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Over the course of 4 years I have seen a lot of change. The administration do take serious precautions for problems that might occur. The security is OK, some of them are better than others and some use their brain more than others. The amount of mice has declined since I have been here. There are very good teachers here as well especially, Dr. Falkenberg.
Lincoln Park is a diverse, advanced, collaborative, and progressive school. It offers a lot to its students. From the countless clubs to the amazing sports programs, you will find a place to fit in. The teachers care about their students and teach in a memorable way. The Science department provides a lot of top-notch equipment for hands-on activities. The English department provides a deeper and enjoyable of looking at all types of literature. We have many classes to choose from that will cater to your likings and teach you more in a week, which in some schools can take a month.
It was a great high school to attend. I would love to see more diversity, when I went there I felt like there were a lot of privileged students compared to minorities.
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I was in the IB program for 4 years and I would like to see a change in the ways other students and teachers saw the IB kids as more intelligent. They put a lot of pressure and shame if you were in IB and not doing well, thats something I would love to see a change in.
It's a pretty above average high school. The social culture is pretty managable. People tend to not really care about who you are and what you do with your life so you can live freely as long as you're not hurting people. The teachers are very helpful and the adminstration tends to communicate well with parents.
What I liked about Lincoln Park was the diversity. Although the school is in one of the richest neighborhoods in Chicago the students were from all over the city. Academically Lincoln Park could compete with those at the top of the state, all courses at all levels are rigorous and challenging. The teachers are genuinely invested in their job and the future of their students, which is one of the most crucial aspects of whether or not a student succeeds. I've seen students who weren't interested in education at all become active learners because their teacher invests time in helping them learn. The counselors at the school do a great job at helping students get ready for college, I can vouch for this because my counselor took me from only applying to local colleges to being accepted to Howard University. The counselors see potential in students that they can't see in themselves and helps them make and reach their goals.
The high school was very focused on IB courses for students to take in order for the school to gain success for the students work. All AP students lacked recognition for their hard work because it was not benefiting the school as much as IB.
I felt like this school was not to challenging unless you applied to the IB or AP programs and classes. The school spirit was on the average side. Teams were important only on certain games such as playoffs and homecoming. Facilities were below average between not having a football field and the basketball seating fit less than 150 people.
Overall it was a fantastic school with a ton of caring teachers who are willing to support you. Not only does academics keep you busy, but there are also several extra curricular activities to choose from.
Lincoln Park is a great school, I feel well prepared the school diversity prepares me for a global society.
I like that my school is highly diverse and the supportive teachers there. I would like to change the fact that the counselors are not so supportive towards their students.
Lincoln park is a very nice high school. The school could use some updating, especially the freshman building. Other than that it's a good place if you have the a drive to learn.
The administration does not exactly care about the wellbeing of the students, only that the school looks good in the public eye. The academics are alright, and there are mental health resources, but they are extremely hard to find. The school itself is poorly maintained and while some teachers seem to care about their students, others do not.
I love the school, however the only thing that I would want to change about it is making a classroom more studious and that some teachers would actually teach us.
Nice teachers, great neighborhood

Very diverse, Junior and Senior year we have heavy work loads I am taking AP classes and Honors III classes. I am doing homework from the time I get home till its time for bed at night
My experience at LP has been immersive, fun, and enlightening. I highly recommend joining the IB CP program, there is a lot to learn but not exhaustive and we hear from more eastern perspective in contrast to classes like US History which are more eurocentric.
Attending LP was an experience, to say the least. There are drastic differences between the good and bad; the science department (in my experience) was a bit of a joke, but the choirs are absolutely phenomenal. I would say it's a pretty average public school.
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Lincoln Park is a great school, with great teachers. My freshman year was awesome, I was academically challenged due to language barrier.
I do not regret going to this high school. Lincoln Park high school has prepared me well for university. I would like to see more continuous change, so the next generation has more opportunities.
Lincoln Park High School is an overall a solid high school for grades 9-12. It is known for its challenging IB program and curriculums. The expansive diversity of this school allows many students to connect with one another and get to experience different culture which they might never experienced before their transition to high school. The school provides a safe and effective learning environment for the students mainly because of the hardworking staff.
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