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I think LWC is a very welcoming space with very nice students and faculty. It’s very large and the teachers seem to truly care for its students.
Nothing special. No diversity at all. Most teachers are amazing people who love what they do. Some teachers need to retire already and quit antagonizing teenage students who not good in an area.
LWC is a very academic oriented school. It offers a wide variety of classes to choose from. Teachers can be rough with assignments and overloading kids with homework but ultimately it pays off especially if you're enrolled in an AP class.
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So far as a freshman at Lincoln-way central my experience has been quite beneficial. I have learned an immense amount of things about my future occupation, what career pathway I can take, and educational material as well. it is also like one large family over there and I can honestly say that they welcome people with open arms. I have made so many new friends in clubs, classes and extracurricular activities it’s amazing. The only downside to central would be that some curriculums are rushed and don’t give students a chance to understand material as well but it just depends on the classes chosen. Overall it’s a very good school.
I love LWC, there is just a huge lack of diversity there. However, they have such strong school spirit, and it is very easy to find your group there, no matter what it may be.
I personally had a great experience here as an athlete, student, and person. The workload prepares you perfectly for AP and college courses. Student life is awesome; there's a ton of school spirit and thriving social life. The food was also top of the notch as most students can agree. My only complaint would be that some of the material differed from class-to-class of the same subject- some students would have to work incredibly hard for an A, while other classes were easy A's. In my opinion, they should have been fairer across the board. Overall, I'm sad my 4 years have come to an end and I will miss LWC.
The teachers were great and the school gave so many opportunities for students. I felt that the school definitely prepared me for college well.
I spent my four years at Lincoln way central on the poms team. I am in the National Honors Society. I loved the atmosphere and all the people. I made a lot of new friends that I will have forever. My teachers always had my back and always had the best intentions for me. The only thing I have to say negatively about my high school is that I wish it had better air conditioning.
At Lincoln-Way Central I really liked how welcoming and accepting everyone is. When I was an incoming freshman I was devasted to be going to such a big school, but the atmosphere is what made it so easy going. All the staff is understanding and very helpful with anything you need or are dealing with. There are hundreds of clubs to get involved in and make your high school experience so much fun. The student body made it such an amazing four years and one thing I suggest to underclassman is do not take these 4 years for granted. They will be over in a blink of an eye.
I've loved all the opportunities I have been given. From sports, both competitive and recreational, to all the clubs and extracurricular. There's so much to do here!
The community has a great atmosphere and you could talk to any teacher about any problems you have or easily get help from a teacher. Everyone is so friendly and supports one another in school activities.
Overall experience at LWC has been positive and helpful in preparation for my college career. The teamwork between administration, teachers and staff have set the tone of a motivating school environment that provides rigorous curriculum balanced with extracurricular activities. I rate LWC as excellent because within my first three years I was able to see growth as far as maturity and responsibility, as I continue to do through out my final senior year. LWC provided me with options and choices that worked with my interests and intelligence. I was able to participate in classes that were challenging and rewarding, with hands on experience and field studies.
I am an average student. This is just my opinion on the school compared to schools in the region. I think that the culture at Lincoln-Way Central is great and the education and preparation you get at the school is one of the best you can get. i liked almost all of my teachers and felt that some had a profound impact on how I view myself and others. sometimes they have outdated technology compared to other schools in the area, however most supplies that you would want a school to provide L.W.C. provides. We have a good athletics program for developing future athletes and people for the sport that you would want to be apart of. L.W.C. has lots of classes that are designed to help students after leaving high-school. L.W.C. encourages its students to take honors and AP classes and has a significant portion of the graduating class able to use the AP credits. District 210, the district L.W.C is in, has had a lot of problems with funding due to a "mismanagement of funds" in the past.
This school is a great place for kids to further their education. The educators really do care to prepare you to college and do their best to treat you as if you were the only student in the classroom.
Lincoln-Way Central is a great school regarding academics, safety, and activities. I think the academics are challenging yet bearable. The school prepares you for college and the future well. There are many precautions taken in order to make sure the school is safe. There are many cameras that have face recognition. Also, plenty of activities are offered at LWC. It is easy to find something you like. Yet, I wish there was more diversity. There is a primarily white student body.
Lincoln-way Central is an awesome school that provides wonderful education. I have had the opportunity to become involved in LWC and get to know some of the wonderful faculty. Every faculty and staff member genuinely cares for the students and their education.
I thoroughly enjoyed my four years at LWC. I met tons of new peoples and it was very easy to make new friends. Most teachers are very willing to help anyone who needs it and I feel that I will be readily prepared for college. I would recommend taking honors classes sooner which is what I wish I would have done. My experiences with the sports teams are ones that I will truly never forget. You get a very homey feeling when at this school and it is great to witness. Due to what town I live in I was supposed to go to Lincoln-Way East, and I can 100% say that I would not have traded my time at LWC for any of school experience. I would not be the person I am today without it.
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My Time at LWC has been the time of my life. The culture of the school is what makes it so amazing. Everybody just want to make each other better. The teachers primary goal is set their students up to be successful. These are just a few aspects that have stood out over the years. I feel as if their isn't much to change about LWC.
I enjoyed meeting new people at Lincoln-Way Central. I transferred my junior year and met such wonderful people who became to be close friends still today. Many teachers there truly cared for the well-being of the students and wanted the best for them. Lincoln-Way Central had great school pride with outstanding pep assemblies! Lincoln-Way Central staff always wanted the best for the students and always made sure our safety was first priority.
Super fun school with plenty of spirit and after school activities. The performing arts are fantastic and while the football team isn't great, the other sports teams are awesome!
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