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Lincoln Senior High School Reviews

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I just wanted to fill out this survey for fun! I think lincoln could be a lot more efficient, but isn't the worst school in the slightest.
I enjoyed the community very much, but the schools inability to keep teachers around for extended periods of time gives a feeling of lack of stability to the students and staff.
Overall, high school was okay. Lincoln High School isn't very diverse as there are maybe two or three kids who are of other colors and the rest are white. Some people are nice there, while there are the cliche groups around school that won't talk to you. We lost a lot of amazing teachers and this year the replacements of those teachers mostly suck. We don't have that many clubs either.
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Lincoln High School is a good fit for me because the teachers are very helpful and understanding. Everyone is so helpful and wants you to truly understand what is being taught to you. Its a small school so everyone knows everyone so it's easy to find help or ask classmates for help. Everyone is so kind and public friendly. We often practice safety what helps keeps students knowledgeable on what to do.
Lincoln is a nice school. Nothing is exceptionally great, but nothing is terrible either. The teachers are all fairly nice, most of them are great at their jobs and I feel like I've learned a lot.
Overall, Lincoln High School is a great school. There are excellent teachers, administration, and athletics. The reason I gave LHS a 4 start review is because of the college readiness. Being a senior, I feel as though I have been poorly prepared for college.
Lincoln High School has a really good business program and I have been heavily involved in that, but besides that other opportunities are just average. Our school lunch is awful, but it used to be a lot better. Other than that, the teachers are very helpful and always have help sessions.
Lincoln High School is the epitome of average. The teachers and faculty workers are wonderful people, but the lack of funding and lack of rule enforcement have sent our school spiraling downward. Bullying, racism, and sexual harassment run rampant in the school, but nothing ever seems to get done. If your kid is average or below, it's a good school for them.
Lincoln is a great small school. The teachers take their time and work with their students. I would like to see the school get a brand new building.
My school has a great school nurse and is very qualified. Lincoln Senior High School is also very well protected via cameras and armed police officers.
I've been going to Lincoln High School for twelve years. I've grown up with the same people, attended the same football games, walked the same halls for a number of years. This school has taught me community and how a positive support group, such as our faculty and parents, can make a large impact on someone's future. I am very thankful that I attended this school district and I would attend it time and time again if given the opportunity.
The teachers at my school go above and beyond to help every student. They have designated hours before and after school designed to help students reach their maximum potential. I'm very close with every teacher that has taught me and they all genuinely care about my success and my future goals and aspirations. I am very thankful that my teachers were well-trained individuals who had a passion for teaching and the patience of a saint.
I believe the polices already set are very far and work as they are meant to.
Its an average school menu i would say. We have non-dairy milk and a salad bar.
We reciently added a second set of front doors and now you must be buzzed into the office to get inside. All outside entrences are locked at all times. Since last year we have a police officer inside the school during school hours. We are very safe.
Every teacher is willing to work with you on homework or tests if you just show you want to actuallly put for the effort and improve it. Our teachers are just amazing they will help anybody. Most teachers stay well into the evening to catch up on work after staying to tutor anybody that wants or needs it.
We dont always have the best equiptment but we have the best sports section around our county. Many of our students go to games from every sport. Our coaches will work with anybody if they need help. We have amazing coaches and they are here to help us achieve our goals. One of our teachers/ assistant coaches created a club called "flight club" and its all about going to games to cheer on our teams, and get the crowd cheering. Its really amazing how much enthusiam they get out of the crowd.
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There are many oppurtunities for students at this school. Our sports teams are smaller and the athletes get the help with conditioning and learning plays for spacing foot work. We have very many students in our schools academic bowl team. Every time there is a team the lobby is flowing with students buzzing for the meet. They are exceptionally bright and not to meantion great people overall.
I feel that there are better opportunity schools
Our teachers care about our education and future
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