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I'm known by my first name at this school. All teachers & faculty know my children. It's just the right size. I'm very happy we chose a home in the Linden School District.
My children aren't overloaded with homework, but they do bring it home almost daily.
I can't imagine how hard it is to regulate the temperature in a building this size. But my kids are always comfortable, even when HVAC issues arise.
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I can say it's the best because I really don't know. I don't want to come off as boastful, but my children have never really required discipline beyond being told to stop talking when they're not supposed to. I guess I'm blessed, but I know that there are children who do get into trouble at school. As far as I know, the matters are ALWAYS addressed, and the principal and staff really do listen and address all concerns.
My children and I have loved every teacher in every classroom we've been assigned. Everyone made us feel like we mattered, and they always had the same concerns for my children as I did. These teacher are wonderful.
I have a child who has attended from K through 4th. When intervention was needed, the teachers are quick to point it out and get the child the help that is needed. Volunteers are abundant and wonderful. I'm very happy to have my children attend this school.
Elementary schools don't usually have organized teams/sports. The Physical Education program is great, however, continues to be cut back to shorter periods. Also, children only have 1 recess a day, while 4th grade sometimes forgo recess altogether. All of this is due to time restrictions. I do wish children were given more time for physical activity.
Almost all of the extracurricular groups and clubs are organized by parent volunteers. We are fortunate to have a large group of volunteers who do an excellent job keeping the clubs running fluently. We have a Lego League, AV Club, Chess Club, Jogging Club, Junior Great Books, and Indian Guides & Princesses (just to name a few.)
While we don't have security guards and metal detectors, it seems like it would be overkill for a K-4 facility, despite recent events. Doors remain locked during the day, in addition to playground access. Visitors must be buzzed in after video identification. Access to classrooms from the front door is very well controlled. The school nurse is wonderful and tends all issues from scrapes and bumps to incontinence. While bullying exists at every school, my children haven't yet been affected by it. I really think Linden embraces it's "nerd" culture, promoting science & technology for all students, at the same time encouraging physical activities with groups such as "girls on the run."
We have children who speak English as a 2nd language. The are accepted among peers and very well attended to by staff & faculty, and intervention is administered immediately for those who require it. There are children of unemployed parents and children of nuclear physicists attending this school. We have children born in the USA, of all races, but children from Latin Countries (Mexico, Cuba, etc.) European (France, Russia, etc.), Asia (China, Pakistan, etc.). Thanks to the local Nuclear Research Facilities, the area attracts many intellectual transplants from all over the world. I really like the fact that my children are exposed to other children from all over the world, of different race and religion.
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