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Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School Reviews

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Such a great school! The teachers and staff are amazing and truly help you through anything. If you’re having a hard time, they’ll get you through it. The music teachers specifically are the best and made my high school experience wonderful! 100% recommend
It's a great environment that supports both artistic expression and critical thinking. I've learned that the classes I took at Lincoln Park were better suited to help me apply learning in the real world. I had some of the best teachers and most understanding mentors at this highschool. Without the school, I wouldn't be where I am today.
Amazing community. Great place to develop yourself artistically and academically. Allows you to be independent and grow with great support from teachers and staff.
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Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School prepared me for all my future endeavors. The teachers are hands-on and will take time out of their day to help you succeed. The atmosphere is diverse and gives you an overall community feel.
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is a great school for education. The best part about this school is that you can study a major that interest you. They offer a medical curriculum, pre-law, arts, dancing, media, photography and other interests. This has allowed me to not only take classes in a field I am interested in, but also prepares me for these types of classes in college. Taking medical curriculum has also helped me to realize this is the field I want to study, eliminating going to college for a major and finding out after the first year there is no interest in that field.
I also appreciate the fact that because there are so many different types of majors means different individuals attend this school and everyone accepts everyone. There is not a lot of bullying because you have different interests than others.
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This school is full of the most unique and accepting students. At LPPACS I have made life long connections with such caring and talented individuals. The opportunities and faculties are unlike any high school I have ever seen. Being a student at Lincoln Park, has transformed me into a well rounded and accepting human being. Students get to student their desired art form from working professionals and develop their craft. The staff at Lincoln Park is like no other, and you can tell they truly care about the success of their students. Teachers are constantly working to improve curriculum for the students. There is never a dull moment at Lincoln Park, and you are constantly being inspired and impressed by the amount of talent in every student. If you are considering Lincoln Park at all, consider this as your sign to go. It will most definitely change your life for the better.
I have loved my time at LPPACS! I've been going since my 7th grade year. It really shaped me as person and helped me discover my passion, Musical Theater. I major in it there and now I realized this is what I want to do forever! The facility are really nice and they have a way of bringing you in, and making Lincoln Park become a second home for you. If I had to change anything, I just would love for there to be more diversity. I wish more kids of color would audition and be accepted into the school. Being the only women of color in my theater department has had some hardships, but only has made me stronger as a person.
As someone that is now a freshman in college, and pursuing a degree in the arts, I can confidently say that Lincoln Park prepared me for what I had in store. Currently I know everything I have been taught in my Theatre classes. Also by doing the shows I now have a level of professionalism that I know I must maintain. All around I had a fantastic high school experience! Definitely a great place to get an education!
I have been going to LPPACS for the past 5 years and it has been amazing. Everyone is always so kind and understanding.
Going to Lincoln Park has offered me so many opportunities that I wouldn't have had at any normal public school. My peers and class are so diverse and the community of the school is so connected.
Everything was good my four years here. They could improve the college readiness for students. The counselors didn’t have much information.
Some of the students are cruel and sometimes the bullies get away with their bullying because they are related to a member of the school board or a teacher. The administration condones thievery and plays favorites. However the teachers are excellent and I love the education I receive. Just ignore the crappy personalities of many of the students and you'll be fine.
Going to this school once I got accepted was the best decision I ever could've made. They provide the opportunity based on your major to get your schooling done both in the classroom and online academically so that you can focus on taking more classes in your major. It is a friendly and accepting environment and allows you to explore all different kinds of classes that you may find interesting. I am a recent graduate of last year and would recommend this school to anyone with an interest in the arts or health sciences/sports.
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School has changed my life for the better. This school has given me a chance to progress creatively and pursue my passion on a daily basis.
Lincoln Park has given me the opportunity to get involved with my community through different clubs and activities. It has also made me a more confident person by teaching me leadership skills that I will use in my future. I have had so much fun performing in shows and meeting people from all over Western PA.
I am really grateful for the family-like experience I had within the Music department at Lincoln Park. There was definitely a lot of favoritism within some other majors there, but overall, I learned a lot and we had a lot of fun on a daily basis despite being at school.
I was a dance major at Lincoln Park and loved all four years–both the arts and academic teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and care about students' well-being. Lots of clubs to join outside of majors, and ways to get involved with school productions behind the scenes etc.
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It gave me a chance to be in professional productions. The academics were great and I had an opportunity to complete college classes in high school.
I love the overall environment of Lincoln Park from the different classes, the students, and the friendly teachers. Also having the opportunity to apply our artistic gifts everyday is amazing!
Lincoln Park has some of the absolute best teachers in Pennsylvania. If you were an outcast at your old school, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be an outcast here since all types of talented people are welcome. Your department becomes like a second family and you will learn life long important skills. It takes a tough person to stick through the LP curriculum while keeping up with your major as well. But I love my school and sometimes, as a junior, I feel like I don’t have enough time left there.
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