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Lincoln Middle School Reviews

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I went to Lincoln Middle grades 6-8 and obviously it wasn't always a good time. I don't think any one had a great time in middle school, but I definitely didn't have it the worst. I had the best friends ever and we constantly encouraged each other all the time. Most of the teachers are great, but there are certainly favorites and rotten apples. I know the principal and she is very nice and hardworking. It's an average school with its ups and downs but I wouldn't go through middle school any where else. Be a good kid, obey the rules, find your real friends (not fake/popular ones) I'm not going to drop names but...I recommend Mr. Santoro :)
Middle School doesn't matter. What can I say?
It's a middle school. Everyone is terrible. I survived.
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it's a middle school. it's also portland public schools.
It was fine. Middle school is always terrible, but whatever.
Teachers are dedicated and hardworking. Unfortunately they are underpaid and understaffed.
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