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Lind Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It is a rural school so its very small and many teachers were close with their students which was great.
good sports and education programs
Everyone seemed to get along with everyone else, although there were a few times someone would be singled out. I don't remember it ever getting vicious.
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There were so few students that they could put a little more effort into cooking the food, although it was still not that high quality.
The principal hated confrontation so he didn't get a lot done. We didn't have a guidance counselor. The office staff (one person) was great. There was no tolerance for bullying, but it seemed that different students got different punishments for this. The same goes for attendance.
The few athletic facilities that we have are in pretty good shape
When I graduated most of the teachers there had taught my dad when he was in high school, and they were obviously riding on the tenure. There were only a few that genuinely cared about the students and put effort into their lesson plans.
There were only a few organizations available, and none of them had the funding needed, but they were pretty high quality for having little resources.
Even though my school did almost nothing to prepare me for college or a career, I was lucky enough to have parents who did this. I have a pretty clear idea of the direction my life is going.
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