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LHS has been an exemplary school in many ways! Our daughter has had a great experience there through caring, dedicated teachers and high expectations in education.
I liked that it was a small school and you got to know everybody. I also like that you got one on one interaction with the teachers. What I would like to see change is for some of the teacher to care about their job a little bit more.
Lincoln has a very good building, however, some of the staff don't work as well as they should with their students who go to them with questions. The popular athletic sports are very biased and based on the athletes last name.
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Teachers and staff are very invested in your future. They are always there when you need help with something or need to talk to somebody. We have a program there that is required but it helps with post secondary planning and preparing for the ACT. I was very prepared thanks to that.
I would enjoy if they would actually make us want to come. We hate coming cause we have awful teachers who are completely rude to us and the good teachers always leave.
I would like if there were more computer science classes. Overall there is more focus on sports than academics. I like that all the students are given a laptop during the school year, and that phones and other technology are incorporated into the classroom.
Lincoln Senior High School is a great school filled with friendly staff wanting to help you succeed. Classes are well taught and there is even a required class that student must take each year that is specifically for college/career readiness.
Very good experience. Would highly reccomend anyone to go here. Family evnirnonment and great learning place.
Lincoln High School helped students with materials they needed in life after high school and provided great advice
I like Lincoln High School. The teachers here are pretty good at teaching and work well with students. They are very caring. This school is not very diverse, it is very different than my old school in Georgia. The food is good here, there is multiple choices every day. Overall, I like this school.
Teachers care, the principal at the time was great and genuine. Many different opportunities to participate in.
Lincon High School is a very special place. It feels different than other schools seem because of the amazing culture. Teachers are invested in the success of students, and they teach in engaging ways. The new renovations and MacBook computers create a modern environment. There are many sports, clubs, and activities so everyone can be involved in their own way.
The teachers are absolutely amazing. Really neat one to one program with technology. Definitely gives students a lot of support to prepare for college. They do not do well with those struggling with mental health issues. Multiple people have had issues with this. Overall, the school is good.
Im so glad I get to graduate from Lincoln High School. This school truly is a good school. Through many struggles I have faced the school and teachers were there and encouraged me.
I love Lincoln High School! It is the best school I have transferred to out of four different schools. The environment is engaging and there is lots of motivation from staff and students. The remodeled school is welcoming, and many have pride in the school district.
Lincoln has gave me many oppurtunities that I don't believe I would've gotten at other schools. With their PSEO program, I will be graduating with over 30 college credits. I also have been able to travel to New York, Germany, Austria, and Switerland through programs that are offered by my school. I have been blessed to have amazing teachers that will take their time to get to know their students and also have learning styles that keep kids interested. With their classes, I have learned about things that aren't the classroom norm. I have been taught compassion, acceptance, and caring for our world. These are things that have helped me grow not only in my knowledge, but in myself.
Lincoln high school is an amazing school where the teachers really try and be involved with the students and want them to succeed. I moved there as a high school junior, and was very nervous about moving to a new high school, but everyone there was so great and tried to help to make things as easy as possible. If there was a criticism I would make, it would be that the school is a little too focused on their athletics. I would like to see a little less focus on that and more on the artistic departments.
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They care about their students. I went through a rough point in life where school was basically impossible. I decided taking a year off would benefit me more than failing classes. Now here I am, graduating with my same class, doing part time at Lincoln and part time at the Learning center. When I took that year off, teachers still spoke to me and hoped the best. I had teachers send me scholarship opportunities they felt suited me. They try their absolute best to support their students. You would not believe the resources available. Laptops, media centers, an ample amount of teachers, the counselors- Everyone is so kind and willing to be there. Last, but not least, Shane Zutz does an amazing job at running this school. He looks at every student as an individual and not a number. He is the linchpin of our school that keeps everyone going.
Lincoln Senior High has taught me to accept adversity. I'd always been a straight A student up until junior year and I felt like my life was over when I received a B+ in a class. I learned that one grade does not define you. The challenges you overcome and the obstacles you face, are all part of a learning experience I should appreciate.
There are a lot of after school activities, but limited variety.
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