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Lindblom Math & Science Academy High School Reviews

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My four years at Lindblom have been very memorable. In my opinion, Lindblom has some of the best teachers that you will ever find. They are super engaging, caring, hilarious, and genuinely strive for the betterment of their students. The school’s academics are very challenging at times, but the resources that teachers offer (office hours, study sessions/ guides, quiz retakes, etc.) are extremely helpful.
I would say that Lindblom is very good academically. The teachers have taught me well. There is almost never any altercations between students in this school. However, the representation of other races in Lindblom could improve. Races that aren't the majority in the student population almost go unseen or talked about.
I've attended Lindblom since my freshman year. Overall it's been an amazing experience just needs a little improvement. It's an amazing place to be comfortable with yourself. They acknowledge everyone's different personalities and I love them for that.
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Through my five years here at Lindblom I've learned so much about real life. This school sets each and every one of their students up for success. Us students are always provided platform and welcomed to create positive change. 10/10 would recommend.
Lindblom is a great school that provide quality education to students. Lindblom have many course offerings for students to pick from.
Lindblom is a very diverse school and is very inclusive. A hidden gem of Englewood, Chicago, this selective enrollment school offers all honor classes. The coursework is rigorous and staff is friendly.
Lindblom high school is a selective enrollment located in West Englewood that presents amazing opportunities. It offers challenging Ap and honors classes in all grade levels offering diversity and a wide variety of classes to choose from. In addition to the challenging classes, Lindblom also possesses some of the most passionate and skillful teachers in the city. On top of being known for its rigorous stem classes, it also offers a wide range of clubs, activities, and sports for students looking for something productive to do after school. As a student, I believe administration has to act on maintaining clean and newer facilities because the building is 100 years old. Another major concern is safety, ever since my freshmen year Lindblom has seen a wide variety of incidents occur both on and off campus.
Lindblom is a very rigorous school. Lindblom really prepares their students for the real world by enforcing a difficult grading system. The teachers challenge students with inactive labs and challenging projects. Every class will push students to think outside the box.
Lindblom Math and Science Academy is a great school located on the South Side of Chicago. Although, my school receives a lot of concerns about it being located un a bad neighborhood, we have little to no problems, and a strong security staff that ensures everything is okay. As far as academics go, there us a wide arrar of classes to choose from. In all my four years at Lindblom, I have never had a class that was not rigorous or challenging, and that is something that all schools should follow.
I believe that Lindblom to work hard in order to unify the school. Often times, I see that the school tends to become divided and that is is a problem for me because there is no reason why whole groups of people are feuding with each other.
Lindblom Math & Science Academy is a school that can easily prepare any child for college; school counselors are attentive, always willing to engage with students, and will actively seek out opportunities to help when they can. The same can be said for the teachers here at Lindblom; they always check in on their students, will go out of their way to help out whenever possible, and they are very lenient with revising work.

Coursework will be challenging, but never oppressing; even when you are struggling, there are numerous resources that can help you out such as the Writing Center which has specialized tutors and Khan Academy which will allow you to learn and practice the work at your own regular pace.
It was a great choice, for all of 7th-12th. The teachers have a great bond with the students and care about us and the curriculum very much. It's a very supportive community and environment.
Lindblom is like a family. They allow you to be yourself and help you to better yourself in the future.
Great curriculum. Awesome support with a culture of excellence. Lots of opportunities presented to students and parents for advancement. Good communication from staff and administration with parents and students. Absolutely LOVE this school.
I like that my school allows me to express myself and my interests in my classes and my extracurriculars. I am able to surround myself with people and things that I enjoy. I have built relationships with my teachers and they make the learning environment and the learning material both accessible and efficient when teaching and studying.
Very diverse set of students, administration, and teachers that all collaborate to make the school a safe, learning environment.
The grading system gives multiple chances to help the students strive. The AP teachers are genuinely dedicated to their students. You gain exposure to a variation of things ranging from hands on learning to self learning. The only thing that would be a nice change would be the walls and some structures in the school. The vibe of the school is very dull.
Lindblom offers a variety of different classes to students. This become even more apparent after the student's junior year where they are allowed more freedom to create their own schedule. Most of the staff is friendly and always willing to help students through any hardships.
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This is a wonderful school that not only challenges you in the course work, but gives you a chance to better your grade if it's unsatisfactory. The atmosphere is great and the teachers are very friendly.
The teachers are amazing and I had such a great exposure to things that other schools don't teach, like chicago history and how to file taxes. Plus, they offer JROTC which was a great way to practice leadership. Also, they offer courses to help upperclassmen with SAT preparation and college applications.
At Lindblom, I was able to participate more in school. I was able to join clubs and stay after school to do activities. I learned about new hobbies I never considered before coming here. I learned that I would like to draw, speak Japanese, and play the Alto Saxophone. Lindblom has also taught me factors about myself that I need to fix. I need to build a diverse group of friends (stop hanging out with same people), and I need to network. Had I not come here, I may have never learned this about myself.
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