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Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Reviews

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I like diversity and school culture. The academic is strong and good preparation for college. Food could be better. Great sports, division 1 games.
Great humanities department. Especially in history, many teachers had experience in their fields and were interested in the classes that they taught. Low diversity and not very responsive to social issues. This is getting better though. Pretty hard school district overall.
It is a good school, teachers are good, I'm good. I'm actually great. Cool. Anyways, the school is closed because of Corona. Rip.
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My experience at Lincoln Sudbury regional high school was a very interesting but fun experience. The atmosphere there is welcoming and it makes you want to make it your new home. The faculty are very nice when you get to know them.
I loved the support that I received from teachers. LS concentrated on teaching students how to make choices which really helped me be more independent going into college. I think LS could be improved by putting more focus on students well-being especially when it comes to academic pressures from other students, parents, and faculty.
My experience at L-S has overall been very positive. The teachers, resources, and academics are incredible, and many students in my grade are going to top-tier colleges. However, administration and diversity are definitely areas that need improvement.
This school is VERY competitive, and gives its students many opportunities. The teachers are great, and care about their students. Academics are a priority, and many kids also participate in team sports. There are many clubs, and the school is fairly new. It is modern, has a wide selection of arts and music classes, as well as woodworking and other technological and engineering classes. The technology is unparalleled, and in a very great community.
LS was a great school, filled with so many opportunities for growth. We had a variety of classes where we could learn things that interested our own personal interest on top of our regular classes.
LSRHS is a good school. There are so many different opportunities--whether you're looking for sports, classes, or extracurriculars. Teachers are often willing to help you outside of class, and try their hardest to help you.
LS is the perfect High School! The faculty care about the students, the classes are interesting, the workload is manageable, and the activities are fun. I was part of the LSB Players (Theatre) when I went to LS, and the productions are high quality and the group is fun to be around. As a student who took the highest AP leveled classes in every subject, there were times I was stressed about completing all my work, but I always got it done. The teachers are always available to help you, and there isn't much competition among the students to be the top because we don't have class rank.
the academic experience is wonderful. i feel challenged and happy with where i am but the social aspect and how they deal with problems within the school such as bullying and sexual assault need to change.
The teachers and administration limit open thinking as well as politicize most classes where students have the option of agreeing or hiding their views in order to obtain a good grade.
LS is a great school with tons of great clubs and activities, along with great classes of all levels and subjects!
this school does not care about the students who have mental illnesses. they push lots of problems under the rug and try to act like they aren't at fault. if you have any mental illness, the LS administration will not care and they won't help but they also will try to keep you at their school, even if you are very obviously struggling. this school is very one size fits all. LS doesn't seem to realize that not everyone is the same, not everyone has the same interests, or learns the same way. this school is failing their students and they don't always do everything they are supposed to do to help them succeed. i really hope someday LS steps up and realizes in order to help their students do well they need to step up and actually try to help instead of denying the problems at hand.
Academically speaking, Lincoln-Sudbury was the perfect fit for me. The pace of work was a bit fast, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. There was a variety of classes I could choose from, including electives such as music, painting, and ceramics. Overall, it was great attending Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.
My experience at Lincoln Sudbury regional high school wasn’t that bad. There have been ups and downs like there is an average team but I have overcome and have learned to except the fact that everyone is different everyone has just an opinion and I’m going to experience some type of prejudice and racism no matter where I go because the color of my skin.
LS gave me a good high school experience and really prepared me for college. The classes are really challenging, but there are not very many choices of AP's. The language programs are not very good but every other department is pretty strong and teachers are for the most part very good.
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LS is a very close-knit community, and I appreciate the academic opportuinites that I have received from the school. The school did a good job listening to the opinions of the students and teachers. They also took action after having discussions with the community. One negative aspect is that they took away the salad bar.
Best school ever! Very welcoming community! Everything about the school is just great! I enjoy going to this school!
I love LSRHS, the teachers are great and I feel they are always available to help when I need it. I wish our school was more diverse and had more and different kinds of clubs.
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