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I am a recent Lindbergh Grad. I can honestly say that my years at Lindbergh have been wonderful. The staff is extremely supportive and always willing to help students make ends meet. The admin is constantly looking for ways for the students to be heard, from inviting a few of us to sit in as decisions were being made about changes, to sending out countless surveys before making any type of set in stone decision. They have also gone out of their way to make my peers and I feel supported as we are graduating during this world wide pandemic. As a student, I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about graduation and prom plans, but the staff does communicate regularly with us about anything that has changed. I have also received multiple hand written letters from my teachers, which I feel is another small act that has gone a long way in this hard time.
This school has been amazing to me for the past 4 years. Most of the teachers and principals encourage students to have a voice in the school to make a change. The faculty does their best to include student input in all major decisions that are made around the school. Most of the faculty is constantly happy and makes the school an awesome environment to learn.
They must have a great public relations team. They are financially responsible to the detriment of student experience and program integrity. Toxic student culture.
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I moved into the Lindbergh district in the middle of my freshman year, one of the most stressful years in high school. I was greeted by the amazing kindness and openness of the staff and students. Lindbergh does a fantastic job of welcoming incoming students and starting them on a successful path that is personal to them. Although Lindbergh is 96% caucasian. I wish there was more representation of minorities.
Lindbergh is the 2nd best school in the area. Kids here are smart and kind of athletic, and the school offers many opportunities for kids to do many other things. The school district is big, and is a great area for a family. The only downside about the school is that kids here are normally not as social as other schools.
All the teacher I had were fantasic and loved teaching. There are many different clubs and activities to join. Multiple events throughout the school year to generate school spirit and awareness.
Get involved!! If you don’t get involved you’re going to have a hard time making friends. The school does a pretty good job of preparing you for college. I transferred there sophomore year from another high school and was much happier. Lots of school spirit, but also some cliques, but that’s every high school these days. I’m glad that I came here, but I can’t wait to leave. There are some good teachers and people here, you may just have to look a bit harder to find them.
I was a student at Lindbergh High School. I had many high school teachers forcefully negatively influencing me like watching Disney movie Cars 2 in a Geography class, watching Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in an honors Algebra class, watching romantic foreign non-English speaking music videos instead of foreign language industrial videos and news to learn how to speak foreign language like an idiot in an honors Spanish class, playing hide and seek instead of doing laboratory activities or studies in an Honors Biology class, and every time I was told of such an event would take place, I would ask the teacher's to let me go to the library to learn and do my coursework homework and not waste my brain cells on inaccurate media, but they would tell me I had to do the time, brain cell, and energy wasting and mostly negatively impactful and influential activity or go to the principal's office
I really like the partial block schedule my school introduced this year. It has given me the opportunity to tutor math and be eligible for the A+ scholarship. I enjoy the other students and sports available at my school. I would like to see a change in the parking situation, as there are a lot of Juniors who don't have spots.
I had a good experience with many students, however, my younger brother in middle school is having a very negative experience with Lindbergh, so it's kind of difficult to leave a positive review when I know what he has been going through for years. There are few teachers that are observant enough to notice when their students are suffering. A large group of parents had to come together before Lindbergh administration finally decided to help students in need and the situation hasn't improved much. While I have only been made aware of these issues in the elementary and middle schools in the Lindbergh district, I can say confidently that similar things are happening at the high school and just haven't been made as public yet.
The school is very diverse, a lot of the teachers are really nice. The safety has really upgraded. It could use some more attention on sports like tennis and others, Football and soccer have more attention on twitter.
We moved to the Lindbergh School system from Chicago 15 years ago after doing significant research. We had bright children and Lindbergh was the only school in the metro with IB diploma at the time. We also wanted a commitment to music, AP curricula, strong extracurriculars in an environment where my kids didn't have to have a BMW to fit in. Lindbergh over-delivered, we had a National Merit Scholar and the other received over $800k in college scholarships. The one bill I never complain is my property tax that supports the district.
Lindbergh High is a wonderful school that challenges its students the right amount to prepare them for the future. The staff is always working to make sure that students are receiving the best education possible. Personally, I know that many of the staff members whether teachers, counselors or others, are more than just staff but have become friends that I look up to and seek help from. Lindbergh has given me a wonderful 4 years and I will definitely be coming back to visit the family that I have made there. Although Lindbergh is wonderful, the campus needs help. I love the ability to walk outside and get fresh air in-between classes instead of staying inside all day, however, with this brings safety concerns. On top of the open campus, some of the buildings are very old and possibly dangerous environments for the students. Once Lindbergh builds the new high school I am excited to see the improvements even though I will not be able to come back and walk around the school I attended.
My experience at Lindbergh has been absolutely wonderful. It has provided me with the education I need to get to the college that I want, and it has been very helpful with the application process. The teachers at LHS are all very nice and supportive; they are all patient and take their time making sure that we learn what we need to learn. LHS also provides a lot of extracurricular activities, ranging from your average high school inter-murals, to bizarre clubs like the LHS Bread Club. The student body here at LHS is also really good. Most, if not all of us, are supportive and friendly, and the school has done a good job of fostering a healthy environment that discourages bullying and harassment. My one criticism is that some of the buildings at the school are getting a little old, but thankfully we are undergoing massive renovations, so that won't be a problem for long. Overall, I'm extremely glad the my high school experience was at LHS.
Great teachers and staff but overall a run down building and poor facilities. A lot fo the school's budget goes to seemingly useless things and nothing is done about funding the arts, teacher's salaries, and the buildings.
The faculty helped me every step of the way when applying to college. The community was very safe I always felt supported but the major issue with the school was that all the money went towards the band and not to the math building that everyone was afraid would crumble beneath them.
The school is making changes. Moving towards block scheduling where classes are longer allowing more time to finish tasks or projects in class. The school started having hour-long lunches where everyone eats at the same time. The hour is also used for tutoring for extra help or having time to relax. The school is moving in the right direction.
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The opportunities, programs, and faculty at Lindbergh are truly outstanding. I am so fortunate that I went here and got to meet amazing people and be involved in lots of academic programs, as well as before and after-school stuff.
we are in the process of getting a new building as the current building is falling apart. this means that we are going to begin construction soon and the people in charge have decided this means knocking down one of the buildings during the school year. they however have not decided where all these students will be having class as it is a building everyone visits at least once a day for class
Great job at preparing me for college but the school is falling apart. Teachers are either a home run or they are very bad.
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