best. The people in the school made it very fun, everybody was easy to get along with.. And most importantly the school had spirit! Even though my grades were not the best those 2 years, I turned the around my junior year and so far in my senior year.
Most teachers at Lindenwold High school, put a lot of effort into teaching, taking interest in their students thoughts and ideas and trying new ways to make learning my interesting. Each teachers have different way of making their students involved with the classwork and homework. I feel as though, the teachers could do better with in consistency in grading, by putting grades in more often so each student can know what they need to work/ study on.
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