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Lincoln spent about 4 million dollars on a steam lab, even though the first floor is just an art gallery, and the second is one classroom. The most valuable thing the 4 million dollars bought was a printer!
The community and academic rigor at the Lincoln School is unmatched elsewhere. With a beautiful, safe campus in the heart of Providence's East Side neighborhood and an athletic complex in Rehoboth, MA, Lincoln is a place its students miss dearly during this period of remote learning. Caring, approachable teachers and administrators foster an immense sense of community and family that serves as an example of Quaker ideals.
Lincoln had a very wholesome and supporting environment. The teachers were there for you to learn and wanted to make your education the best that they could. The sports were another important part of my experience there where I made most of my close friends. As I moved through high school, I joined various clubs and tried the theater program, where I learned how to work with other people even more than on the field.
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Lincoln is an amazing school for girls. Very focused on shaping young women who are independent, smart and able to speak for themselves. Not much cattiness or gossip -- people have their groups of friends but they aren't cliques. Highly recommend for girls interested in art. They have an awesome program.
From the minute I stepped foot on campus, I was blown away by the students, faculty, and staff. The sense of community here is unparalleled. The students are excited to be here, the faculty are excited to teach them, and the rest of us just feel lucky to be a part of it all. Lincoln is unique in a way that you can't quite put your finger on but you know it's special. Not only do the students get along really well with one another, but they encourage each other in a way that I've never seen before. The atmosphere is really laid back and comfortable, but that doesn't take away from the academics one bit. I feel lucky to be a part of this community.
I love working here. The students are a constant inspiration, the mission is in everything that happens at the school, and my colleagues are a joy to work with.
As a recent graduate, I am so grateful to the faculty and staff of Lincoln School for helping me to feel seen during my experience. With their support and guidance, I discovered passions I didn't know I had and developed the confidence I needed to be successful academically. I have carried these things with me into college, and truly feel that the Lincoln community has set me up to excel here and well into the future.
Lincoln School is where I found my voice. As a recent grad, what I learned at Lincoln has helped to guide my college experience. As one of the only young women as an engineering major in my school, I can hold my own and know I have a place in the room. A lot of success in male dominated fields like STEM disciplines seems to boil down to confidence. That's what Lincoln gave me. The confidence to succeed.
Wonderful school. Could not have found a better place for my daughters! Thank you, Lincoln, for giving them the opportunity of a lifetime. If you're considering this school, apply. And keep applying until you get in—it's that good.
I have been at Lincoln for a few years and have been consistently impressed with the level of confidence that our students demonstrate across all areas of school life--academics, sports, the arts, etc. It's really so special to witness students challenging each other, encouraging each other, and getting excited by seeing others achieve.
I attended Lincoln for all four years of high school. It was the best decision my parents and I have ever made. I found my voice and discovered my identity in the safe space that Lincoln's community created for me.
I loved the all-girls experience! While this school was amazing, I would love to see more acceptance for the LGBTQ community, as I never felt completely safe in a same-sex school being open with my relationship.
As a current student at Lincoln, I can definitely say it’s a place I call home. I have attended Lincoln from grade 2-12 and have experienced all 3 divisions from lower, middle, to upper school. Being in an all girls environment with a close knit class of only (plus or minus) 40 girls is an educational experience that doesn’t compare to others. We have the opportunity to get to know every one of our teachers and learn in a small classroom every day. Lincoln encourages students to be part of all aspects of Lincoln— throughout my 10 years I have participated in 3 varsity sports, various clubs, visual arts, theatre, chorus, ambassadors program, science electives, engineering, and architecture. Lincoln is absolutely a community based school that welcomes all.
I sent my daughter to Lincoln School from Nursery through 12th grade and am grateful every day not only for the incredible education she received, but for the unique experience of an all-girls Quaker education. From experiences abroad in India and Cuba, to partnerships with Save the Bay and RISD, Lincoln School offers challenging and rewarding experiences to girls to prepare them to be full citizens in a increasingly complex world. Most importantly, the girls' opinions, ideas, and feelings are given value in a way that no other institution can replicate from the moment they step on campus. Lincoln girls are given the opportunity and freedom to find their voice, and they learn to become outspoken, confident, intellectually curious, and engaged in the world.
This is the best school. Ever. Period. If you are a girl, and you want the best school experience, you should go here. In my college classes you can immediately tell the graduates of all-girls schools because they speak out, they are confident, and they know who they are and what they are worth. Yay Lincoln!
As the parent of an only boy, who would have thought I'd end up at an all-girls school for Nursery and PreK? Lincoln's Lower School is the best kept coed secret in Providence. My son sprints into school every day, and never wants to leave. He loves it. If he were a girl, I'd want him to graduate from Lincoln. It's a phenomenal, special, forward thinking place! I wish I was a student here.
Lincoln has been a wonderful school for my daughter. She started in Grade 6, which is a critical time for girls. Her teachers and friends welcomed her and from day one she has loved it. There are many opportunities for her to thrive as a student and as a young person. I couldn't be happier that I made the decision to send her to Lincoln.
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The strong academics, incredible teachers, and focus on female empowerment should not be overlooked! The school has also made significant investments in its infrastructure over the years, most recently with the addition of the STEAM Hub for Girls.
I love the all girls rigorous and nurturing academic environment. The teachers are fantastic! I love my school.
Lincoln School is a wonderful school!! Sending my daughter to Lincoln is truely one of the best decisions I have made for her. As each year passes I am amazed to see her growth in many ways I could never have encouraged or even imagined on my own. The teachers and administrators are exceptional. It’s inspiring to so regularly see so many strong professional female role models at Lincoln. My daughter truely feels with effort she can be or do anything she wants to in life. She has grown to become a confident, sophisticated and well spoken junior. Thank you Lincoln!
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