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What I loved about Lincoln was how much diversity there was. There were people from all walks of life, and that's what made this school so great. Also the school spirit was so amazing, especially with sports like football and basketball.
This school has been very helpful in my education and has helped me to grow into a better person. It have had the greatest time at this school and I find very little issues in this place. I highly recommend attending this school.
My experience at lincoln senior high school has been average at best,most of the teachers are above average but there are definitely a few that do not teach(spanish) or get annoyed when asked question, especially in the math department. the actual classrooms are pretty up to date however the bathrooms are not the stall doors do not lock and in most stalls they are held together with rubber bands other girls have left in the bathroom. other facilities like the gym and pool are up to date.the food is pretty much inedible.
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I’ve attended Lincoln my whole life and it has been a great experience with great people. The staff is very supportive and everyone is generally positive. Lincoln has many opportunities for every student. This school supports their families as well.
I liked Lincoln because it is a very diverse school. Lincoln is a very welcoming school which means a lot to me. I have went to Lincoln since I was little. I met some people at Lincoln that are like family to me and I will cherish that forever.
This school is very diverse. Both in a good way and a bad way. In terms of race and religions, you would expect to see many kinds. However, in terms of culture and morals, you would expect to see both sides of “the spectrum.” You would see the good students who behave and do their work, but you would also see the students who are careless and only do the bare minimum.
Their facilities could use some improvements. A few of the teachers here could use some different methods to teaching especially methods that prepares students for college.
As it is located right in the middle of the suburbs and the rural country, Lincoln has a pretty diverse population. It still has a way to go, but compared to most of the schools in the area, it is far ahead in terms of diversity. It also has a growing athletic program. Athletics has always been important, but after the basketball team won the state championship last year, interest has peak, and much more investment has gone into that part of the school. Also, our choirs and band have consistently received 1 ratings (highest ratings) at festival and solo and ensemble. One thing I would change though is how administration handles issues. While they do it and try their best, sometimes it's just not effective enough, at least from a students point of view. There are probably many things that go on behind the scenes that we don't know about.
Some of the teachers were great but the principle poorly balanced the budget. Money was spent on irrelevant things that students never used like tvs in the hallways. The only sport with an actual budget was football. All the other sports coaches had to pay for equipment out of their own pocket. Almost all the chairs in the school were broken and their was graffiti everywhere.
Overall, I had a decent high school experience. I enjoyed most of the teachers, student activities/clubs, and sports.
The feeling of a strong community at Lincoln Schools is obvious, and anyone who goes there or is a part of that community in some way- whether a student, parent, teacher or other- will feel included and at home.
My experience with Lincoln Senior High School was rather unfortunate. The school definitely lacks the resources and preparation necessary for students to excel as they progress through the years. Improvements that can be made for the school include providing students with the right tools for class as well as providing a more educated and sophisticated environment.
My overall high school experience was pretty good. I’ve had a very great support system and that has been with friends , teachers , and also within myself. I’ve learned a lot about myself and also learned to trust the decisions that I make , for better or for worse. My teachers and counselors have been a huge component to my education and me developing as a person. Throughout high school I became really involved with my school and the programs they have to offer. I’ve been (and still am) a proud Lincoln cheerleader, marching/concert band student, link crew leader, peer to peer member, and now I am going to be apart of the cultural diversity group. Even though these are all the things that I’ve enjoyed throughout my high school experience , something that I’ve not seen be represented enough is different ethnic groups. I want to see more diversity within the staff and student body so that every student has a space where they can see people who look like them and feel welcomed.
The things I liked is how diverse the community is and how passionate the student body is on certain relevant issues in current events. Something I would change is adding classes that have more relevance to the outside world such as writing checks, budgeting money, etc. Also Lincoln Schools needs to put more effort into helping students deal with mental illness or traumatic events.
If there is one thing Lincoln has, it's diversity. There is always some place that everyone fits into, and if not, it's easy to create your own experience.
From my high school prospective, I would only send my child there if it was my last resort. It very slandered but they parse people more who does sports.
Safety and just taking problems serious , not brushing things off , react to the right things . Lunch isn’t enough , the last lunch never gets enough food , usually none left over. Teachers need to reach out to students more, not just on a academic level but maybe even personal. Phone use, phones are becoming more and more distraction , not just in class use but causing things like fights and others types of videos that are being used in a none professional way.
My children attend and it is an amazing environment with top notch teachers and athletics. Particularly the athletic director and his staff shine.
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My time at Lincoln was short, but I didn't really like the school. I had a few friends but didn't like getting up everyday to go. This was mostly because of some teachers and the administration. This school does have great teachers, they just all aren't.
My school has had its ups and downs, most of the time it had very good ups. Our athletic programs are amazing and the sense of community comes with that, it's like one big happy family and I love it. However we have really bad bathrooms, hallways, classrooms and sometimes lunchrooms. The bathrooms stink and aren't cleaned properly, the hallways always have food and god knows what on the ground, we had mice in our classrooms over the past couple rooms but on top of that there is no real heat or air conditioning throughout the seasons. Lastly the lunch room food is often raw but always nasty, the floors are gross, and there have been mice in there too, but they do give us an option to eat outside which is nice.
I would like to see them put more effort into helping students who ask for it and encouraging them to explore their options when it comes to majors/minors and their career options. It would help to offer more services as far as tutoring.
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