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Lincoln-Way East High School Reviews

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Many of the teachers were great, as well as the academics. I really felt safe at this school being that there is a police department right down the street. I have made many great friends and great memories. Not much diversity. The music department is amazing but doesn’t get enough recognition for being so successful as it should compared to the sports department. Overall a good highschool to go to.
I liked the positive learning environment. Some teachers were more prepared to teach than others but they were all pretty nice. The music program is amazing there and it's the best music department I've seen. There's a lot of activities to do. All the students are very welcoming people and are helpful.
I am a parent of four children that all attended Lincoln way east. Only one is still attending and the other three graduated with honors. I love Lincoln way-east faculty. They care about their students and they take pride in their school and community. I would recommend this school to anyone.
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It's a good school. Sometimes the hallways become a little crowded or the lunch line is a too long but these are just minor inconveniences. Overall, the school is great. Good teaching, I've never felt unsafe at school, and most teachers are very sympathetic and good at building relationships with the students. I just finished my senior year but if I had to do it again I would still choose East. Go Griffins!
I had a great time at Lincoln-Way through out my four years. The academics and athletics were top notch and many clubs and activities are made each year, only adding to the diverse involvement of all students. While the building itself is somewhat dated, they school seems to be getting renovations each year on different areas which is nice, but can be a hassle trying to maneuver around construction. For the most part, all teachers have the same goal in mind which is to have all their students learn the material they teach and to be better people in this community, although the administration on the other hand can get a bit bias based off third person experience. Overall, my experience was great!
While general school spirit is lacking through most of the student body, almost every other aspect is great about this school. The extracurricular activities are amazing and most of the teachers are helpful and supportive.
As a student that has attended more than one high school, I have a unique perspective. East is a fantastic school for both academics and athletics. For students that are looking for a school that will give them an edge when applying for colleges, East is a great fit. The only downside to East is that the only "culture" it has is football. Don't get me wrong, I love football and the games are super fun to attend, I just wish there was more to it. It seems as though students at east are put under so much pressure to succeed that they don't enjoy the little things like dress-up days and traditions. For Lincoln-way East the price of getting ahead academically and athletically is giving up culture and tradition. You work to get yourself ahead, there is no strong sense of comradery or culture. That's great for many people, I just found myself missing that "team" feeling that I had at my other school.
Good academics and athletics. Very respectful and friendly student body. Opportunities for all students with multiple clubs and activities.
The school has extremely qualified teachers, a wide array of electives, and extra curricular activities. However, the school has a lot of issues regarding the mental health of their students. Many students are struggling with depression and anxiety, but LWE has not done much to address that. I feel that the entire environment should change. Teachers should encourage their students to be supportive of each other. Administrators should have more people to come in and inform the student body of how to identify when they or someone they know needs help. Another major issue LWE has is properly informing students of big events. When there was a shooting threat I was not informed until I had already arrived at school. I had to find out through a fellow student that there was someone that had been talking about potentially committing a shooting. If the school had informed that students and parents there would not have been so many rumors about what was happening.
The experience here has to be the best high school experience I could have asked for. There will always be ups and downs but I believe that LWE has so much to offer every student to make the best out of every situation in all four years. The teachers and students are like one big family.
Through involvement in sports and clubs, LWE has created a support system for me! Even though it is such a big school, it is easy to find people who will support you and get established. The teachers are hit or miss, majority of them go above and beyond to help you with anything you will need and challenge you in the classroom, but some aren't that focused on the students.
Throughout my 4 years of high school I truly met amazing people and staff. I loved nearly all of my teachers and I created special bonds with a lot of them. LWE gives students so many opportunities to be successful it is just up to the individual themselves if they wanted to take advantage of it. In my 4 years, I realized a lot of the staff really cares about your well being and what happens after school. I went through a lot of personal stuff and I always had someone to trust in.
Amazing teachers! Pretty great school spirit and student life. The administration is a bit hypocritical in their stress of success and claim to support mental health. However, students lean on each other and almost everyone finds friends.
Overall, Lincoln Way East provided a safe, comfortable environment where I felt like the teachers and class material readied me for the future, as well as offering a variety of extracurricular activities and academic opportunities.
What I like about Lincoln way east is that it's honestly all about the students and it really tries to meet the needs of the students in about every way. There are so many clubs to make the school really diverse and the teachers really go out of their way to help when they can.
Pretty good scholastic experience with my son, lots of clubs and extracurriculars. A little crowded at times with the enrollment over 2,800, but still overall good school.
Being a part of one of the best schools in the state of Illinois has made me feel ready to succeed in college and for the rest of my life.
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Lincoln-Way East is a very unique school that will 1000% get you ready for college. It is recognized as one of the top schools in the state of Illinois. Year after year the continue to have the best sports programs in the state.
It was a great high school which really prepares you for college. There’s a great staff of teachers and faculty who really care for their students and push them every day, I was able to do extra curricular activities and really get involved with the school. Happy to have gone to a great high school!
Lincoln-Way East has afforded me the opportunity to not only be at a first class high school with phenomenal teachers, facilities and college preparedness, but also the extra curricular activities. I think that without the diverse student body and the high competition for every academic opportunity or sports team, I would not have the hunger to excel in my university and professional life.
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