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Lincolnview Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Have lots of school spirit and pride in our little school. Great sports and teachers. Involved in the band/spanish club/jr rotarian/National Honor Society.
What I like about Lincolnview High School, is the fact the all of the teachers care about each and every student. To add, the teachers love to see the students succeed and go where they want to go in life. They prepare students for college in a great way and treat the students as family. Something I would want to see change, is the care for all student sport and clubs. Lincolnview tries to give credit to all sports but sadly is biased over basketball. In addition, the high school, could be giving more time, money and give credit to the sports who need it, like bowling and even volleyball. Overall, Lincolnview is a fantastic school and I wouldn't have changed my mind in deciding to go there.
It was a good high and got a good education, but it lacked getting students ready for college and when I went to college there was a lot of students who transferred in a lot of college credit courses because they were taking the classes in high school. This high school lacked promoting/offering the college classes and didn't really emphasize how beneficial it was to be taking the college courses while in high school. I go to a private school for engineering and I have to take a lot of courses by the time I graduate and if I would have know how beneficial it would have been to take most of the general education courses during high school it would have helped lighten my course each semester in college.
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Both the elementary and the high school is amazing. All of the instructors there seem to care about the all around well-bing of the students. The school is very well kept and clean. They have so many different ways that the students can get involved in the community and work together. By holding different fundraisers and events, it helps keep the student's family involved in the education of the student.
There is a fair amount of sports, but only the basics like baseball and track. no football.
Easy A's. But I tried in my classes.
there is a good education earned here. but the education is what you make of it.
The polices and rules aren't bad, however the teachers don't follow them fully. They pick and choose who gets away with what.
The nurse is knowledgable but not friendly. Safety is okay. They have the doors locked during official school hours.
our schools cheerleaders are going to state!!
I like this school even though i am new to it
The school is very good with its academics
There are many different opportunities at this school for students to join. The clubs or organizations presented are: Beta club, NHS, scholastic bowl, Spanish club, science club, student council, FCA, and many sports. The most popular would be Beta Club. It may be the most fun due to the community service projects they participate in.
At this school, there is plenty for students to become involved with. There may be a little bit of peer pressure; however, not much by all means. The students are very accepting to meet new students. There is not much ethnic or racial diversity here. But when they are presented, they are welcome greatly and treated the same as anyone else.
During school activities, everyone is included.
Teachers push students to succeed.
The teachers really push students to do their best.
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This school involves everyone and is safe and clean.
Athletics play a major role in the school community
Some teachers are fantastic, and i couldn't imagine learning from anyone else. They are insanely knowledgeable in their fields, and are very good at teaching, while having a good time. Some of the most respected and loved people in my life include some of my teachers. On the other hand, some teachers are nearly worthless. they are very boring, and do not respect students. They might know what they are talking about, but they do not hold the attention nor the respect of the students they teach. So we have some of the best and the worst teachers around, in my eyes.
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