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Good school, teachers that care about students, nice environment to be in. Brand new building with park across the street as well as great electives.
Linden High School has a very active arts division, though it's funding could be improved. Apart from its performing arts and honors/IB classes, this school is somewhat lackluster. The attitudes of the students are not to be commended and the effort of the teachers are occasionally lacking.
What I like about Linden High School is the academic programs they have to offer. They contain a wide spread of different types of classes. They have to offer a little bit of everything.
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This joke was a school and didn't help those who planned to further there education. It would be better to give the kids a choice to just get a job and gain experience rather than waste their time while the administration pretends they are doing good when they are harming the school and wasting the funds.
I believe that some teachers really are not qualified and did not have what it takes to teach high school students. The staff there for the most part were amazing just some bad apples. The school is not secure and is always in some sort of trouble.
High school is a very important and vital part of anyone who has the chance to experience, as it leads to students in high school to develop habits, ambitions, and skills that they will later use for the rest of their lives. My experience in Linden High School has been phenomenal, as I enjoy the diversity experienced in the surrounding. The diversity lets me understand that we are all humans that could be able to do whatever we put our mind to, no matter the race, gender, or religion you belong to. In the system of the High school there are multiple teachers that have a very humble beliefs and ideas, that they take their time to pursued and help students to overachieve their expectations and goals. As my high school years come to and end I see more and more progress, but there are still little cracks that could be fixed, as not all teachers put their 100% to make sure all students understand or even try. Other than the food Linden has been one of the best times of my life.
On the outside, Linden High School may seem like the average high school in America. However, beyond its looks and outer walls lays a school with great confidence and spirit. Linden High School is known for its school spirit whether it be their sports or music programs, but what Linden High lacks is the strive for better education. The selected majority of the staff care about the students future however we lack the resources of telling kids how to prepare for the future. But overall, Linden High School has given me great memories and friends to bring along in my future ahead.
From transferring from a citie location of new york city to a suburban area school, the overall academic program to include sports was great. They were able to keep me on track due to the school having a different grading system. The staff and counselors are incredible and keep on contact and engage directly with students to assist them in there high school experience and extending into their future.
I've had a great experience through my 4 years of high school. The only bad thing about it was the amount of threats towards our school and a lot of student fights.
Through my experience of attending Linden High for my 4 years, I have learned a lot in different aspects. I have gotten the opportunity and chance to be surrounded by lots of diversity. I have also been taught by teachers who have made an immense impact on not only my educational life but overall.
The school is full of fights and teachers have to put up with students constantly talking and as a student aspiring to attend prestigious universities I was annoyed by the fact that the kids in the class would basically just think of school as a playground.
Linden high school is a place surrounded by multi-cultural students all around. There is no other school like Linden High School when it comes to diversity. Although Linden High School can be known for the short amounts of violence between students, bullying has never been a serious occurring issue. Linden High School also has an amazing JROTC program that offers extreme amounts of discipline and ect. Overall Linden High School has a very welcoming approach from students from all around.
I had a good experience at Linden High. The courses challenges you and when you meet the challenge head on you will excel. Teachers are helpful and always available when students need help. The guidance counselors doors are always open and always willing to help.
My experience at Linden High School has been great. There is a lot diversity and it gives everyone an opportunity to learn about different cultures. The academic curriculum has been excellent. There is always a class that suits everyone's academic level. The IB curriculum has been excellent as well as it challanges and gives the student to achieve his or her full potential and succeed in college. One great aspect about LHS is the vast number of after school activities and sports available to students. There is always something a student can participate in that they are good at. The guidance counselors and teachers are very helpful, and they want every student to succeed. My experience at LHS has been amazing!
I love the experiences and the diversity, faculty treats the kids as if they are adults and with a lot of respect. A lot of fun time. Sports games are really fun and there are a lot of fun outings to attend throughout the year. Great variety of clubs and ways to make new friends. Lunch is good, and good prices. Teachers and counselors are there to help you succeed and did a great job of getting students ready for college. I’d recommend sending your child here. One of the best publics schools in the state. Complete 10/10 and I thank everyone who has helped me here.
Linden High School is a very unique school filled of lots of love and laughter! You meet all different kind of students with different stories that make this school so much more interesting. Linden High is like no other highschool! Linden has excellent basketball & football teams, spunky cheerleaders, excellent drama and choir club and not to mention one of the only few HS in the Union County area that have a dance company. Linden High is a like a good crazy school!
I started Lincoln High School in my senior year and even though I only had one year there, it was quite a welcoming experience as the teachers and my then guidance counselor did everything they could to assist me as a student in making the best college choice for me. I am very grateful for their help in guiding me along in this very important decision in my life.
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Linden High School is almost a television high school in a way, full of cliques, occasional fighting, hard tests, people skipping, good school plays etc. Honestly it's not the best education ever but most high schools aren't to be honest. But what Linden School will teach you is how to become a better person. It'll teach you how to grow up, it'll teach you to respect yourself as well as others, it'll open up your eyes to the diverse types of people that exist so close to you, it'll help you nurture your talents, but has no problem showing you where you fall short. It's self aware enough to know that the most important thing to be teaching is self growth and the importance of your fellow man. But the best thing of all is that everybody knows how to party.
the baddest high school ever in linden smh. the safety is here Is just terrible. for all the parents that plan to come to linden high school, this is a very bad idea. I would consider putting your child in a private school. there are too many fights, too many lockdowns and especially too much drama. if you want your kid to have better future, I wouldn't consider linden high school if I were you.
I love it !!!!! This place makes me feel at home! There’s no other school Id rather go to! Linden High School has great opportunities & an amazing group of staff! I’d totally recommend it.
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