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Linden Hall has been a very unique and fun experience for me. I started here in 7th grade and I am now going to be a freshman in high school. Linden Hall's hands on learning experience and curriculum has prepared me for the courses in high school. The teachers do a great job at explaining and teaching material, which prepares me for projects, tests, quizzes, and other assessments. The staff has always been good at supporting students. I am always learning something about my peers everyday, because of how diverse, caring, and open our community is. I am now never afraid to step outside of my comfort zone, and try new things. Linden Hall, overall, has been a great experience, so far, and I am excited for what the future holds.
I am very satisfied with the quality offered by all of the teams. Children face great challenges and the academic level is very high. if i had to choose a school for my daughter i would not hesitate to choose linden hall.
Linden Hall is a very unique place. There are students from all over the world in attendance yet each students connects with one another in the way one would with a sibling. Sisterhood is huge here and I am so grateful for all of the forever friends I have made. Academics are stellar and teachers understand that you are a human first, student second. My personal favorite part of Linden Hall is all of the traditions that date back to their founding year. They are super fun and bring everyone together. I love LH!
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I feel safe, on and off campus. I now understand how a non-threatening environment improves my sense of well-being and gives me the space to be creative. Since I live in a campus, I have the opportunity to walk everywhere on campus and I appreciate that the weather changes with the seasons. At the end of the day, I have the opportunity to socialize with my student neighbors. This extra sense of community was a great experience.

I grew up on a personal level thanks to the chance of the single traveler in another country and living alone while studding at Linden hall. I have met people from all over the world and I have made many new friends.
Linden Hall provides girls the opportunity to be just girls and gives them the confidence necessary to succeed in this tough world. Through the elimination of boys, girls play every role in the school. The school allowed me the opportunity to become more self sufficient. Linden Hall takes a backseat in the running of the school as a whole. Instead, offering its students the opportunity to direct the future of this school.
Linden Hall is an incredibly diverse, cultural, and academic school with representation from almost 50 countries. The school caters to the grades 6-12, and has some of the best programs in music, arts, and mathematics.
I love Linden Hall, of the few years I have been going here it has been amazing. From the teachers who care about you and how well you are doing to the fun trips the school provides to the students, it is amazing. Personally, this school has helped me be more open and less shy because of the supportive environment it provides!
My experience at Linden Hall was many years ago. I chose to leave my small town in Ohio (after losing my parents) to experience a whole different educational environment. What a blessing Linden Hall was for me. It opened a whole new world both academically and socially. I had great teachers and caring staff that helped me maneuver all the changes that I faced. I truly loved my time there and the wonderful friends that I made.
Susan Gustafson
I attended Linden Hall in the 90's, and spent 4 years as a day student. This school truly did prepare me for life. I had an education that was not only academically strong, but also gave me skills to use as a base of self care and independence. I entered the post high school chapter of life confident that I would have a successful life.

The school is diverse, many students are boarding students from all over the world. To coexist in an environment of so many opinions, views and cultures grew my knowledge of the many types of people there are, and tolerance. I found it easy to adapt to new situations and to remain open to new ideas due to my formative years being spent in such a diverse environment.

Linden Hall is a very classy establishment to have in ones transcript.
I loved the camaraderie, opportunities to engage in extra-curriculars, the learning process, and the teachers.
Education at it's best. Learning about the interesting history of LH, its cherished traditions, and becoming part of that history all while learning from great teachers and each other as we grow to be more successful young women aspiring to be the best we can be. Graduation proves just how important this place and the people are. Simply put, an unforgettable experience with memories to cherish forever and friendships that last a lifetime. Sisters forever.
Linden Hall was my second Boarding School, absolutely loved it!! Grew into a vibrant young woman, had beautiful experiences saw many new cities, experienced snow for the first time!! Coming from the Bahamas, I met so many girls from around the world and still keep in touch with them all to this day!! If I had a daughter she would definitely be attending Linden Hall, best years of my life!! Class of ‘92
Alexandra Gape Major
Freeport, Bahamas
I attended Linden Hall in the 70s and 80's. I was an American student who was raised in Saudi Arabia. the diversity was Amazing! 40 years later I am still in touch on a Daily bases with the other Alumni from my time. They are truly my sisters for LIFE!
Don’t go here. The students are dull and boring. Even though “everyone’s a sister,” they will exclude you from their group. The teachers think they know everything and try to make you feel bad for not knowing information that they didn’t teach you. The uniforms are awful. Why is there such a strict dress code at an all girls school? Why does the faculty shame you for wearing leggings or ripped jeans? I thought school was about learning, not about what you should and shouldn’t wear.
As a quiet and shy student, Linden Hall gave me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone in a supportive environment. Every teacher knew my name and my talents and helped support and encouraged me. The academics at Linden Hall are unparalleled, leaving me very prepared for college. I would not trade my experience at Linden Hall for anything!
Linden Hall is such a great community for growing independent as a young girl in today’s world. I found that I was able to be myself and was encouraged to pursue any interests I had. Overall an amazing experience!
I attended Linden Hall for 7 years, which I am so grateful for as the school truly helped me develop my confidence, find my personality and interests without feeling judged by others, and pushed me to become active in my community. It was definitely a jump up academically, but it was amazing preparation for college, and I can honestly say that the teachers assign very useful (and fun) assignments as opposed to tedious work just for the sake of giving us something to do. The teachers as well as students are extremely supportive, and I was able to form personal connections with members of the faculty that I had throughout the years.
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Linden Hall was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time. I will always love the women who surrounded me there from students to teachers to advisors to those that worked in the kitchen. Thank you!
My experience at Linden Hall was amazing. The teachers are knowledgeable, loving, and engaged with the school community and the students' lives and interests. The students are passionate, caring, encouraging, and truly diverse. Drama at the school is minimal, and the staff is very aware of anything and everything that occurs. The campus itself and the town are picturesque, vibrant, and safe.

Unlike some of the other reviews, the food at Linden Hall is good. There are always options for things to eat during the day, and students can walk down the street to a number of pizza shops, cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. after school.

If you are looking for a community that cares about you, gives you opportunities to grow and learn, and prepares you for the future, Linden Hall is absolutely one of the best schools out there.
This school is just awful. Almost half of the new kids leave each year. The school constantly kicks girls out throughout the year and immediately replaces them with a new student (usually from Asia). They claim that the student body is very diverse but in reality it’s a majority Asian student body. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t lie about it. The food is bad. The environment feels almost constantly monitored and doesn’t allow a lot of students to openly express negative opinions on the school. The only good aspect is the teachers who actually know what they’re doing unlike the administration. A friend told me that they also, like the other review had mentioned, have parents sign the contract for next year too early in the new school year and forces them to pay full tuition if the parent decides not to have the child attend.