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Although Linden High School has good support from some staff members, the classes and teaching are not up to the standard I would have hoped for.
I have had a good experience academically. The teachers were amazing and super supportive. The only issue was it was too small of a school. As soon as something happened the entire school knew about it.
I like that Linden High School provides good Advance Placement classes but I also wish that they provided a more variety of the Advanced Placement class. I think that education could be improved. Some of the teachers shouldn't be teaching. I think that they should change the food. The food is always the same and it is not very healthy. I don't think that the school is very safe. The school police officer is always there but she is always talking to others and not concerned for others' safety. The performing arts are great but it is poorly funded. The school cares for the football team that loses every game than they do for the band. I would change the funding for the different programs.
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I’d love to see more involvement between students and teachers. Everyone just does things individually and never as a team
As a senior at this school, and after attending this High school for 4 years I can say I personally enjoyed my time here. I made many friends and made important relationships with a lot of teachers at Linden. I can honestly say this school is a great school with many supportive teachers and faculty who are constantly trying to support every student.
Linden is very small and not a lot of people know about it. I would like to see more kids join in on this lovely little High School.
The music department is the best program on campus. They make you feel like family. However, Linden is a really small town, and it can be very suffocating.
I would like to see the school board spend less money on athletics and to support the award winning performing arts instead of cutting our classes out of the schedule.
The best part of Linden High School is the community. It is a small rural school so you really get to know all the students as friends. Programs like FFA and AVID that you can join all give you a group of peers and friends to help you with your academic work and life beyond high school, regardless if you are college bound or not. Linden is the most welcoming school I've seen. Food is pretty bad though.
I like that it is a small school, so we all know everyone. It was various sports to choose from. I like that the teams are very competetive in sports , so it makes it a fun experience
The experience I have at Linden High School is something you can not get any other school the teaching here is at it's highest peak in education.
Overall a good school that is lacking funds and needs to be cleaned and fixed up has some nice teacher and helps you prepare for college.
Linden High School, is a very academic and hard- working school, which provides us students with enough knowledge and strong mindsets to help us in the future, whether it's in college or a future job. The school provides the students with knowledge and preparation for educational continuity. The students and teachers are familiarized with each other, and it's like a second home to the students. All the teachers make sure their goal is to help the students to the best of their ability and offer their help if needed. Linden High School offers AP courses and other college courses to help students prepare for college while still studying in campus. This school provides a variety of programs which help students decide on a major or simply hep them find interest in a certain category. One thing the school might want to improve is the number of visual or performing art classes offered, there isn't much choices to choose from, which is one improvement the school should consider.
Linden High School is a great school because of its size. It is a fairly small school, consisting of around 700 students, so the student to teacher ratio is good. Due to Linden's small size, our sports teams suffer greatly, our football team especially. Something I would like to see in Linden would be to have winning sports teams instead of losing every game.
I met some great people in Linden. The staff is friendly and you can count on the teachers being there to answer your question when you have one . One thing I would change is the food, and extend the 10 minutes break to 15 minutes.
Linden had some nice teachers, but they also have teachers that are careless. It's a job to them, not a career. Then again, most schools have this problem. The only major thing that bothers me here is the discrimination. One event that I will always remember is Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican kids arrived and saw kids dressed up in red white and blue, with the American Flag. Any other day this would be fine, normal even, but on this one meaningful day they did it to bother these kids. The worst part is, the Mexican kids decided to also dress up and bring their flags and what did the staff do? They silenced them, only the Mexicans. They took their flags and told them that it was a disruption. I love this school, but it does discriminate and teachers have favorites and don't try to hide it. So, if your kid is an introvert, or suffers from any type of anxiety. Don't send them here, most teachers won't go the extra mile to make them feel welcome
Linden High School is a small school and the focal point of the Linden community. It contains less than a thousand students, inspite of this it has a strong influence in the farming community surrounding it. The after school programs and sporting programs are poorly organized and cared for, and the small budget with which this school manages on is an insult to the students who attend classes there. Linden High School deserves more that it receives from the community that it is so important to.
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Linden High School overall gave me a great experience when it came to the arts and preparing for college. I was involved in multiple choirs and the teachers are very devoted. There were also many resources for college available as well as helpful advisers.
Linden High School is a really great school. Most of the people are friendly and always are willing to help out on anything. One thing I really like about this school is that the teachers call you in when you have a low grade and help you being it up. Also the program they have to tutor you.
Linden high school is a great school getting to know all your teacher and always there helping you. Making great people and having a positive attitude. I am look forward upgrading having better technologies on campus.
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