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From my experience, I had the best teachers that you could always depend on to help you. At the beginning of the year, I would doubt a specific subject that I felt I wouldn’t master, but the teachers I had made me stop doubting myself and made me like subject like chemistry and calculus. Sports are amazing and our student section is great. It is also a very diverse school and that’s what I like most about it. The teachers always try their best to help their students succeed and pass the class.
I had three children graduate from Lincolnton High School. My kids were not bad kids, but they did test the limits and any time I had a problem, I was able to go to administrators and talk about it. They were always willing to help and advise.
I enjoyed my time there because every year I was involved with the marching band. Now there were something I did not enjoy such as my gym because we did nothing really. I enjoyed most of my teachers while I was there because they would try and help where they could.
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My experience was pretty average when looking at the school as a whole. There were individuals like the teachers, staff, or students that gave hope to those who felt left out. I wish that the school would come together and shine the light on students and make them feel like someone cares about them. Not curse them by getting a bad grade or just being different. They need to stop putting all of their focus on the "popular sports" and focus on Lincolnton High School.
This is my second year going there. I moved to North Carolina my Jr year of High school. I have had some awesome teachers that have made my two years amazing.
Some of the kids in this school get away with so many things and teachers don’t really care.. no one helps when help is asked and it’s crazy
Everyone gets involved and has school spirit. We all accept the students around us and include everyone. Our principal makes sure that we are on track but he also listens to the students and our needs and tries to give us the best school year.
With the school some teachers care what you do and some don't. When it comes to punishing students they should let the student actually learn from the issue instead of just punishing them and telling them what they did wrong since when it comes to some students they don't know what they did wrong. Some teachers make up things and just accuse a student without proof and get punish for it. But also some of the teachers don't teach and the kids of to tech themselves the subject after reporting it all the time. When it comes with the law getting put in it when it comes to breaking the law and students report it the student who break the law doesn't get in trouble. Then if you play sports you get a not so harsh punishment.
Lincolnton High School produces many legacy students as the town of Lincolnton has a lot of alumni remain in the county after graduation. The location near Major metropolitan areas allows for easy commutes with the dangers of large city schools. The athletic programs have produced state championships in football and baseball in the past 25 years. The school sports the best tradition in Lincoln County and the students who are academically capable usually have an opportunity to play college sports. Good student to teacher ratios make sure students have long lasting relationships. I graduated over 20 years ago and still have a relationship with several of my teachers.
Good experience, but I wish they’d treat us more like high schoolers and less like middle schoolers. More of our independence has been taken by the year, and Seniors students have basically the same amount of freedom as a freshman would.
I transferred to Linconlton High School my junior year and I have never looked back. The staff at Lincolnton are incredibly smart and kind. The art department is especially outstanding as these teachers spend a lot of time with their students after school for choir, theatre, band, and art. The students at Lincolnton are very welcoming and accept people into their folds very easily. The students look out for one another and make sure that harm comes to no one. This school is truly amazing and I love being able to go there.
My experience at LHS has been pretty good. I've liked just about every teacher I've had. I do wish they would balance scheduling a bit better though. They tend to lump all the difficult classes in one semester and then the easier ones in the other. The school could also take bullying a bit more seriously. I've had friends actually leave the school because they were being harassed and no one would do anything about it.
Many of the teachers here are very passionate about the job, the subject they teach, and the students they teach said subject to.
I loved the school! Its the kind of high school that will make you love high school! It makes me feel like home.
I really enjoy the diversity of people here at Lincolnton High School, but it would be nice to see more college readiness material.
I love Lincolnton high school. I grew up here. & it's wonderful. Some things I wish were different but it's home to me. Our sports have always been number one. It's just that one thing in life that you're glad you went through & being at lincolnton high school for the last 4 years was definitely one!
Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and I believe that it has prepared me for college and future endeavors. LHS is a safe, diverse school with dedicated teachers and administration, good sports programs, and a welcoming student body. However, it does suffer from a lack of funding and as a result, the campus itself and the resources, food, clubs, and activities offered are lacking in some regards.
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In my four years at Lincolnton High School, I have built great character among myself, that I will be able to take with me. My FBLA chapter, in those four years, each of us officers, and members have developed a close relationship, and are trying to prepare LHS for its upcoming years. Lincolnton's FBLA Chapter has changed my life for the better, in going to Leadership Conferences around the country. I hope our chapter keeps up the best in on coming years. The teachers at LHS are outstanding, coming in as a freshman I had a low reading score, in my sophomore year, my English teacher sat down with me, and started with the basics, and it has improved how I perform academically, and challenge myself. I will truly miss my close connections with teachers, students, and clubs as I graduate from LHS.
Generally speaking, every school has it's flaws, but Lincolnton High School is a beautifully diverse school with many opportunities in and out of the class rooms. Being able to be a part of a well-structured, family-like choral program at this school is by far the best opportunity I have had.
Although teachers at Lincolnton High School have limitations in certain areas, most of them never fail to try their absolute best to make sure every student is getting the education they need in order to be successful.
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