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Linda Jobe Middle School Reviews

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I just finished my 8th grade year at Linda Jobe. I really loved this school! For me, it was so much better than intermediate school, and I had a lot more freedom. The teachers, in my opinion, really point you in the right direction to going to college, and that's one of things I value in schools. For example, we had a Career Pathways class which let you make a 4 year plan for high school, choose your top colleges that you are considering attending, and even apply for scholarships. Overall, my experience at Linda Jobe was awesome. There were barely any bullies that I knew of, the teachers are all really nice, and I think I will be very prepared for high school in the fall because I went to Linda Jobe.
Linda jobe has a very clean environment and there are many great memories you can make with the staff and students. My best experience at jobe was being in band. It's like a big family and we are the biggest organization in the school.
Almost every single teacher at this school is at the top of their game. Only a few teachers do the bare minimum or are not engaging. Teacher's here put in their best effort to make sure we comprehend every single thing that they teach us, they also don't let anyone slide past through the school system. Not only do they make sure we are equipped to pass, they make sure they have given us every possible opportunity to do above and beyond. Academics is not where they stop though. Every teacher seems to be genuinely interested in our lives and wants to help in any way they can personally.
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The most popular extracurricular activities are athletics. There are lots of options to choose from, such as, football, golf, cheerleading, basketball, and even swimming. It may be a regular thing for most schools, but for me, this is the first time I've had that many options. Personally, I'm not athletic at all, causing me to be in none of these activities. Apart from sports, I know that there's band, choir, rubix cube club, and the chess club. I was formerly in guitar class at my old school, but it's unfortunately not available here. The only after-school and before-school activities are probably sports practice. Mainly football.
It's difficult to make the right friends. Lots of verbal AND physical fights happen, as well as drug use. I'm sure these things happen in other schools, but not in any previous school I've been to. I mean, I was expecting this in high school. Not middle school. Academically, nothing's really that challenging for me at all. Although, I've never been to a school that uses so much technology. Every student is allowed to have an Apple iPad to take home and bring back for a fee of $50. As long as you stay within the district, which in my case, is Mansfield Independent School District (MISD), you are allowed to keep the device until high school graduation. We use these iPads for academic purposes, even though some kids obviously use them for other things that aren't allowed. I would definitely not attend this school if I had the choice. The only thing about this school that isn't so lousy is my Career Pathways class that actually advises about future plans, which was a class that I've never taken beforehand.
I feel like the staff at this school are having a very hard time, but mostly caused by the students. A majority of the students don't care about academics. However, if this changed, teachers would care too. As for now, the don't grade fairly, they tend to go off topic, and yell a lot. There are some who really do show concern, although they are few, so they can't exactly make a difference.
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