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Lincoln Southeast High School Reviews

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Southeast is a very good school with many ways to be involved within the school and around the community.
Throughout my four years of attending Lincoln southeast I’ve had the privilege of making a difference in the school. The teachers are very accommodating and strive to help us succeed. The school spirit is most definitely there and as soon as you enter the door, you have a sense of belonging. My only request for the future would be that teachers and counselors really pay attention to the students who may have trouble in class. Checking up on each student especially the seniors to make sure that they’re on the right track is something that’ll be beneficial in the future!
I have enjoyed my time at Lincoln Southeast. I have had very supportive teachers and been involved a lot in the music department. The music department is amazing at Southeast. The music teachers are very knowledgeable and very committed to our success.
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South East High school has great pride and a safe environment. The school tends to be over crowded and not enough help for thise who need it
The best thing about this school is the school spirit. Everyone always knows of school events that are happening, and it is easy to get involved in them. Most of the teachers are good as well.
I enjoyed going to school at Lincoln Southeast. The teachers, administrations, and students were amazing. There wasn't a lot of bullying, everyone basically knew one another and were at least acquaintances. I made some long-life friends, even though we have gone our separate ways we still keep in-touch and remain good friends.
Great options for Advanced Placement courses! strong mathematics program! Overall a great high school experience
The number of clubs and activities available is awesome. The teachers there really want you to be successful even if some classes aren't as applicable to our future as others. One of the classes that I really appreciated was my Take Charge class, I thought that class was really informative and helped decrease the amount of stress I have thinking about the future.
I like the classes that are offered and the wide range of extra-curricular activities. The administration and teachers are good at their jobs and keep me safe as a student.
I very much enjoyed attending Lincoln Southeast High School. The school atmosphere was so diverse and overall very positive. My teachers were extremely helpful, kind, persistent and patient. I participated in cross country, speech/debate, and the music/ fine arts programs. Experiencing high school at Southeast felt so set apart from any other high school because of the connections I made with teachers, counselors and how I felt so connected and learned so much within my 4 years of attendance.
The school has an excellent percussion program and focuses on the success of its music students. The history of the school provides passion for sports teams, especially football, that brings students together.
I thought my high school was going to be exactly like the ones in the movies. Part of this was true, however, I like my high school much more than the Mean Girls seemed to. The activities and academics are stellar because of the teachers and coaches.
If I had a say in changing something at this school I would add some FFA or some clubs to do with anything like that but here it's all about the sports and fine arts. Almost every other school in or around lincoln have something along the lines of FFA.
It was such a friendly environment and everybody was so nice to me. The teachers were there to make sure you actually pass and learn something, they weren't just there to collect a paycheck.
I enjoyed my four years at Southeast High School. The teachers that I had really strive to know their students and cater to their needs. I'm going to miss it here.
I love the environment at Southeast. I feel very included when I walk the halls. Most of the students and teachers are very easy to get along with and also very helpful. You can really tell all the teachers and staff want to see you succeed and do well.
I like Southeast and the teachers care about your future and want you to succeed. Some things that could change are some of the policies that they do. The only
thing I dislike about this school is the lunch schedule is very difficult to get back on time after you leave.
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There were a lot of clubs and activities that included sports but if that didn’t interest you then you didn’t have much luck. It was either academic or sports related clubs. Administration is sometimes helpful but not all of the time. Some teachers tend to pick favorites. There was a lot of opportunities for college readiness so that was great. I graduated early and everything was extremely confusing during that time. Counselors and staff were not helpful during the process, barely a word was spoken to me about how anything would work for me or about graduation. As long as you were a good student and did your homework you were fine.
Lincoln Southeast High School provides students in a creative, safe learning environment where they prepare for the future and strive to for success. There are so many ways to get involved, from clubs, to sports, to publications, to theatre, etc. I don’t have any regrets with stranding this amazing school.
I loved every single day of school at Lincoln Southeast High School. The extracurricular activities were extremely enjoyable, and the faculty and staff were very knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive to all of their students.
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