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Lindbergh Senior High School is full of diversity, which I find to be very important in high school. During my time at Lindbergh Senior High School, I have been exposed to a variety of cultures and ethnicities, which helped me to learn and cooperate with everyone, no matter their background. I liked being exposed to people with different backgrounds because that's how the world is and I find it important to cooperate and engage with everyone in order to make the world more harmonious. However, I find that there is a lack of classes offered here. There are AP classes, but there isn't some that are offered, such as AP chemistry or any AP World Languages. Additionally, there is no IB classes. I want to challenge myself as much as possible and I hope that in the future, Lindbergh offers more challenging classes.
It was actually a decent school, very underrated in the Renton School district as attention is always given to the other schools in the district that are either bigger or need more support due to social disparities. The teachers there helped shape my character and was very supportive and serious about our High School and Beyond Plans.
Most of the staff are dedicated to helping their students learn and being available to them for any help they might need, emotionally or academically. Administration has undergone some major changes recently that have been messy, but for the most part, the teachers themselves are good.
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It's okay, the counseling is very supportive but you need to take initiative in most of what you need - especially for college or career planning
Lindbergh had a very diverse community so I never felt excluded or unwelcome I found that the community at my school turned into something I could be proud of. Lindbergh's AP program and teacher are very good and I felt confident in my learning and my ability to score well on the test. However if there was ever a problem like disruptive students or a concern that I had about ASB or other school functions the administration seemed to struggle with what to prioritize so I sometimes felt like what I need assistance with wasn't important compared to a certain category of issues. Although there were many successful sports teams the representation and support (physically and financially) each sport received was definitely unequal which as frustrating, especially during my last year at Lindbergh.
I really enjoyed the after-school activities put on by the students and faculty. Always having the option of attending a club or tutoring after school made the day feel more productive rather than sitting at home doing nothing.
My experience at Lindbergh hasn't been long but I can say with confidence that I would much rather be at another school in the district then this one. Lindbergh is a very diverse school that has a good administration, music & arts program and school/sport culture but that's all the main good points about Lindbergh I can say. The academics, facilities, safety & college readiness portion of this review are the main points of what makes Lindbergh a below-average school.
While going to Lindbergh high school, I felt welcomed by the environment and the teachers. I had a lot of friends growing up there but I do running start now. However, while attending this I saw a lot of bullying and discrimination. The teachers did not do much but they made us feel safe.
Lindbergh Senior High is very close to me that is a very big plus to me. Saving money on gas is awesome. The campus is clean and inviting. More parking would be convenient however, its not bad. The central office is very helpful, and open to students. The counselors respond pretty fast if you email them, and I found that very helpful.
Lindbergh is a very diverse school that has many different groups of people. The staff has some amazing teachers as well as some super awful teachers. Clubs, theater, and sports are amazing at this school. The administration does not handle the bad kids well enough and there is always a lot of fights.
There were a lot of great things that I enjoyed at Lindbergh High School for the 4 years I was there. I was able to meet a lot of great friends from different backgrounds which was very interesting to me. The school provided great resources when it comes to college prep opportunities in the career center and there was always volunteer work you could sign up for community service which I enjoyed. The school also offered many courses that people might be interested in entering and they often do a great job at teaching the topics.
School is what you make of it. If you take advantage of your classes, you can get a pretty good education. The school is pretty diverse compared to other schools. There weren't many cliques and everyone got along in my grade.
Very open to all students, all ethnicities, students support and come to all events, freedom with open lunch and let their students have fun but also responsible.
Recently, I can see it's attempts to improve by providing everyone with laptops and promoting it's diversity but frankly that's the only thing Lindbergh has going for it. Lindbergh is diverse but there's still so much separation between the different races. There are gang wars between the Hispanic and Slavic gangs. There's so many fights at Lindbergh that it's become a meme within the Renton School District. I hear stories and see videos about other schools and their school pride and I get surprised. I didn't know it was common for students be proud of the school they come from and that's depressing. Lindbergh High School staff need to do a better job of unifying students and creating a better school environment.
As I walk the halls of Lindbergh, I see various skin tones and hair colors: brown, black, white, curly, and straight hair. I see diversity. As a Latina, I feel comfortable at Lindbergh because there are people who look like me and racial prejudice is not placed on me by my peers or teachers. In other schools across the country, a racial majority exists among the student population and the kids who are of a different racial background feel like outsiders. At Lindbergh, we’re united despite being different. The students at Lindbergh are living in the future where racism and stereotypes don’t exist. Despite this, the fire department most likely despises Lindbergh because we have our fire alarm pulled or triggered on a regular basis; they once had to come three times in one day. This issue has been going on for the past couple of years and needs to be addressed by the faculty to come to a solution.
My time I had over there before I graduated was a good time. The school had many nice people and I have even met some of my long term friends there also. The diversity there was amazing, it was like not one race stood above the other but all on equal footing and ground. Most of the teachers I came upon were very helpful and worked well with all the students and the after school clubs and activities were also fun to partake in also.
At Lindbergh, our community is extremely diverse — with people from over 50 countries attending our school, the experience is humbling. Networking with students from different countries is like connecting with the world. Many of my classmates have shared their stories with me Yahya from Pakistan, Priti from India, and David from China.
Yahya was escaping a Civil War and corrupt government.
Priti’s father wanted to give her an opportunity to thrive and elevate her future in the states.
David is here for his own education, his mom lives in China and doesn’t see him often.
The teachers at Lindbergh are the reason why students like myself are accepted and have an opportunity to learn everyday.
The staff create a comfortable and healthy environment, letting students express their own unique behaviors and languages.
I love my school.
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I love my teachers. They are supper nice and helpful. They are extremely approachable. The teachers are willing to stay numerous hours after school to help me understand and succeed.
In layman terms, Lindbergh is a diverse, involved, and readily accepting school where students of any background have a chance at receiving a fair and supported education. With many tutoring programs and chances to look for opportunities to become involved in the community, Lindbergh High School is a place of growth for both the students and the teachers. Communication between ASB members and the faculty are key to ensuring a stable and proactive school. Lindbergh High School may be just a regular High School to outsiders, but I wouldn't trade my experience here for any other School.
this school is terrible teacher do not care the administration is terrible the security guards are coo tho and some teachers do care but i feel like most just get there check say the curriculum but dont really try hard to teach it if more teachers were enthusiastic and helpful explaining thing to student not just telling them then we would have a better learning environment ay
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