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I very happy with my experience with Lindamood-Bell Academy. We signed our son up at the beginning of the school year when it became apparent that in-person school wasn’t going to happen for quite awhile in our area. I knew I couldn’t handle a repeat of online public school from last spring so this program seemed like the perfect solution.

Now that we are a few months in I couldn’t be happier with our choice. My son is blossoming because he is enjoying the personalized instruction of being in a small class. Not only are there no tears, he is actually excited to go to class.

My husband and I are working full time from home and are on back to back calls so it is very difficult for us to help during the workday. With Lindamood-Bell Academy my son logs in once at the beginning of the day, and I can be hands off all day. It feels almost normal at my house, and I owe this rare sense of 2020 normalcy to the school. Thank you!
Lindamood Bell Academy has a small classroom option. They know how to teach remotely to kids of all ages and with small classroom there are fewer kids to manage. The result is a highly personalized experience that allows good students to excel and become great! Very responsive teams and teachers too! And - yes, its accredited too!
It would be cool if there was a visionary in a leadership role that could devote all of their passion and energy to LBA; solely. I feel like the kids didnt have a lot of fun. They of course enjoyed their time here but if one could focus on just LBA they would have time to get creative.
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I liked the rewarding feeling of teaching the kids. I liked being able to support the kids when they were going through a hard time. I didn't like the inconsistency in the program and the lack of follow through on changes made to staff processes. I also didn't like how the students were not held accountable to routines such as the beginning of the day checklist and homework completion. I also strongly did not like the lack of hard copy textbooks and workbooks. Further, I didn't like the gliches we had with the pearson software and how we often couldn't print the textbook pages.