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I liked LHS overall, they offer a lot of AP classes, lots of fun clubs, and easy to get involved. There are a variety of different types of students so you will find a friend group. The teachers are really nice as long as you try your best and they want students to succeed.
The environment is always relatively friendly and the arts programs are well rounded. The sports are pretty good and the food is also good. Some teachers are great and really involved and you can tell they care while others aren’t.
My experience at Lincoln High School was okay I guess. It wasn´t bad, but it wasn´t great either. It was so-so and overall, the kids were pretty nice and the school is decent. The construction and the food was kinda annoying and bad but it is what it is.
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I had a very good experience at Lincoln Senior High School. The teachers along with the students were all very friendly. There were also a lot of extracurricular activities offered and the administration was always willing to help students. It was very easy to learn and grasp new concepts as all the teachers wanted their students to succeed. One thing I would like changed is I believe there should be a little more emphasis on PSATs and SATs throughout the school. Therefore, this will allow students to understand the importance of these tests.
Lincoln High School has a lot of teachers and administration that really care about their students and are passionate about their jobs. I have received a great education here and have been able to get involved in a lot of extracurricular activities that are available as well.
Most of the teachers at this school truly do care about your success and will try to help you with whatever you need. However, if you don't do the work you are assigned that is a hole that is hard to climb out of. Even under construction the faculty have been doing their best to keep the school running.
Excellent, the teachers are amazing, the curriculum is fun and challenging and tailored to meet students on their own individual levels. The school is full of resources for guidance, extracurricular activities and volunteer programs, and its arts and music programs are excellent as well.
My experience at Lincoln High School has been a unique one. I have had the opportunity to grow and branch out in the real world. The school has allowed me to take AP and honors courses that allowed me to realize what I would like to do in my future. The school, as a public school, does great for sports and amazing for their academics.

For me personally, I was on the tennis and soccer teams my entire time at this school. Their programs put me in the championship twice in tennis and I won a state championship for soccer. It was incredibly memorable and the entire school chipped in to support both teams. The school is truly unified when it comes to supporting students and coaches in what they want to do.

My classes were also amazing. I was able take math all the way up to Calculus BC and hopefully, this will help me become a great engineer/computer scientist in the future. It was truly amazing to see that they offered all of this so I could further pursue my future career.
I really like this school. Most of the teachers there are great. Very good academics. Really nice preparation for a college. There are a lot of sport teams, which are very successful. School has huge variety of clubs clubs.
Right now the school is under construction and you can hear drills and other tools during class. Other than this, the school is great; students are involved, friend groups form easily, and the teachers are really nice.
The teachers go above and beyond, as well as the construction will improve the quality of the school.
Lincoln High School has given me a mixed experience. There are some teachers that left little impression on me, and others that I have a deep respect for. The design and technology academy classes, like Animation and Design I, gave me a great experience, and helped to develop my interests. The High School offers a range of different classes, from CP to AP classes. I have taken a few AP classes, and the teachers really care about preparing you for the exam. Many changes occurred during my time, like a new principal and construction. LHS has been under renovation for the past year and a half, and as such is not the best place to be right now. I was comfortable beforehand, and after the construction is done the school will be a great place to be.
I liked the atmosphere at Lincoln High School, as in the diversity here. As we undergo construction in my senior year, things have been a little confusing and stressful, but the education is great.
Lincoln High school was a pleasant experience for me. The teachers allowed me to flourish academically while preparing myself for the rigors of college. I learned how to handle large workloads and how manage my time wisely. The student life allowed for each day to be something different- from going to a sports practice to participating in the various clubs and organizations that the school offers. While the facility is older and needs renovations, the school flourishes in every other aspect.
The teachers at Lincoln High are overall very good. They really strive to make sure that their students are prepared for college. I feel that Lincoln High did prepare me for college very well. I passed my general education classes with ease due to the knowledge I gained at Lincoln. The food I will have to say was not very good at the high school. The portions were small and the food had very little taste. I think that the school should take some action and try to make the food better for the students. Lincoln high is also a great place if you want to play baseball. The baseball team is very good.
As a student at LHS I have had an amazing experience with the guidance and administrative departments. With someone with medical problems I was very happy to have a support team on my side to help me. The one thing I believe the school is lacking is diversity. The school is very clicky and if you don’t necessarily fit in with those people you are left behind. Other than that I believe this to be a good school both academically and in athletics. We have some great sports teams in Lincoln including soccer and football and hockey.
My experience at Lincoln high school has prompted me to not only be a better student but a better person. Academics at Lincoln high school push you to new levels, and teachers are always right behind you guiding you to success. The many clubs held at Lincoln, expand your views and thoughts of several ideas and help you expand upon those ideas with others.
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The teachers were one of the best parts of my experience, they really want their students to succeed. As for the students, most of them were rich party clowns who did not care about how they were doing. With that being said, it was very inclusive, everyone knew everyone.
The teachers at this school are absolutely great. The students are good, however not everyone can be great. In overall it’s a really good school and all the staff and faculty are very nice and supportive.
Very welcoming and a great place to learn! I hope they regulate the temperature, increase wifi strength/speed and make better school lunches.
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