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I attended Lincoln Park Academy from my freshman year in 2016 till my graduation in 2020. Being accepted into the school as an IB Diploma Candidate, I was enrolled in various classes that tested my dedication to academics and my commitment to getting my diploma. LPA has its pros and cons like any other school, and I would like to just point some of the most important ones (in my opinion). Pros: a very motivated teacher-body that is dedicated to give an exceptional education to their students; a diverse student body; and a great performing arts program. Cons: a very limited number of classes to choose from within the IB Program; a lack of school spirit on-campus; and a very strict dress code that is unparalleled to any other secondary institution within the county. I don't regret attending this school these past 4 years, and I am looking forward to how the IB Program and Lincoln Park Academy has prepared me for the next 4 years of my life.
Lincoln Park Academy has great educators and great opportunities for a better chance in the future. Lincoln Park has great clubs and sports one can attend too. Electives in the school for slim and not much to choose one but its not that bad. the teachers are nice and try there best to pass you. Lincoln Park recently updated there security so we have a safer school.
I liked Lincoln Park academy because it taught me discipline and order, the way that they go about things is in a very orderly matter they don’t play about anything inappropriate
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Majority of the teachers were awesome, students and parents who care. Prepared me well for college with the IB program. Small school, easy to make friends. People follow the rules. One dean was racist though and let students use their unfortunate home lives as an excuse to act up. However, the school as a whole does better than other St. Lucie county high schools in preparing students for real life, where they have to try hard in order to have a positive outcome, rather than handed their high school diploma simply because they attended class sometimes.
Lincoln Park Academy is a 6-12 school ranked 75th in the state of Florida. It provides not only the IB program, but dual enrollment classes and advanced placement classes. I am not currently in the IB program, but I do participate in taking dual and advanced placement classes. It is a good school for preparing me for college with a friendly environment.
Happy to have made good friends but teachers need to do a better job. As for the curriculum, I find it to be very difficult. The amount of homework/assignments are excessive but may serve as a prep for more rigorous work once enrolled in college.
I loved my time as a student here. However, the main issue I find is adminstration is really hard to get ahold of, and at certain times teachers are really difficult to work with in terms of classes. However, great arts department, great diversity, and a fun overall environment for my high school career.
The school is solely focused on academics. The workload is very similar to that of colleges and will prepare you for your future. The teachers are very caring and so is our principal.
if you strugle at all the will let you fall behind and not help you they only try to help the top 25%
Class rooms are over full. Student curriculum is pretty outdated, and despite having a reputation of the best public school in the area - thats not saying much. The students and neighbordhood are highly questionable, and the school culture is horrific.
I’ve been at Lincoln Park since 6th and it has given me a great education and some great friends. Also being in IB gave me more opportunities for college and my career. I think they need more staff and to loosen up on the dress code
The teachers are really interested in helping each student learn and allow them to understand the lessons and topics.
I enjoyed a majority of the teachers, although some were very undeserving of their position. They are far too strict when it comes to dress code. Academically, it is satisfying for the most part. However, some teachers have about as much of an idea of what's going on in their class as first time students.
I have been attending Lincoln Park Academy for seven years, and have gotten the full experience at this point. The academics are amazing and will challenge you to whatever extent you please with its variety of courses. However, the teachers here have room to improve. They tend to focus more on whether your shirt is tucked in or not, rather than on helping students who struggle with their work. Besides that, Lincoln Park Academy is a wonderful school.
My experience at LPA has been great. All the teachers will work with you one on one if you need help and make sure you understand all of the material before class is over. The administration keeps you in check so you aren’t getting into trouble and it affect your academics. Since it’s a middle school and high school you get to make a lot of friends early on and follow with those friendships all the way throughout high school. Everybody makes you feel comfortable and makes sure engaged on what’s going on. Would definitely recommend LPA for anyone who wants to get a great education and have people around you to make you a better person as a whole.
I appreciated the support from the staff while going through the IB program. The only thing I would change would be the incorporation of more tutoring opportunities and volunteer opportunities.
Administration runs the school like a dictatorship, sacrificing a child's Highschool experience to boost there overall school grade which only takes into account test scores and grades.
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The environment is good and our principal does care about the students but some of the teachers don’t care about their students passing.
I really do like Lincoln Park Academy. I love the environment of the school, the atmosphere, the teachers, and the students. The school provides a safe and welcoming learning environment which I am personally proud to be a part of.
My experience at Lincoln Park Academy was average. The teachers, faculty, and staff were great. I just wished we had more classes/electives that the other high schools have.
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