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The teachers care about the students and do everything they can to help students succeed. Lincoln has a very good environment and bullying is almost unheard of.
Lincoln puts atheletes on a pedestal. Atheletes are punished differently than other students. This is partly because our administration is composed of coaches.
Overall, I had a good experience and Lincoln High. We were provided IPads to use as learning tools in the classroom and for homework, and that was very beneficial and I have now purchased my own IPad to use for college as well. The teachers and staff are all very friendly and concerned for the students, I learned a lot from them over my years here.
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I love how involved you can be at Lincoln. I do have a few concerns: 1) People who are in three sports and hold a High GPA are recognized. Those who are involved in multiple activities that may not involve sports don’t receive the same recognition. 2) FFA, band, choir, and the arts are always on the chopping block unless someone does something within those activities to get recognized. 3) It could feel a bit more like home. It doesn’t feel as welcoming as it could.
Good school, still trying to figure something's out with new technology. Everyone is supportive when someone is a sport.
The teachers make the lessons fun and interactive as well as manageable to understand. The school has a lot of team spirit and makes school fun instead of making it like a job.
Great School, has teachers that push you and want you to succeed. There are many opportunities for all students such as a variety of athletics as well as various clubs and arts programs.
I have had a great time at my high school, and am somewhat sad to leave all my friends there. I have grown so close to many people in my class, as well as many teachers. Being such a small school of about 600, you know everyone well and have great opportunities to have many friends. Another advantage of having a small school are the relationships you grow with your teachers. Many of my teachers, I would say hi or have a conversation with outside of school.
Great people here and get very involved with everything.
The teachers here care about there students mostly. If you ask for help all tey will tell you is to look at your notes.
My high school had its ups and downs. Some kids are friendly and nice however others are judgemental and critical (as are the teachers). Parents and teachers usually only care about athletics so often arts and clubs get disregarded and overlooked.
Some teachers know the subject "too" well and don't explain it in ways everyone can fully understand.
Parents could work on some things but it's understandable because they're not perfect.
This school could do better at some things but not everyone is perfect.
Most people I know are involved in at least one extracurricular! Our school offers the right amount of variety, meeting the areas with interest.
I love coming from my high school, it's very close knit and it really feels like one big family.
I've never been hesitate to approach a teacher about a question or concern. They are all friendly and clearly there to better the students!
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I wouldn't change anything about it
I'm not involved in many, but I would say that they are worth while.
The parents here are really helpful and interact with us very well.
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