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Lincoln-Marti School # 28 Reviews

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The teachers and principal are so caring and the work load is doable. The food however, is not that great. Some of the teachers have a heavy Acent which at times make it difficult to understand but I ask questions when needed. This school has limited clubs than public high schools but they try to add activities throughout the year. We always get to showcase our Artwork in contest. When we are promoted to the high school grades (9-12) we become mentors to the younger students K-8.
Lincoln Marti is an okay school, i had lots of fun . There were many electives , the teachers are always willing to help you do your work and understand it . It's a small school , which is a good thing because there's not much conflicts or fights . The only thing I didn't like is the uniform selection and the fact that everyone speaks Spanish , obviously the lectures and all learning is in english , but i feel like it still make students who don't speak Spanish uncomfortable.
I feel like this school did prepare me for college . They tough everything efficiently in ways that the knowledge stayed with us for college use, I'm now a witness if it because I'm a junior in college with a GPA of 3.5 .
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This school is small but yet efficient Enough. Because it's a small variety of students, the teachers get to focus on each student individually 10 times more than a normal school would. They teach very well, have patience and is snafus willing to do extra things to help you study. I enjoyed this school very much , I graduated in 2011 with a GPA of 3.6 .
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