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They are a teach to test school. Which means if it's not on the state standardized test, they don't teach it. They are severely lacking in the world geography and
world history departments. School faculty also handles bullying poorly. They have no classes on mental health, drugs, or sex education because the school is predominately christian despite being a nonreligious school.
Esko was a great school! I stayed here K-12 grade and have never had any problems! Great staff, students, and programs. I highly recommend.
I feel incredibly safe at my school and know the importance that the school feels for the safety of the students. I think the school is very safe and there are a lot of measures taken to make sure that the students have a safe environment to go to every day.
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My school is a very welcoming place and is a safe environment for all students. I moved to this school in 7th grade and was shocked at how friendly everyone is. It is a smaller school and most people know each other personally and see each other in community events and sporting events. We also have very dedicated coaches and staff that make us excel at sports and other clubs and organizations. I would choose to go to this school over again because of it's dedication to educating their students.
My teachers go above and beyond to make sure that all of the students are getting a good education. If needed, they stay after school to help students one on one. All of my teachers are very knowledgeable and are genuinely interested in their field. I go to a small school where basically everyone knows each other and teachers are often seen at sporting events and involved in the community.
The health and safety policies are fine for the community we live in. There's very, very little crime because our town is so small. But the school nurse could be better. There's technically only one for the entire preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school.
There are lots of extracurricular activities, including football, volleyball, track and field, baseball, soccer, cross country, media, a LGBT support group... etc. There's also Robotics and Destination Imagination. Unfortunately, the school doesn't fund nonsport-related activities, so groups are denied a lot of opportunities to advance to the next level of competition.
It's a great school, but I've had experiences in the past where classmates have been exclusive. Sometimes it's hard to interact with my peers.
Teachers are extremely informative and work together with students to help them accomplish what they need to.
Most of the extracurricular opportunities here involve sports.
Teachers, for the most part are good. As a parent of a child that has difficulty learning, I have found that most teachers do not know how to change their teaching styles or explain material in a different manner in order to accommodate those with different learning styles or those that are struggling with a subject. Little extra help is available. Especially if students fall between the cracks and do not qualify for "special needs" designation.
Many students have gone to administration to complain about the bullying. Despite a bullying policy, children are often told to ignore it, brush it off, or don't take it personally.
While the school receives high state rankings, it struggles with politics, bullying, and adequate resources for those that do not fall on the low end of the educational spectrum that do not qualify for outside resources.
we don't have that many precotions
sports are the only thing really supported at our school.
things could have been better if the kids were all nice to eachother.
I am a student that sometimes struggles in classes andi would like to get more help sometimes.
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This school is filled with wonderful teachers and fellow students who are willing to support you and help you along the way. A large majority of our school, including myself, are involved in atleast one sport or club and those who aren't are active supporters. The life in a small town school can be tough but the close bond we all share from being "eskomos" makes us feel like a family.
The staff at the high school are very involved in the anti-bullying policies that are in place at the school. Attendance is closely monitored.
Building safety could be beefed up somewhat as there are not metal detectors, armed or unarmed school security or random drug dog sweeps.
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