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We and our children love Linden Waldorf School! The curriculum is rigorous and rich in a way that keeps the students constantly engaged. They are learning physics and chemistry experientially in elementary and middle school instead of through text books only in high school. There is a focus on arts and music as well as social intelligence. The children get to moves their bodies many times throughout the day and spend a lot of time outside. Students are not going home complaining that school is boring. We know Linden graduates who are in high school and college now, and they are thriving in competitive academic and arts communities. The parent body includes many professors, musicians, doctors, and entrepreneurs. We are so grateful for this school and highly recommend it!
Linden Waldorf, once a school with a strong community, has gone through a series of ineffective administrators over the years. It struggles with its identity as a Waldorf school, and though it is showing lots of diversity training this year it has failed its minority student . Teachers are inconsistent and not held to standards. Some classes have strong academics, some non-existent. It disregards parental concerns, which shows by the numbers in each class. At one time the class teachers were between outstanding and sub-par. Our child had two different main teachers. The first was great and the second did little in the way of academics. The extra teachers at one time were wonderful, though they have lost or fired the majority of the founding specialty teachers. Go in with eyes open, ask questions about why the classes are small. Disregard any stories of saying those families didn't understand Waldorf education or that the children had needs that could not be met.
Linden has been a lovely, grounding school for my children. It has provided an academically rigorous curriculum that is balanced by arts classes and plenty of outside time. My children thrived here!
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This school both demands and offers a profound commitment from/to its community. My kids have developed into socially mature, morally integrated, and academically enthusiastic people, and I attribute that to the school.
I love this school and the sense of community! It is the perfect fit for our family! The curriculum is rooted in human interaction while revering the experiential side of learning. The children really do learn through the heads, hands, and heart! I can't imagine having my kid anywhere else! The music and strings programs are so incredible!
My child has been at LWS since he was 4. He is now in his final year. I can’t imagine having him anywhere else!
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