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Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School Reviews

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It has good academics but everything else is not very good and use a lot of improvement. The facilities could use a lot of improvements and I am regularly worried about my safety in the school. The diversity is not very good ad something which we had more of. The morals that I have do not line up with the morals that staff and students and have and this is something that frustrates me about this school. The one good thing is the education we are getting. When I talk to my public school friends I can tell I am getting a much better education than they are. This education we are getting is college level and will prepare me for the future.
Like any other high school, there are things that I hope will change about my school. There are certain stigmas around things that shouldn't exist. However, all-in-all, I love my high school. Because it is small, it has become like a second family to me. My classmates are my family. The teachers are very supportive and are always there to talk. They actually care about how you do in school. They know each and every one of us personally and show their love for us through their actions and words.
I enjoyed the small, friendly, and helpful community at Lincoln Lutheran. The faculty, coaches, and students make this school a special place to be. Academics are top-notch and prepare students exceptionally well for life after high school. Extracurricular activities were inclusive, competitive, and a fantastic way to meet new people who share the same passion as you. As an alumn, I can positively say it is the people that made a lasting impact on me.
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Lincoln Lutheran does a good job of allowing a lot of extracurricular activities. Because the school is so small you have a chance of always getting on a team and being able to participate on the team. The school also has amazing teachers who are always there and are able to help you with homework and lead you in the right direction.
Lincoln Lutheran is a quality school that prepares students for college in a Christian environment. Most of the teachers care very much about the students and want them to succeed. I've enjoyed my time at Lincoln Lutheran. Most of the students are very involved in sports and other activities.
Lincoln Lutheran offers an excellent environment for teens to grow up in. Students morals are shaped by a great community of Christians. Students have the opportunity to be involved in many different activities at the small school in a big city. Students create tight bonds amongst all ages throughout the entire student body. I highly recommend it for any prospective students.
I loved my time at Lincoln Lutheran because it prepared me for college and my future. I brought me closer to God and closer to my friends because of the small size.
Lincoln Lutheran is a great preparation for college and has a great diversity of clubs and activities.
If you're looking for college-prep or great sports teams in a private school setting - Pius and Lincoln Christian barely edge out LL. But if you're looking to actually learn about God, Lincoln Lutheran blows both of them out of the water. The religion classes are in-depth and will make you learn about the christian faith as well as make it your own. Students are very welcoming and friendly, but can be hostile to those who don't hold christian views. You don't have to be Lutheran, though. The school is accepting of and teaches the viewpoints of many denominations - even if they may point out why they're wrong while doing so. Most teachers are great, however I will admit that there are a few bad apples, and administration is pretty intense and enforces the rules strictly. Diversity at this school is helped by the large Vietnamese exchange program but besides that it is severely lacking. Overall, this school has prepared me well for college and I've met many good friends along the way.
I enjoy the small, tight-knit community. I get more attention from my teachers because the class sizes are small.
Lincoln Lutheran is a great school! All of the teachers truly care about the individual success of each student and will go out of their way in order to help. This curriculum here actually prepares students for college and the workforce later on. The entire school is a close-knit community and nearly everyone I know who went here was grateful that they did.
I like Lincoln Lutheran because of its close knit atmosphere which is centered around Christ. With the small teacher to student ratio it gives students the opportunity to succeed and get the help they need. The teacher's also challenge their students to persevere and meet their goals. Lincoln Lutheran is a college prep school so all the students that go there come in goal oriented and when they get into college they find all the work to be manageable.
The teachers are amazing. The education is top quality. You learn so much, both about school things, but also about God.
After leaving this school I will feel very ready for college. Most of the teachers are really there to help you succeed.

I feel so blessed to have had a Christ-centered education through my entire middle school and high school experiences. I am confident that I have been well-prepared for college, for service in the church and world, and for life.
Very good extracuriculr activities. Needs to be more diverse.
There is a great vibe their, but still has great diversity. I would enjoy seeing more opurtunites in the fine arts progams though.
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The teachers are hard working and help students enjoy the class room. Overall they are just amazing, they can joke around with the students, but are still able to stay on topic and teach their lesson.
I think they school is pretty safe, even thought the school nurses isn't at the school all the time. They always make sure we know what to do if somehting were to happen we practice drills and they make sure the older kids espcially know what to do. Sometimes the bullying has gotten out of hand but it's gotten a lot better, when I was in middle school it was really bad but it doesn't really seem to happen anymore, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in high school. In a small school you notice things.
Flooding to s pravite SHCOOL has been an eye opening experince but as a teenager it sometimes mad it hard to go to school, to do fun things that other public school kids got to do, like have more options of classes, not have to take all hard classes, and not have to take a religion class. We also had to have the same mind set of everyone in our religion, like I couldn't be accepted if I thought was accpecting gay people.
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