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Linden-Kildare High School Reviews

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Overall I have had a very nice experience at Linden-Kildare High School. Even though is is a small school, it offers an excellent education and a variety of classes. What I like most is the the size of the classes. There are normally 20 or less students in each class during a period and this helps the student and teacher to receive the interaction time they need. What I would like to see change mainly is the physical features of the school. It is quite old so the facilities are need some updating, but they do not hinder learning in any way.
Its pretty good i guess. ive been trying to get ready for college and the teachers are very supportive about helping.
LKHS offers sooo much for a 2A school! There are tons of dual credit classes, CTE classes, and student organizations to get involved in.
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My experience at Linden Kildare High School was amazing and great because of how close everybody is. It is an everyone knows everyone environment. The teachers at this school are really helpful will take time out of their day to work with you if needed.
The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It is like having another "family".
I loved that the high school is a small environment. The teachers at the school know you. Linden-Kildare is a consolidated school district and is very clean.
In all 4 years of my high school life , i enjoyed going to school in Linden-Kildare. The one thing i would like to see a change is , is the actual school. Some of our rooms look terrible and safety is sometimes an issue.
At Linden-Kildare High School my experiences have been pretty good. As a junior in high school I was hoping to know more about how to get college scholarships .
I loved going to Linden because it has that close nit atmosphere while also offering tons of opportunities club wise and was to get involved in the community. I give Linden-Kildare three stars only because the food was horrible and the faculties are in desperate need of remolding and updating.
I like how many classes that they offer in order for students to prepare for college. I would like to see the facilities improve.
The academics are below standards in almost every subject. Science is generally the exception, though our lack of funding makes a subject like Chemistry somewhat difficult with limited resources. I've ranted enough about the teachers. We only have one Foreign Language offered, and we have to find a new teacher almost every year now. We don't have very many electives available, and the lack of teachers means you end up with the same teachers multiple years in a row, which can be good and bad. It's bad if the homophobic woman in 2nd Hall teaches five different electives and I've taken four of them due to limited options. The workload isn't bad except for from a few specific teachers. Our only online courses are Dual Credit courses through a nearby community college, and this online College Algebra course is honestly the first real math class I've had since 5th grade. That's how poor our general math education has been. Last year our Pre-Cal teacher successfully covered I think two chapters in the entire year. We never did anything. Scheduling is a nightmare. It never ends well for anyone, and getting your schedule changed is like pulling teeth. You also get forced to retake classes since we have so few electives and often you'll have a class period where you have nothing you haven't already taken. Or you get stuck with a nightmare. I was forced to take either AG or Athletics during 5th period one year because they were the only two classes I hadn't taken that were offered at that time. A very large percentage of students are failing and only graduate through online credit recovery options, or they wait until they're old enough and drop out. Then again, a lot of them have just swapped to homeschooling so they can do nothing all day and still graduate. The sad part is that our academics are rarely challenging, so failing is entirely a lack of effort in all but a few classes.
I feel like I've already ranted about some of this before. Students are hardly involved, there's only moderate numbers in any of the organizations. This year that slightly improved. The Freshman class was large, so we have new members filling in spots. Peer Pressure is terrible. Terrible. Drugs and alcohol are everywhere. Students actively sneak alcohol and nicotine onto campus daily, among other things. A large portion of the school smokes or drinks heavily, and a fair portion do. . .other things. Acceptance is not even a word here. If you're not a racist, sexist, homophobic Christian, you are an outcast. My transgender friend went through absolute hell last year, and students frequently make jokes at the expense of the few LGBT students on campus. There's plenty of racism all around, even though race is a made-up concept and we're really discussing ethnicity. Do you realize how terrible it is when "straight" students don't know what "heterosexual" means? I fight with people almost daily over whether or not being LGBT is a choice. People here think your sex life defines your morality, and anyone who has sex before marriage is a slut/whore. Correct: Any female. Because males can get away with murder, but if a girl is even remotely sexually experienced, she's shamed. There's a lot of sexism in our dress code policies. Girls can get away with coloring their hair, but guys can't (believe me, I know, I fight this every year), to name just one example. We even had a teacher, wait let me pause for emphasis, a TEACHER announce in her classroom my Sophomore year that she doesn't allow her students to watch Spongebob because it has "gay innuendos" and she didn't want her kids to think it was "okay to be gay". How are LGBT students supposed to feel safe and secure in an environment with homophobic teachers? She argued with me one day on whether or not sex and gender were the same things. I can't stand this woman, but she isn't the only one, she's just the most vocal about it.
We don't really have a lot of after-school activities or events. Most of our events and organizations do work during the school day or we miss an entire day to attend a competition. Student Council is fantastic. I'm running for Vice-President this year, actually. We do fundraisers, clean up the trash along highways, coordinate the blood donation drives that come by three times a year, and attend Fall and Spring Forum events. DECA always does really well. Everyone advanced past District last year, though I didn't attend State since I had the science fair, but I fully intend to compete and win at ICDC this year. I am aware that we have an Art Club and they compete in drawing competitions around the holidays, though I'm not sure what else. I'm not a very artistic student. Our FFA organization always seems to do really great, though I personally am not involved in it as it isn't exactly my thing, but they always come back with awards. We do have UIL competition in the Spring, which I've been a part of since Elementary, and our teachers are usually great at helping us prepare, though unfortunately our academic standards are normally below that of other school districts and we don't normally have many students advance. I have come very close to advancing in Science the last two years, and have every intention to make it this year, rather than sitting at 4th and being an Alternate. Off of the top of my head, I can't think of any other major organizations our school has besides Band, and everyone deems the Band to be terrible, though I'm a poor judge myself so I try not to give my opinion much. I tried Band in 6th grade, wasn't my thing, never did it again. I did bring up the subject of starting a QSA/GSA at our district, but being the conservative school we are, I was denied because no teacher would voluntarily lead it and we'd likely have less than ten actual members. Overall, average experiences with extracurricular.
My experience at this school really hasn't been that pleasant. It's a very small, very Christian community that I live in, and the school reflects that. It's hard to be agnostic, hard to support racial equality, hard to be a feminist, hard to support LGBT rights, and in general hard to be anything that doesn't reflect a very 1800s mentality. That said, I have had some amazing experiences in our Student Council and DECA chapter. Funding is hard, but we still make it work. Our Chemistry/Physics teacher got myself and a few other students registered to actually attend our first real science fair with our own projects back when I was a Sophomore, and we were able to compete again and go to an even larger competition with her when I was a Junior. This year, I likely won't be attending the larger event, as I gave up State DECA for it last year, and missed out on an opportunity to advance to ICDC, so this I'm only doing the smaller science fair and going to State DECA if I advance past District. Overall, my experience with this school district has not been what I would consider good, but the few great experiences I've had, the friends I have really managed to make, and the teachers and organization leaders have made my time here worthwhile. That said, I still likely wouldn't choose to attend this school district over again if I were given the choice. I would prefer a larger school district in a liberal city with a more diverse population where I wouldn't feel like an outcast among both teachers and students.
For the most part, the staff of LKHS is. . .alright. A few of the teachers are absolutely amazing. They get excited while teaching, they clearly understand the topic, they help students as needed, they make the classroom feel more engaging, and so on. However, a large portion of teachers are lackluster in some way or another. Problems frequently include a complete lack of understanding for modern technology or how to utilize it in a classroom setting, changing their grading policies whenever it suits them to either help or hurt particular students, getting into religious debates with students (such as myself) who are not Christian, being late to their own classes, never being in their classroom when needed outside of class, and so on. I would hate to say that the entire staff falls below standards, because that isn't true at all. My Biology and Chemistry/Physics teachers were amazing, and a few other teachers meet their standards, but the majority of them fall short. That's not to say they aren't knowledgeable, but most of them fail at being professional and/or engaging. Overall, I'd rank our staff as average, or just slightly below, being held up by those few amazing teachers on campus.
The teachers at LK are the best and they do all that is possible to help the students.
Linden-Kildare is unique because of the teachers attitude towards the students. I would choose this school because of the teaching quality I don't thing I could find it anywhere else.
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There are teachers who are amazing but the problem comes from the students. The students don't pay attention and when the teacher asks a question the student expects the teacher to give it to them. all of that stress has made the teachers become the bad guys its terrible but with our society these things happen. Linden-Kildare is a great place to find good teaching but because we are a poor district in general funding for the school is very hard. every teacher has the same style for grading, NO LATE WORK is accepted and everyone tries to find an excuse just to get the grade. the teachers at linden are very knowledgeable they are funny and very considerate. teachers often engage and communicate with a funny-sassy attitude which is a relief when being in such a poor school. every thing in grading is 40% daily work and 60% tests so if you do your home work but fail your tests then you wont pass the class. overall I've been attending this school since I was in kindergarten its all I know and know in a matter of months I will be going off to Southern Arkansas University and leaving the life I have been lucky to have it is going to be tough to pay but it will be worth it. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me this scholarship. Thank you and have a blessed day.
The extracurricular clubs at this school is awesome because everybody here are committed.
The teachers here really help you, even if you are struggling but you got to try for them to help you.
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