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I am a 2019 graduate from Lindblom. I came from a primarily Hispanic elementary school to a primary African American high school and although it is a culture shock, it was the best time of my life. I was able to learn about new cultures, meet new people, while getting an education that I deserved.
Lindblom has a very good education and college readiness curriculum. Sometimes lacks in administrative efficiency, but overall the care for each student is clearly shown in the school. The grading scale could be better, but students can definitely take advantage to succeed.
If you love your child, don't send them here. I am a new freshman to Lindblom and this has to be the most stressful and annoying i’ve ever been to. I haven’t learned anything this year and they continue to pile up tests and finals. Please don't consider this school for your child, it will emotionally and mentally damage them
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What I liked about the school was the academic support. Most of the time the teachers were able help us with the things that we needed. Also the amount of resources we had was very big. What could be changed would be when seniors or graduating allowing them to have internships or be in programs related to their major for college career.
I have been at Lindblom Math and Sciences for two years now. Being the new kid at junior year is difficult. People already have their group of friends, and I am new to how the school works. It's hard to fit in with crowd. I'm Mexican and the majority is African American. The school has a different grading system that is different from all the other schools i've attended. We're graded by a 1 which is basically a F, a 2 is like a D to a C, 3 is B and 4 is an A. At the end of each semester these numbers are averaged out. I feel like this is a useful grading tool. This year of seniors is compact. This is the most seniors in Lindblom since a while. This mean classes are full of students and it's hard to concentrate on work because of all the talking and laughing. I wish the classes could be slightly smaller, student wise.
The school has a very strong community. Everyone is proud to go there and has a lot of School Pride and Spirit
Lindblom Math and Science Academy is a great high school that focuses on the advancement of their students. The school's curriculum is focused on incorporating all of their students from 7th grade to 12th grade together.
It was a nice high school to attend, average class size. Parents and staff are very attentive and supportive.
Lindblom opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences and opportunities. I was able to learn about things that made my mind look at things in different ways. Lindblom way is really preparing me for life ahead. I think that Lindblom creates a home outside of home for people. My school illustrates hard work and greatness at its best. You will have struggle but you also will prevail. I have tried so many new things since I have been here. This school has one of the best support system and are creating innovative thinkers at its best. The whole school strives for excellence and everyone who attend Lindblom will impact the world in a meaningful and positive way. In Lindblom you learn not only about book work but also about real life and how to apply skills to our life to better us as a human.
Lindblom helped me get a lot of scholarships. They reviewed my essays and sent out a lot of my scholarship to organizations.
I have gone to Lindblom for six years as an AC and high school student. The teachers are always prepared to push students academically. I have taken JROTC at Lindblom for all four years of high school and it has really pushed me mentally and physically. I appreciate the flexibility of teachers as they always stay around if a student asks for extra help.
I have only been at Lindblom for about 5 months as a first year 7th grader, but I love it, the work is challenging, but the teacher do whatever they can to support you, help you, but still push you to become the best you can be.
Lindblom is a great school to attend. The teachers are excellent and they constantly make time to help students before and after school. Despite the teachers having many students, they really take the time to focus on those who need the most help. The environment is also a very welcoming one.
what I like about my school is that I'm able to be exposed to various cultures with colloquium. the staff and teachers are nice. the range go classes that they offer is interesting. a b s d e f g h I k
Overall it’s a amazing school. The academics are amazing. The involment in activities is very high. And the culture as a whole is amazing. They do struggle in some areas, especially in student freedom. They like to be more controlling and dictating than informative.
I loved all my years here at Lindblom. They do not only just teach you the academics you need to get to college, but they also prepare you with the life skills to get there. The counselors try their hardest to make us the best we can be and the teachers care for every student.
Lindblom has really prepared me for my life goals although I am only a sophomore. All the classes at Lindblom are either Honors or Advanced Placement classes, so you have no choice but to receive the best education possible. Lindblom has great clubs for all sorts of different interest, as well as a huge variety of sports and after school activities to choose from. I've really enjoyed my time at Lindblom. Everyone is extremely supportive and work with you. Classes progress at different speeds for those who need more help than others. Teachers are extremely patient. The Principal is always ensuring that the Lindblom community is accepting and achieving.
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Lindblom is a very well rounded school, students are supported in speaking up and being active members of their communities. Lindblom offers 2 of the hardest languages: Arabic and Chinese. The overall Lindblom experience is life changing; the teachers are really passionate and supportive of the student body. Students have exposure to many different cultures and experiences to help shape them individually.
I love this school. I have been attending Lindblom since I was in 7th grade, so I have gone through a lot of ups and downs with the school. I have made many life-long friends that I plan to see often in the future. The teachers are wonderful; they have helped me push through many obstacles. For the longest time, I have hated English, but at Lindblom, I have found myself beginning to love English again. The teachers allow the students freedom and allow the students to develop their own voices.
It's great. It's very safe and everyone gets along. It's a great place to study and be yourself and not get judged.
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