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Every school has its negatives, there have been some standout teachers in this school that make coming to school so fun. The passion they have for teaching makes the day better. But then there are teachers that sit and play on their phone the whole hour while giving us busy work, or make us watch videos, aka the health teacher, dreaded going to that class, horrible teacher. Sports are average nothing to brag about.
Lincoln park high school is very diverse, we have a great quality of teachers and staff as well as a variety of foods at lunch.
Lincoln Park High School is a very great place. I have gone to this school since I was a freshman. They are very welcoming. It is a very diverse school. Lincoln Park is a place where you can be yourself and express it. Being at LPHS has taught me very valuable things and many life lessons.
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My time at Lincoln Park High School has been a life changing experience, I had the best opportunity to be apart of the most diverse school in downriver.
The teachers actually care about their students. We have a great relationship between our students and our staff.
The connections I made by going to the school are limitless. I will forever be grateful for my teachers and the effort they put in to make sure my classmates and I were set up for success. I stay in contact with my teachers and they still help me with my life goals and I give them thanks for my achievements. This school struggled and students have hard times at home and act out at Schoo, but this school is a safe place for students and thrive because of it. you see a real change in students from their Freshman to their Senior year, in terms of academics, character, and values. I watched my school and fellow students change and become better students. Students get out what they put in, and by junior year, teachers made sure that students put in their everything. I am the person I am today because of the school and the people surrounding me.
Over the past three years my high school experience at Lincoln Park High School has been an average rating. I say this because the students who I was learning with was not the greatest. What I mean by that is that they would bully me and nothing would really be done by anyone. Other than that some of the people I have met are amazing. The clubs we have are fun and exciting because you do not know what we are going to be doing so it is like a surprise everytime you join.
I really enjoyed learning at this school. The teachers are interested in our future and help us with many problems. I just wish that the science program had more resources.
Everyone at LP is exceptionally understanding. They are always there when you need a friend, or a shoulder to cry on. We stick up for each other because we are all the same on the inside. There are plenty of places to go and talk if you are going through a rough patch. The teachers here don't just want you to pass their class, they want you to be the best you, you can be and make a difference. They know they cannot change the world, but they know that students are capable of doing so. They try to change one person so they can change the world.
i feel safe. the teachers are wonderful .................................................................................................
Lincoln Park is an amazing school. It's very underrated, but it has gems within the school if you really look into it. The school is very diverse in cultures and races. Not only that but Lp has a large rang of clubs, activities, and sports that students can participate in. No matter who you are, there will always be a place within Lincoln Park where you will fit right in. The best thing about this school is the kids have great ambitions and great dreams, and they are working hard to complete them. As well as they are motivated and focused on helping Lincoln Park to be recognize for the amazing school it is. Lp also has great amounts of resources to help students during high school or helping them prepare for college. They focused a lot on being there for students and helping them form a bright future. I'm defiantly going to miss this school once I graduate. It has helped me shape the person I am today and I will always be grateful for that.
IB program is really hard but its good for college prep. the teachers actually help you and most want you to do well but they push you to do alot. you can get college credit by passing ib exams which is the reason most people do it
I liked how the teachers were always willing to help the students success, and how easily I could contact them. I was pleased with what the school offered, such as the extra-curricular activities, a chapter of National Honors Society, and an extensive library.I was able to get an hour of my school day taken off because of my academic success, and thus I had more time to study, and do homework. The teachers and college coordinator assisted in readying me for the future, such as giving guidance in picking out a college and applying for scholarships. It was especially helpful when my English teacher looked over the essays I wrote for my scholarships for criticism. One thing I would change is the overbearing nature of the administration during graduation season. We had graduation rehearsal, and afterward a student barbecue. After rehearsal, we couldn't store our cap and gown inside the building, despite the fact that we were going right back in after the barbecue.
I love how there are lots of things to get involved in at the school, I've made some great memories with the friendship I've been able to make here as well as the accomplishments I've made in sports. The cafeteria offers multiple decent lunches on a given day, which is a plus. In recent time there have been some progressive renovations being made that are shaping the school in a positive manner. During the hotter days, a lack of air conditioning makes it's empty presence felt. However you can't really complain since the building is kind of big and old fashioned, so implementing a new AC system would be out of the question for the next year. I couldn't really imagine going to another school and I'm proud to have gone to this one. 8/10 would go again
Lincoln Park high school is very diverse and has a lot of school spirit. Everyone is welcoming and one thing that ties us together is sports. One thing I would change is the classroom set. I would also change how classes are picked, kids should be able to pick their teachers so confrontations or disagreements aren’t meet.
Most of the teachers I had at Lincoln Park High School were remarkable. Not only did they teach well, but they were also there after school to help us understand things we really were not understanding. I graduated from Lincoln Park High School 3 years ago, but till this day there are 2 teachers in particular that stand out to me and that I still keep in touch with. They were there when I needed help in one of my first semester college classes. I feel comfortable to share anything and everything with them.

While the teachers at Lincoln Park High School are good, I would like to see more AP classes added so students have more of an option to choose from. Also, developing a way that will help encourage more students to elect these AP classes should be implemented so that students are better prepared for college. These are some things that I wish were present when I was a student at Lincoln Park High School.
Initially when I began my studies in Lincoln Park I felt completely terrified at such an environment of immense diversity as well as learning. Lincoln Park does suffer from a 'bad' reputation throughought the downriver area of Michigan, but such information is only necessarily believed by those who do not attend the schools and have no previous experience with the kind, caring individuals who teach in the system.

During my time at Lincoln Park High school I've experienced only the best environment. The faculty is the most caring and understanding group of individuals I've ever met. When a student named Cedric was hit by a car the school did plenty of fundraising to help his family pay for his medical bills due him being completely brain damaged. When a fellow student passed away and the student body was left completely in shambles they all pitched in to give comfort to us--- the students, by setting up special areas.
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From other school I've been to, I'm proud to say mine is very diverse and open. Lincoln Park High School has been voted one of the top schools in the nation in 2014 and 2016 by U.S News and World Report. It's also very up to date and overall has a pleasant atmosphere. I'm delighted to be able to say I'm a student there.
I absolutely love Lincoln Park High School but the only issue that I think they should change is that they should put air conditioning in all classes because it gets extremely hot during the summer.
A characteristic of Lincoln Park High School that I have long admired is the diversity within the student body. Attending a school in the heart of Metropolitan Detroit has provided me the opportunity to befriend individuals from a multitude of racial, economic, and religious backgrounds. Something; however, that I would like to see improved upon within the school is the lack of disciplinary actions taken against non-physical offenses. This is referring to verbal bullying and the use of racially intimidating language.
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