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my experience there isn't really bad. I been there since middle school and everyone knows me the school just brings a lot of drama.
My name is Paloma bougeca and I’m a senior at linden McKinley stem. I love my school because no matter where you from your get treated like family.
The teachers are great. Our sports teams are very good, except football. A lot of our past classes have gotten scholarships for schools they want to go to.
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The school is horrible. It shows a perfect example of how not to run a school. The lunches went to decent to horrible, the teachers don't care about the students all they do is give you packet and textbook expect you to be done with it, the school have constant fights and lockdowns, the administration is horrible they don't even enforce the rules, the classes are repetitive, the students are rude, and etc. In conclusion the school is horrible and I do not recommend sending your good child to this school or they will have their life ruined.
McKinley is how to not run a school fights mostly uncaring teachers who just make you go through a textbook or give a packet and be done with it.
The fights are just constant everyday there's somebody throwing hands and the administration team do little or nothing at all to stop these fights. Plus the food is just terrible you're better off just bringing your own lunch.I can't stress this enough don't bring your actually good students here because this could ruin their chance in life.but if you want free babysitting go right ahead
Personally I didn't have very much fun when it came to social interactions but if you're the right kind of person I'm sure you would be able to fit in perfectly. The adults at the school truly do care about you and that's great.
I like that there are people that I can relate to at Linden. There are people that experience the same things that happen in there life. The teacher are willing to help you get through things. Some teachers would help to be successful in college.
Over all I liked being at the school but there are some things that need changed like air conditioning and stuff like that.
My experience at this school was subpar. It is not a place I would suggest going to. The school has some potential, but it is not a great learning environment.
I really loved how Linden McKinley was very welcoming when I first started attending. back then the students were friendly and willing to make friends , the teachers actually cared for some student. Well most of them at least. Others staff and employees would see potential In other students like myself who were going down the wrong road and care for you like they were your own! I find it very amazing that the do things and did things like that because it helped me understand and get to know myself most importantly.
The teachers care and want to see there students succeed. They help you get into college and prepare you for college. There are many clubs and activities you can join. The school is very safe.
I Honestly Love Going To School At Linden. A Lot Of People Think That The School Is Full Of Bad Children Who Don't Learn Anything, Do Drugs, & Fight All Of The Time, But It's Not At All Like That. The Food Is Horrible. The Teachers There Honestly Want To See Everyone Succeeded In Life, They Try Really Hard To Help Everyone, & They Care. I Wish We Had Movie Activities/Clubs To Do After School. I Would've Participated In A Club If We Had More, But It's Honestly Only Sports & Choir.
The school was recently remodeled, but I mostly see improvement in the administrative offices and the gymnasium.
The administrators' race does not reflect the students race and thusly there may be a barrier or lack of communication.
It doesn't seem like they care much.
Nothing really positive to say about the school. Parental involvement would make it a better place. More teacher participation and/or encouragement would make it better.
Faculty and teachers are really not vested in the children.
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We try to get as much kids involved as possible.
As a student I have access to all the facilities.
The high school alumni's should try to come back and express to students, "the real world" experiences and how students can better themselves by looking at the decisions the alumni made.
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