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The teachers are very flexible with their work if you have a legitimate excuse and are supportive of their students. They take time to know what works best for individuals and make the learning experience easier and more pleasurable
Lindenhurst Senior High School is one that prioritizes the student's ability to participate in more than just regular classroom activities. There is always an extensive amount of extracurricular that are tailored to the needs to each student. It also very easy to create your own club or have your voice heard on an administrative level. The course options are very versatile, from career and finance classes to marine biology or criminal justice and law. Also, the schools offers many AP courses alongside dual enrollment; both providing great opportunities to gain college credit. Overall, the kindred community of Lindenhurst High School is simply the cherry on top.
I am lucky to have gone to this school. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The academic rigor is high and the student-teacher relationships are great. There are a lot of options in terms of courses and extra-curriculars, so there is something for everyone. This is honestly a fantastic school.
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Lindenhurst High School for the most part is really just an average high school. The good things for it though is most of the students are decent to one another, the teachers are great, and their are plenty of clubs as well as activities you can get yourself involved in. The great thing about LHS is that they continue to include and build new clubs and challenges for their fellow students. For example the high school has just started to put up a fencing team as well as an archery program for itself.
As a junior at Lindenhurst Senior High School, I can inform you that I do enjoy going here. I play varsity soccer and lacrosse and by doing that, I've met some of my closest friends. Most of the classes I take are advanced placement or college level, and the environment in these classes make you feel like your really a college student. I'm glad to say that I like my school, including the courses, sports, and clubs that they offer.
It's good school. However, sometimes lacks diversity in the students. It's a very sport orientated school.
Lindenhurst is a school that gives many opportunities to succeed. Yet, like everything, there is room for improvement.
Lindenhurst High School is a good school, however it is lacking in some departments. While we may offer many more electives than other schools, it does not necessarily mean that those teaching the courses are truly qualified. Students who try to make their schedules cater to their personal interests are often let down when the courses they take are not what they expected when the course was advertised to them, or they are let down because they leave the course without the experience and knowledge they should have received. Lindenhurst High School does, on the other hand, offer many diverse clubs, sports and activities, and one thing they definitely do not lack is school spirit. Some other things I believe could improve in the school are the preparedness for college as well as the school policies. The school focuses on the wrong issues such as not allowing the students to hold sales of any type for their clubs/sports/classes rather than focusing on real issues.
I love the environment of academic importance along with extracurricular activity importance. The extracurricular activities at my school are high end and have multiple people who strive to make them the best they can be.
Lindenhurst Senior High School is a very diverse school, meaning you will find all sorts of people attending. This school in particular is very competitive when it comes to athletics. Our varsity football team won the Long Island Champions title two years ago and last year they won the Suffolk County Champions Title. Not only this, but the environment of the school is very secure and safe. With constant security inside the building as well as outside, and even a police officer on patrol at the main entrance, the students are able to feel protected at all costs. The thing that would need change is the principle's role in the student's lives considering she hasn't done much to interact with the kids that attend this school.
Wish there was more guidance for college because I have no clue what to do and how to get my life started
I like everything about the school and the way the teachers interact with the students and they make every students feel welcome. Everything in my school, from the janitors all the way to the department of education is put together perfectly.
Lindenhurst is a pretty good school. I like most of my teachers and get good grades. I think we have really good sports teams, but I don't know for sure.
Very rare to find a good teacher (cough* math *cough). there’s a lot of ap and college classes offered which is good but I don’t feel all that prepared besides from what I’ve done on my own. There’s definitely a sense of superiority when it comes to certain sports or clubs that shouldn’t be there. People don’t seem motivated to try hard enough here.
Lindenhurst senior high school was a great school overall. It has a lot of great teachers and classes but also some teachers that didn’t really care about the students.
I feel as though I got a very good education. The teachers at LHS are great and they offer lots of different classes to satisfy different interests. I was able to take 11 AP classes throughout high school allowing me to enter college as a sophomore. The school itself is in pretty bad shape with water damage, leaks, etc. There are also a lot of mice running around. The funding to sports/clubs is not even with some departments getting much more than others.
Lindenhurst Senior High School is a great school for your children to attend. The administration does everything they possibly can to make your kids feel safe, the teachers are out for the benefit of your children, and it is a great place to make friends and learn.
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The teachers were very motivated to develop student success. Unfortunately, the town has suffered since Hurricane Sandy, and it shows in the resources available to students. As the case has been with the youth on Long Island... drug use was a real issue, and I myself lost several classmates to overdoses.
The school protects certain individuals from any sort of repercussions, and the staff have obvious biases. Quite a few teachers do not care for teaching correctly they just want their next paycheck. The school is filled with ignorant and rude individuals, whom I doubt will ever mature thanks to the lack of guidance or school provides. Another unforgivable aspect of this schools administration is that they care more about funding sports than education.
My experience at this school is very well. I had a lot of great times. I met most of my best friends and had lot of my favorite moments in my life and found some of my best till modles.
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