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Lincoln-Way West High School Reviews

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At Lincoln-Way West, everyone gets to experience the “high school” life. West offers so many opportunities that students get to learn their likes and dislikes as well as discovering new things about themself. Academic wise, the faculty does everything to teach their students and at the same time, teach us how to take care of ourself and manage our time. Subjects are taught with many resources that inspire students in choosing a college major they enjoy. The music/art department has variety to take part in, from band to theatre to photography and design to even being apart of a musical. Students make so many new friends and get to enjoy their passions. The sports department also has much to offer. The coaches push students to work hard and show students what is important: teamwork. Overall, West provides help and opportunities for students to find themselves.
I loved how there were so many activities and sports to participate in. I also loved how the teachers were very willing to give you additional help and well as work with you over late assignments and tests. However, many people at Lincoln-Way West easily got away with being mean and being bullies to other students. Many students could easily vape in the back of the classroom and the teacher would not notice or not seem to care.
This is the best school I’ve ever been to! The teachers are amazing! They are really understanding and always offer extra help when a student needs it. The classes are interesting and there’s a wide variety of electives to choose from to fit a student’s interest. Everyone is very accepting and it’s a very loving environment. I couldn’t have asked for a better school to go to.
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I enjoyed the maturity of the students, and the caring nature of all the faculty. Anyone who was having difficulty, had the ability to get help and be respected by their teachers and peers.
Lincoln-Way West is a good high school with mostly good teachers to back it up. Most teachers are intelligent and charismatic, though there are some exceptions, as I'm sure there are at most schools. Excellent school spirit and pride, especially in sports. It is a safe school with many trusted adults and faculty as well. I will say that they are not the best with helping upperclassmen in college searches and ACT/SAT Test prep, though the resources are there. It's more on the student to reach out to counselors regarding college and test prep, but it's tough as most of us don't know what we're getting ourselves into or what direction we're lead ourselves. That is probably my main gripe.
The education quality is excellent and the staff are some of the most friendly, helpful, and supportive people you could meet. There are plenty of clubs and sports for everyone and it is very inclusive. Overall, a great school.
My experience with Lincoln Way West these past three years is pretty good. Some of the rules are more strict than they have to be. They also take some things way too seriously and get kids in trouble for unnecessary things. Other than that everything else is pretty good. The teachers are nice and super helpful. This year is probably my favorite year of teachers that I have. The best food they have is walking tacos, pizza puffs, and curly fries. Also, in the morning the muffins and donuts are the best. Only one lunch lady is super nice and her name is Barb. Everyone knows who she is. She is always happy and has conversations with the kids who buy lunch. People who buy lunch everyday know her and she knows them. Overall, West isn't that bad and I'm having fun.
Lincoln-Way West has been an amazing high school because of it's sense of community and the amount of school spirit is possesses. The faculty has always been so nice and there's always a reason to smile in the hallways. Teachers really try to get to know you and build relationships throughout all 4 years.
I love my school. The teachers are easy to connect with and are awesome. Dr.Schmidtt is the best and full of school spirit. I would like to see the excitement that West has in Football in other things like music and swimming.
I had a great 4 years at West. The people were kind, and the faculty were welcoming. I made some amazing connections through instructors and staff
Primarily I think that my school administration could do a better job of reaching out to the student body and truly listening to our concerns. I feel that often times when I or other students approach the administration with an innovative idea there is a long list of reasons why it will never work, or if I have a concern it could be shrugged off quite easily. Students know other students best, and that is the main source of change that I want to see in my school and the main source of change I am trying to enact.
I loved west because everyone there is very friendly and you make friends easy. The sports, clubs, and activities are competitive and very fun. They are good opportunities to make friends. Everyone at west has extreme school spirit and it's awesome to see how everyone supports all the sports. The cafeteria offers a wide variety of food and the school is very clean. Most of the teachers want to see you succeed and really grow to be ready for college or any future plans. I could not have asked to go to a better high school it really made me who I am today. I was on Varsity dance and competing at state finals to get 5th was one of the best accomplishments through my high school career.
I have enjoyed going to Lincoln Way West for the most part for my four years. I think that the staff helps you a lot when you come in as a freshman and when you’re getting ready to go to college. I think that they need to be more helpful when it comes to bullying and more aware of students who need extra help with subjects.
The school only cares about its image, teachers are never punished or brought to court for inappropriate and illegal behavior. also, everyone vapes and that's really annoying. The social sciences department actually slaps though.
I had a great experience at LWW. The teachers were great and help you when needed. For some classes, the teachers did not explain the concepts well and could have done better.
The entire Lincoln-Way district is ranked among the top in Illinois. However, my school, being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cornfields, is always looked down upon from Lincoln-Way's East and Central. But, I am here to say that "West is best." We have a fantastic faculty. Teachers who deeply care and love to teach. Counselors that want to know you personally to help with your goals. Friendly lunch ladies and custodians. An amazing principal, who is relatable. And on top of it, kind students roaming the hallways.
I liked the school spirit within the school community and how exciting it was for Friday night football games! Other than that most of the staff was nice. Very strict rules & poor experience of having students find friends with similar interests.
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After all four (4) years I would have to say LWW is a pretty good school. They do however turn their heads when someone is getting bullied.
I appreciate the need to always improve students. I would like them to teach students more about scholarships, college, and planning for your future. Please add vegan food options!
my experience with Lincoln Way, West has been very good. They have great teachers and a variety of classes. One of the few things that I would like to change is there emphasis on sports rather than the music and arts department.
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