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Great school. Great teachers. Very nice building and environment. Staff is always very helpful and students are welcomed by all.
Lindale High School provides a good learning environment for students to learn. I loved my experience while there. One issue that I have noticed is that there is bias towards certain clubs and not support of others. The GPA system is skewed toward favoring debate students, while culinary and agriculture students suffer consequences of lower GPA even while making top grades. I do not think students should be counted against for taking elective courses they enjoy. My suggestion is that there are no "extra points" for elective courses, only for core, AP, and dual-credit classes.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my four years at Lindale high school. Not only have I shared great experiences with my peers, but I feel extremely ready for college and the unique challenges that I may face there. Because of the academic focus and the character instilled in me by the staff, I would definitely recommend Lindale high school as a fantastic school.
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I moved to Lindale in 8th grade and was immediately welcomed to an amazing school district. The band program enabled me to finally fit in.
Lindale High School is an excellent school that leads students to their desired career path through their rigorous system of learning. An excellent school, with excellent teachers.
Lindale High School provides amazing teachers and college readiness. the teachers have diverse ways of teaching and the classes available come in much variety. although the school itself isn't diverse the personalities bring in different aesthetics. My high school experience involved bullying and the administration helped a lot and fixed problems instead of ignoring them. even if they don't let you wear ripped jeans or pajamas high school was still able to be fun.
I like Lindale high school because it is a safe environment that does a good job at getting kids ready for college.
Lindale High School, while traditionally thought of as a wasteland due to it existing in the middle of barren Texas country, offers much potential for both students and faculty when it comes to education, sports, culture, and preparation for the real world. When it comes to academics, Lindale offers myriad rigid AP, Pre-AP, and Honors courses for students of each grade in order to get students engaged in the processes that they would experience in the college setting. Similarly, the culture of athletics is one that is uniquely Texan. Finally, the resources provided to us students when it comes to college preparation and careers in the trades are unmatched, as Lindale High School offers numerous classes for test preparation, study skills, and technical classes for the development of both our educational perspectives and career opportunities. Ultimately, Lindale High School offers the perfect environment for fostering innovation, progress, and opportunity for its students.
My experience at Lindale High School was very encouraging. The teachers always pushed me to do my best in my classes, mostly honors, and I always felt like the teachers cared. They taught me to be a great person, not just a great student. What I would like to see changed, however, is more honors classes. Right now, I admit, our selection in AP classes is growing, but I feel like in those classes, there is a lack of preparedness shared between both teachers and students. Sometimes I am afraid I will not know what to expect for the AP test. I also wish there was a wider variety in clubs. More opportunities to unite me and my classmates and promote diversity. Another change I would like to see is more parent involvement, I wish my parents understood more of what I do and am apart of at school, and I wish the school would help with that.
Lindale is a highly ranked school in East Texas. There are some really good teachers, and some not so great teachers. The halls are crowded, but should be better with the new building that is going to be built. Plenty of opportunities to join various clubs.
I enjoyed my counselors at Lindale, However, the administration is poor and they punish people based on whether or not they like you.
Lindale while being a great academic instatution fails to prepare students for the real world. Likewise the students in lindale are for the most part terrible people. The band was the best part of the school and the band program was my absolute favorite thing to be apart of. The rest of the school left something to be desired.
Lindale High School was absolutely wonderful for me. Although I may be a little bias because I am a 13-year kid, meaning I attended LISD from kindergarten through graduation, it really is a great school. The teachers, along with the counselors, all work so hard to make sure we get the best education that we can. We actually have won the state UIL title in academics for the past two years! The only thing I would change would be to try and engage the older kids with the younger kids more often. I know that when I was younger, there is nothing I loved more than seeing big high schoolers at my school!
Lindale High School has given me opportunities to take dual credit courses and has prepared me for college.
Lindale High School is one of the top schools in Texas. We are in the top five. I am so happy I go to this school. The teachers, principals and the counselors care greatly about all of their students furthering their education. They strive to make us have a great future.
My experience with Lindale High School has been over all a positive experience. Although this is said, everything can have some improvements. The staff at Lindale High school always want the best for the students, but may become a little disorganized at times. The community also plays a large role in how successful Lindale High School is.
I like how Lindale has given me a challenge, but I think that there aren't enough opportunities for outsiders like me to meet people with similar interests. I love horseback riding and with Lindale being a southern small town I think we should have our own english and western equestrian teams! It could bring riders at our school together to bond about our mutual love for horses.
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I love the atmosphere and encouragement from the teachers and administration. Lindale still has a small town feel despite it's growth. I feel that I could approach anyone in our administration and my voice would be heard.
I love Lindale, because it is home. They provided me with many opportunities to receive college credit and to excel in the FFA. I would change where they place their funds. The football players get steak dinners each week, but the FFA students have to pay for their own hotel rooms.
It is an above average school yet it lacks the personal investment into each student. I think the school would be better if they cared about all students, not just those who stand out to them.
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