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Lincoln West science andhealth is great school I learn a lot at this school how to success in future ,science,math,biology,chemistry all that
There was a lot of issues between the students when I attended school, and the teachers usually don't do anything about it. The school was barely clean and some of the teachers did not teach (especially the science teacher). The only good thing about this school was the field trips and that they support you to go to college.
Mr. Casselberry, Mrs. Wick, Mrs. Cofer, Mrs. Guerrero, Mr. Schroth, and Mrs. Henry are by far the greatest teachers Lincoln West has to offer. They will ensure your best will always find a way to be better and they prepare you for more than college, they prepare you for life.
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It was fun and very diverse but the teaching wasn't so well teachers had bad attitudes and students were out of control!
During my years in Lincoln west high school the teachers will push you to do the very best you can academic and personal wise
I had a great time in High school. My teacher taught me a lot of stuff i was new about it. I learn how to be respectful with my stuff and people around me. What i like about my school is international school and students are from different countries. I get to learn about different culture. The students are friendly, nice and respectful. The teachers are good too, that's what i like about this school. I don't want anything to change because everything is perfect.
Due to the irrational thought process of enrollment secretary Ms. Gordon, my child never got the opportunity to experience the academics that the receptionist, Ms. George, and the principal, Mr. Thompson, raved about.
Entering this school is much like entering the Justice Center downtown. Random students drift into the front office with no real purpose in being there, simply stopping in to see what and who is new. There are glass windows across the front office so students wandering the hallways don't even have to stop in to see what's going on; they simply look over your shoulder and see whatever you're writing or look and see if its interesting enough for them to stop in. The front office is setup more like a store at the mall.
Mr. Thompson, the principal of Lincoln West Science and Health program appears to be student focused, professional and dedicated to the program. The receptionist Ms. George appears to be very helpful and friendly. Ms. Gordon appears to be a hardened, broken person. She is very controlling and judgmental and this completely affects her professionalism. I witnessed Mr. Thompson and Ms. George bend to the irrational thought of Ms. Gordon. Ms. Gordon is the very personality that CMSD must rid itself of if they really want to make a difference in todays youth. As an educator myself, I was very saddened to see her in a setting where she is so influential on students.
a lot of people from different countries
somehow this school was good because of nice teachers
They didn't care at all about their kids .
Some teachers didn't care at all because some students are so disrespectful .
They let students who want to participate in sports. They can do any sports that they want to play.
Our teachers help us to learn towards our future.
Lincoln West High School is a great school that I can never forget. The first day they teach us a topic, everyone has understand it, the teachers were awesome that they teach us a day and everyone is almost good.

This school has some rules and regulations, some of the rules includes- All ways be in school code, No cutting tools is allowed, No bags in the classroom, No hoodies (sweater is provided by the school for all students).

As I was saying, my school considered the opinion of all students as a great this, and they don't proud of a single student but all students.
All the teacher in my school were educated and intelligent, they teach students with the possibility that each everyone of us will achieve his or her goal or dream. They considered all students as the same and they always advised is to read more so that we can be more intelligent than them. Sometimes, they use the real world as an example for us to understand and they help students who lack behind.
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It's a good school but just needs minor improvements.
It was the worst because the students hates the school so much, they don't want anything to do with the school.
It was okay because they didn't taught enough to prepared for college.
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