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Lincoln Northeast High School Reviews

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Lincoln Northeast is an extremely diverse school. The school is very open and accepting of people. Teacher made sure that the learning environment is the best it can be. They try to keep us focus and prepare us for life after high school. The administrators do all they can to give the students a safe and fun high school career. The staff and administrators do their best to keep parents in the loop about the class and the school.
Lincoln Northeast is like a small community within a larger city and treats everyone with respect. Lincoln Northeast promotes a family type atmosphere - such as if your parents graduated from Lincoln Northeast, more than likely you will graduate from Lincoln Northeast and may even return to teach or coach at the school. With the enrollment being lower than most other schools in Lincoln NE, created a variety of opportunities to become involved in various clubs and activities and participating in your favorite sport.
Lincoln Northeast is located in an older part of the city which does create a smaller area for parking and having older facilities. When parking is not available, students are walking from side streets or even forced to bring the city bus to school. Parking was a major my senior year. Another area of improvement could be the availability of more learning opportunities and more teachers available to provide tutoring when necessary.
I love the teachers and coaches at Northeast High School. I really felt like they all cared about what was best for me and my future. They pushed me to be the best overall person I could be. The coaches believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. They made me love and enjoy the sport I was playing.
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Great school, lots of opportunities to be involved, great support from alumni. Lots of resources to help struggling students. Fantastic teachers who care about the students. Amazing coaches who want to see the kids succeed.
Northeast High School is the perfect fit for me. From our amazing staff to our outstanding athletics, Northeast has a variety of perks. This school has been a second family to me all four years I've attended and I wouldn't want to be apart of any other community.
The staff is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the occasion. The students are welcoming of new people. Just the community in general is a big family.
It’s a pretty good school. Most of the teachers are good. Tina is amazing. The music department is fun but a little disorganized.
I love how small the school is because it is easier to connect to all of the teachers and faculty. I also like how there is a ton of different opportunities to be involved. No matter what you like, there is something for you.
It's a very diverse and inclusive community, you learn a lot about other cultures. At the same time, there was a lot of bullying and drama, among new students coming in, almost constantly. Some people felt very unsafe but overall it's a good school.
I love the teachers at Northeast. The activities and tennis were my favorite. I believe they need to be more strict about who they let into the school and people sneaking out for lunch. They need metal detectors for sure. I've seen drug deals go down during school.
At Northeast I like how the student body was very diverse, there was a little mix of all races. I like how the staff there would try to get everybody involved in something so they don’t feel alone.
Overall, school spirit, pride in achievements, & diversity throughout the school are some of the strengths here. A lot of the teachers are great and are willing to help, though others may have less favorable ways of adjusting their methods to fit how students learn. Things that could be improved is attention to other extracurricular activities aside from sports, leniency towards diff or AP students, and safety procedures. What I really appreciate is the constant effort in helping students prepare for college and be as successful as they can, providing info about various scholarships, college visits, volunteer opportunities, workshops, and more. Overall, my experience at Lincoln Northeast is pretty good, though definitely not perfect. It will be something I will miss once I graduate, along with the people I developed great bonds with and the activites I identified myself with.
The teachers work very hard to make the atmosphere the very best. The students are friendly and are willing to help anyone with anything. I'm in almost everything music involved besides band and music students at Northeast are the most accepting people I've ever met.
I enjoyed my time when I was there. Most of the teachers were nice and they were willing to help you when you needed it.
Lincoln Northeast High School was a great school for the most part. Everyone really becomes like a family and sports are very important. Sometimes grades aren't taken as seriously for athletes, which I think is something that should definitely change. It is important for everyone to receive the education they deserve.
I love the diversity, even if I myself am not a diverse student. The teachers are also diverse, not just in terms of race, but also the way they teach. It’s very refreshing.
I like the students there, it was a very sociable school for me compared to my previous high school. A little rowdy at times, other than that, it is definitely a good school.
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I enjoyed going to Northeast! I felt like on occasion the teachers were more concerned with difficult students over my education, which was definitely frustrating. It was a good experience overall thanks to some specific caring teachers and staff.
Northeast is know for the school where kids go got expelled or kicked out come to because their friends are there. So, they don't really put effort in school. You just have to find the right group to hang out with.
Northeast has a very nice campus and the staff are genuinely interested in your daily life. There is a place for everyone, and it's possible to make your dreams come true here.
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