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Linda Esperanza Marquez High School Reviews

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My experience in Linda Marquez High School was average because all the staff (Teachers and Counselor) had the same expectations in the students. The school is fairly big for all the students that attend. Education teachers do really make sure you do your work and do it on time. Also making sure the students receive help.
During my time at Linda Marquez High School, I enjoyed the involvement and help provided by counselors. However, if I could change something, I would change the amount of diversity.
This is an amazing school because the counselors and teachers genuinely care about the students. The campus is very clean. It is a small school in the sense that all the facilities are nearby, but big enough that you can meet new people.
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Linda Marquez was a over all average HS, Teachers and admin cared about students and pushed them to succeed.
What I like about Linda Marquez High School is that you are able to understand what really interest you. What’s unique about our campus is that we have three different schools. One of them is Libra, HPIAM, and Social Justice. They all focus on different ideas but have similar courses.
This my first and last year in this school and so far I been having a good experience in this public school.
As a current student at Marquez I enjoy knowing that I am not alone the teachers here go the extra mile in order to help us succeed and they inspire us to do better in life.
what I like about Linda Marquez high school it's not like middle school everyone's nice to each other and it doesn't matter what type of clothes you wearor shoes you get to the point where it doesn't matter anymore. In other words, it boosts your confidence. Also, the sports at Linda Marquez really give you the motivation to have good grades but I think that every school. What I think my school should work on is college awareness because I honestly didn't even know we had a college center into late freshman year so I feel like it should be taught to us students.
Linda E Marquez High School overall is a great school with lots of school spirit and high academic work. The school is divided into three academy’s which include the Libra Academy, HPIAM Academy, and The School Of Social Justice (SSJ). Classroom wise all academy’s have their own floor with their own class subjects. I however attend the top floor SSJ here at Marquez High. I am a senior with more class credits than i should need meaning that i’ve taken more classes then i needed to and i’m currently taking 6 blocks in the school year. Here at SSJ we tend to help students to achieve their goals into applying into colleges and in our leadership class we run a student led class that reaches out to our students to participate in various activities during lunch and after school.
My experience was great and very much prepared me for college. However, the school is split up into 3 academies and we were not allowed to interact with each other at all; I think it would be more beneficial for there to be more interaction between the academies. I also think there should be more music programs.
I had went to a previous high school around the area before I came to Linda Marquez, specifically HPIAM, and it was the best decision I made. This high school really pushes you to explore your boundaries by having you do several assignments or task. For instance, before entering Linda Marquez, I was extremely shy with public speaking but due to the school have us present in front of middle school class, doctors and professional people made me a lot stronger/confidence.
overall it's a very good school , there are no problems and the staff and teachers are great. The food not so great but that's the district. Are clubs are very good and accepting. Anyone can join clubs. Are sports clubs are very beast. There's so many sports to choose from .
Linda Esperanza is divided into three different schools. I attend the Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine. For three years, I have happily attended HPIAM. Although it is a small school, it is a very comforting community within all students and staff. Since it is small, students tend to recognize and know almost everyone at school. It is also very easy to create strong bonds with teachers who become someone you can trust and talk to. Student involvement is a huge factor I admire greatly. As ASB President, I have experienced and witnessed the encouragement teachers impose on their students for the sake of their growth as a persons. My teachers have supported me along the way, and next year will be the last year I get to spend with my fellow peers and favorite teachers. HPIAM, without a doubt, is the best choice I could have made to spend my high school journey at.
I went to Libra.
They simply put me in AP calculus and statistics and I passed those classes but what would helped me the most was precalculus.
The idea that the smart students can skip a math subject or two is so detrimental to me that I end up wasting my time having to retake classes.

Look elsewhere. Consider the curriculum offered. They should have AP science classes. Take math courses in sequence. Opt out of the math "fast track", because math knowledge always builds on itself, there are no shortcuts. If you skip ahead you're going to have to double up just to fill the holes in your knowledge. At the college level that's just asking for a lower gpa for no reason.
(It is possible to do things fast, but you MUST take classes in order. If you want to take higher level math quickly I suggest taking the preceding courses during summers. Ask your counselor. This will allow you to advance faster without skipping.)
I am currently a junior at the Huntington Park Insitute of Applied Medicine here at Marquez and it has been a great experience I feel that with this education I’ll be college ready.
Linda Marquez High School is a school with 3 academies in one building! There’s an estimate amount of 500-700 kids in each floor! Being a school with three academies, the schedules are different, to not be crowded during times like break or lunch. Each floor, now, wears nice uniforms which tell each student apart. Linda Márquez has many sports, where any student can tryout to be in the sport. This is where each academy gets to know other students who have the same interest or skills. Not just sports but also specific clubs can combine with all academies. The staff always try to encouarge their student to be as involved as they can. Linda Marquez also has many opportunities to be in an AP Course or in College Classes. The environment is very nice at Linda Marquez high school, but there could be work done. I would recommend this High School to anyone who lives in or near Huntington Park, in either academy!!
I idolize Linda Marquez High school due to it having colorful personalities among the students, staff, parents, and teachers, which is always awesome. What I would like to see change in the school is more clubs and activities, that could possibly bring and attract more students from other areas, that may have an interest in attending Linda Marquez High. -Anthony Juarez
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Well, I honestly think Linda Esperanza Marquez High Schoool is a good school but it's just too crowded in terms of class size because there are about 47 students in one class and the teachers don't get the chance to help everyone and that's just a very big issue that I would like to see change. And well this school is part of LAUSD and all the students attending are minorities myself included and so there are just so many students that want the opportunity to have a better education and it isn't possible when teachers can't even have the chance to help you and personally I am one of the students that doesn't get much help because the teachers focus more on the students who aren't doing good in school. What Linda Marquez High school should do is limit the number of students that are accepted each year in order for us to have a better quality education since we come from a low-income community and lack resources.
The fact we have three separate academies is a perfect way to choose what school you're going to based on test scores and the way students excel on their time there. My teachers push to our limits making us better students.
The high school that is split in three. Three principals and three different focus areas: Health/Medicine, Social Justice, and whatever Libra is. Thing is, the only difference between the schools are the electives they offer. Whoever thought it was a good idea to split the schools in a non meaningful way? If you want music, you have to go to HPIAM, which makes no sense. The schools have a meaningless name but that being said, I don't think I've had a bad experience here.
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