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Linden High School has provided me with numerous opportunities to broaden my social, leadership, and adaptability skills. Amidst this pandemic, the Linden High School staff have done a fantastic job and have given a relentless effort to support me and my peers. I do not have enough words to express my thanks and gratitude towards my school and the excellent job they have done aiding my growth as both a student and an individual. Linden is my home, and I will be a loyal Eagle for the rest of my life. Thank you Linden High School for everything you have done to prepare me for my future.
Overall Linden High School was a wonderful place to earn my education. The Advanced Placement courses allowed me to earn college credit and upper level understanding of topics before continuing to higher education. The faculty was very willing to provide help and after school time to allow students to increase their knowledge. Main priority within the school encompassed students success and education. Our average testing scores consistently placed above average within the county and truly reflected students and teachers adaptability.
I was involved in most of the extra curriculars offered. This being said, I loved the environment of the school, and the positivity the groups I was involved in were able to create. Through student council, we raised food, money, laundry detergent, and more for our community. Through nation honors society, I was able to serve my community through volunteering at my church and dance studio. Overall, Linden high school gave me and my peers so many opportunities to make the school a better place, and I think through of of our groups we fulfilled that duty.
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I love the size of linden and how I feel safe going to school but some things need to be updated. The principals and counselors are really helpful and on top of things.
Linden High schools offers great opportunities. The staff is dedicated to the students and helps motivate them to be better inside and out of the classroom.
I feel safe if anything were to happen and never feel in trouble here. We do a lot of drills with ALICE, the attacker in the school drill, along with safety drills like fire, tornado, etc to provide a safe and prepared environment. The one thing I would change though is how they do not do much about racist/homophobic kids and protecting ones that are being affected by them.
I overall had a positive experience from Linden High School and I firmly believe that it is a good school for a students growth and future success. Most teachers are caring, kind, and will go out of their way to ensure that students succeed. This applies to both their education and lives outside of school as well. Linden is a relatively small town with small graduating classes. While there are a fair share of "cliques" throughout Linden, most students are friendly. Some of the pros and cons of Linden Community Schools include the following:

-Easy to develop closer relationships with classmates due to small student population.
-Smaller classrooms for more individualized learning.
-Kind and caring teachers.
-Opportunities for students that want to further their future professional careers (AP classes, college courses, dual enrollment, etc.).

-Lack of diversity among student population.
-Politics, coaches playing "favorites", and a slew of other issues involving sports.
Linden High School provided an excellent education! The teachers genuinely care about the student and take time to listen. The school is a bit outdated but the enthusiasm from staff is phenomenal.
I have gone to Linden schools my whole life. The best thing about the high school is its staff. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the amazing teachers, janitors, and lunch ladies at my school. However, the bullying problem is way out of hand. I have never seen bullying at a rate like my school. Many people, including myself, have tried helping to fight against it. But for some reason the administration does not have any type of protocol in place for it.
Linden High School is an excellent, community-friendly school that I am proud to have attended all four years. They do a splendid job of always seeking to better the environment, whether it be with safety, culture, or academics. The teachers are generally highly involved and happy to work with all students. Linden High School soars above other schools in the area in terms of academics, especially in English instruction.
It was an a basic average high school in rural america where it didn’t have too much money because there wasn’t many people in the area.
The experience that I have had with Linden High School has been for the most part good, but there are areas that could be improved upon.
Linden is a special school in terms of athletics, academics, and student life. There are amazing teachers that care about their students, engaged classrooms with a variety of teaching methods, and the athletic program at Linden remains dominant in all sports. Linden's students are proud to be apart of the Eagle spirit that lives in Linden.
Linden High School was a great place to attend. The teachers are kind and care a lot about their work. The English teachers are especially dedicated and that definitely makes English one of the school's most successful departments. There are plenty of clubs for everyone, from chess and quizbowl to girls lacrosse. The student council is very active and is constantly trying to put on new events to raise money or pep around the school. There are also many AP classes to choose from as well as the opportunity to take online courses. Overall, I loved my time at Linden.
I would like to see more diversity in Linden Schools as a whole. While it is a very small community, we could do better. It is a welcoming environment most of the time. There are only two bathrooms that are available for students to use, though.
I am so great full for everything Linden Community Schools has given me. I would first like to recognize all the the wonderful people and teachers I have had. Everyone really cares about you and your goals in life, everyone is always willing to help. Secondly, I have never had a problem with the curriculum or the way the teachers were teaching anything and I learned so much throughout my time in highs school. This school has helped me realize what I want to do with my future and has inspired me to further my education to major in business. I cannot think Linden Community Schools more for everything they have taught me.
It was very good. Throughout my 4 years at Linden High School, the teachers have been great, there's great education, and great opportunities.
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I love Linden High School, to be honest I will miss when I will graduate, but i love everything about it, what I would changet it's probably food I would give some better menu, but everything in that school is so good I love it😘
My favorite part of Linden High School is the college preparation. I think that the classes you take throughout the four years there and, especially senior year, really get you ready for college study habits and some college level classes, specifically, the science and english classes. On the other hand, I would update the school itself. A lot of the time, students and teachers are distracted by the temperature in the classrooms. More times than not, it is very cold throughout the entire school.
I enjoyed a lot of the teachers at Linden. I also enjoyed being able to know everybody in my class. However, the school lacks diversity. Although this is hard to control, it was very annoying.
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