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My school has a wide variety of clubs and sports. If there is a club that does not exist, the students have the power to create a club. I am currently one of the officers for Key club.
I never have been threatened in school
My experience with this school has been enjoyable because of the many experience and classes I got to take. My school is really diverse. I met many different people that has different ethic/cultural backgrounds. Also, with all the clubs and sports that are available in my school, it gave me one of the best experiences
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The teachers at Lincoln Park High school genuinely cares for the students education. I know many of my teachers have better opportunities outside of school than teaching, but they still choose to teach. The teachers are great with communicating with the students and create time worthy strategies to teach.
The sports are the best, my coach does all the girl sports from rugby to basketball, and softball. The first two I have joined, very focused in teaching the sport and making us be successful. The students picked has to show commitment.
There is some bullying at Golder since a girl got exposed on facebook from doing this to a record while recording herself. People now keep posting stuff about her, so she has not came to school in almost two weeks. In the school their is not school nurse, can only call home if not feeling well.
Most teachers at Golder college prep, engage students who usually do not talk much to get their voice out, on their thinking process. Many teachers who are my AP teachers include real world situations and how passing the test and help for college. Would not have to take a basic class along with paying more money. Many teachers do to interest students is hands on activities for us to learn more but also enjoy ourselves with learning.
So far it's an okay school will help with college.
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